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  1. Has anyone done this type of schedule for high school? I believe it may also be referred to as the Colorado Plan, or a mini-mester...? Thanks!
  2. We live in the country in northern Minnesota. We hunt, and we fish. The last time we had a visit from the JH's we had a deer hanging in a tree, and a bucketful of fish cleaning leftovers (from that day's catch) outside the door. We must have made quite an impression, because they haven't been back since. :D All of our neighbors are strict Catholics, who tend to to have a "take no prisoners" attitude when it comes to religious solicitors. They also have a calling tree of sorts to let other neighbors know the JHs are in the area. I see no reason to be rude. I'm pretty sure my ego
  3. I can definitely use the practice when it comes to the geography of this part of the world. http://www.rethinkingschools.org/just_fun/games/mapgame.html
  4. forums/message boards: frugal's squirrels (membership has to be approved; lots of good info, but a bit on the tin-foil hat side of the spectrum) mrssurvival.com blogs: prepared for survival safely gathered in iPrepared
  5. I'm not familiar with the organization at all, so thought I would ask here. Are there any "length of membership" requirements that would prevent my kids from showing in our county fair if they did join this late in the game?
  6. My kids informed me today that they have always viewed Rabbit as a female (because of the voice). I always thought Rabbit was male...have I been wrong all this time?
  7. We found a very basic model at Walmart on sale for $15.00. It will long outlast it's equivalent value in waffles.. As a side note...my mother and her two sisters were born in the 30's. If their mother made pancakes or waffles for breakfast, they had to eat the first one plain. They could have syrup on anything after that. Things were not plentiful for them, and this was one method they used to extend what little they had.
  8. Haven't seen that site before...off to check it out!
  9. I made 5 bags into applesauce today...canning it for now until I run out of jars, then we'll start freezing it. Only 13 bags to go...good grief! :001_huh: Good thing I joined the food storage group...
  10. Unless you are storing enough water for both bathing and drinking, I would suggest throwing in a package or two of baby wipes to use for personal hygiene.
  11. Poor planning on my part... The 6th grader is reading Where the Red Fern Grows, and the 4th grader is at the end of Charlotte's Web. It was a tissue filled morning.
  12. I made these for my sister's birthday! They look difficult, but were a snap to sew up!
  13. What do these words mean to you? Do you believe in one, but not the other? Do you believe one to be more effective than the other? I'm :confused1:.... Thanks!
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