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  1. Losing focus and not having enough time are my two biggest concerns about this. The longer a subject drags on, the more her attitude degrades (and so does DH patience). Too long of a school day doesn't help, either. I can't imagine where I could cut to get that extra time. Back to the drawing board, I guess.
  2. I know, it depends on the kid, but isn't 1-1/2 to 2 hours a bit much? DH (our main teacher, since he is retired) is telling me that our daughter will probably need at least 1-1/2 hours scheduled into each day for math. With all of the other subjects that need to be covered, I just can't see this as feasible unless she puts in 6-7 hour days 5 days per week. I know that my daughter can dawdle some, but all of her other subjects take an hour or less to complete. Should I enforce the "less than 1-1/2 hours" mandate? Beth
  3. Bump. Nobody? I would be interested to hear, too.
  4. As I look through these plans, I realize how utterly overwhelmed my daughter would be with most of these schedules! She does NOT like to be busy all of the time and will often beg for time to just stay home and have nothing to do, and we do so little already (in my opinion). A lot of you must have kids who love to be super busy and on the go! I guess I'm not raising a "go getter"! lol beth
  5. I don't think Megawords includes vocabulary. We could include Wordly Wise - we used it last year, but she wasn't particularly fond of it.
  6. Wow. After looking through all these plans, seems my choices aren't all the popular. Grammar - Easy Grammar Writing - Writing With Skill Level 1 (new to us) Spelling - Megawords Math - Saxon Math 8/7 Logic - The Fallacy Detective History - History Odyssey: Middle Ages with WTM reading list Science - Holt Science and Technology Life Science Art - Mark Kistler's Online Art Lessons Foreign Language - I would like her to take Spanish due to the region we live in; she is interested in French. I have no idea which program. They all seem so expensive. Bible - I have not chosen a program for this. I think I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around anything since we are in somewhat of a crisis with our current church. I pray a lot about it. She will also participate in a tap/jazz dance class weekly. Sure feels like I'm missing something. What could it be?
  7. Our church has done them and I have personally given them. That being said, I don't like them. It's up to the parents to bring the kids on Sunday morning. If the parents took Sunday School/Church seriously, they would bring them regardless of the "reward" system. If the system were truly being used to reward good/hard work, I would be all for it. However, I have yet to see one that didn't blur the line between reward for work and filling seats.
  8. So, is the "low and slow" the reason mine wouldn't stay soft? They were fine as long as they were warm. Once they started to cool, they were a bit crisp (not quite like a cracker, but they cracked).
  9. I love seeing pictures and hearing what's going on in other people's lives. I've had to hide a few people because of the content or vulgarity of their posts, but I can still visit theirs if I want to. I lead a pretty boring life, so it's interesting to hear what's happening out there. I don't mind writing letters, but it's slow (especially in today's techno world) and it's rare to get a letter in return. I'm on the phone all day long for my job, so one of the last things on my mind at home is talking on the phone. My biggest peeve about FB currently is the sheer number of sharing of cute pics/sayings/etc. It's like people don't have anything to say for themselves. I try to post things to engage people in conversation, but it's almost like they're afraid to say anything. lilredmom
  10. I'm wondering....has anyone here actually ever gotten sick from a hotel room? Beth
  11. I definitely agree with trying different approaches until you find the one that gets done sufficiently. However, it's still possible, even after all of that, that she will never like grammar/writing. Some people just don't and never will. Beth
  12. Sociopaths and psychopaths are not the same thing. I believe that most sociopaths are made, psychopaths are born. Not that there aren't exceptions. Beth
  13. I am a receptionist/payroll clerk for a local municipality. My dh is retired, so he is the main educator. I have a Bachelor of Science degree.
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