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  1. I am not into reading noir, which often made me feel like an oddball reader when I lived in Denmark. I’ve read some Scandinavian crime novels, but they just don’t appeal much to me.
  2. I finished three books since my last update: one poetry, one play, and one nonfiction. Poetry: Felon: An excellent book of poems by Reginald Dwayne Betts. I am not sure that I would have appreciated it as much without reading his memoir first, but I do think it stands alone just fine. His best known poem is perhaps "When I Think of Tamir Rice While Driving," which you can read with the link. I also became very interested in the visual artist who did the cover art: Titus Kaphar. The link goes to a short YouTube video about him and his work. Play: Antigone (transl. Reginald
  3. People in Denmark are certainly not stupid. One thing that is helping them a lot right now is that the fundamentals of the society are built upon concern for the common good, not individualism. You are correct that mask-wearing has not been widespread in Denmark. However, the situation is not static. Denmark's cases are on the upswing with a particularly alarming outbreak in Aarhus, the 2nd largest city. Lots of changes were announced within the last two days. Masks are now required in Aarhus on public transport, and local mask shortages are being reported. Yesterday, the PM released a lo
  4. Just don’t do it on a sunny weekend and you might find the main streets to be ok. I’d say stay out of the city park though. We avoid it at all times. Side streets are normally ok.
  5. As you know, I am in a densely populated area near you with the same mandates that you have. According to the mandate, people in my neighborhood should be masked while walking around outside because masks are required when social distancing is not possible and we are often too crowded for social distancing. Alas, I regret to inform you that many (if not most) pedestrians are not wearing masks outside. They pop them on to go in a shop.
  6. Don't feel compelled to rush, Dreamergal. I finished two books this week: Stonewall: The Definitive Story of the LGBTQ Rights Uprising that Changed America by Martin Duberman. This was my first book of LGBTQ history, and I plan to read several more. I don't think this was a particularly good book to start with. I lost focus when it went into details about various organizations. I have a myriad of complaints about it, the most important being the title. The Stonewall riots were not even mentioned until after page 200! Talk about a misleading title. Sheesh. And the writing style
  7. Checking in late this week and there was a lot to catch up on! Regarding Jane Austen, I have read all of her novels and have read most of them more than once. But I'm not sure that I have ever seen any of the movies. And for some unknown reason I can't drum up any interest in the spin-offs/retellings. I did go to Bath in the late 1980s and did all the Jane Austen stuff so I hope I can still consider myself a fan 🙂 @Little Green Leaves Welcome! @Dreamergal Your insight into literature from India is much appreciated. I really should be taking notes, and will have to go back thro
  8. I finished another book this week! Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice that Shapes What We See, Think, and Do by Jennifer Eberhardt. This had been recommended to me by @Quill. It was quite good - a nice mix of social science research and personal story. The author mostly focuses on law enforcement, which is her area of expertise. There were some interesting long case studies such as the Oakland Riders Police Scandal (c. 2000) and the 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally. There is a good chunk of neuroscience in the book that I really appreciated learning. And she also touches on
  9. I did a Hamilton watch party with a friend. We were both on our phone with the phone volume turned down. I didn't talk to her except before, during intermission, and after. But we were able to perfectly syncronize our film that way. For a more casual viewing experience, we probably would have made some chatty commentary during the movie, but that would have been annoyingly disruptive for a first viewing of Hamilton.
  10. @Æthelthryth the Texan I have a vivid memory of reading Pillars of the Earth in 1991. I was pregnant with my first, and I recall being terrified by a birth scene! I can't remember the scene, but I sure do recall the feeling. @Dreamergal Do you have a recommendation for a particular work from either Radindranath Tagore or Mirza Ghalib? Both are new to me. Thank you for the link to Words without Borders. I feel like I have been on that site before, but had forgotten about it. Bookmarked it this time. You might like Lyrikline: 1455 poets 13076 poems 88 languages 19875 transl
  11. @Melissa M Thanks for the Theater of War mention. That looks very interesting, and I know there is an as-of-yet-undread copy of Anigone here somewhere. @Dreamergal Welcome! I read a lot of poetry, too. Earlier this year, I listened to Maya Angelou read her memoir I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, and found it very moving. I'd say that my taste runs toward 20th century poetry. Off the top of my head, some of my favorite poets include June Jordan, Lucille Clifton, Wallace Stevens, Philip Levine, Rita Dove, and Linda Bierds. The Danish poets that currently interest me are Yahya Hassan, Tove
  12. I finished three books last week! I had been working on all three for some time. All three were very heavy on the heart. The Eighth Life by Nino Haratischwili: This is quite the chunkster at 944 pages. It is a multigenerational saga of a Georgian family (the country not the state). It roughly spans the 20th century, and is an excellent piece of historical fiction. Warning: there is a lot of violence including sexual violence. Written in German and translated into English, it was Longlisted for the 2020 Booker International Prize. Four stars. A Question of Freedom: A Memoir of Learni
  13. @aggieamy Thank you for the garden tour! It is very lovely. I currently live in a city apartment with a small deck. I planted pots of herbs, and my basil and mint are doing great. The dill and the cilantro got leggy and I more-or-less them die. I don’t usually bother with gardening so this definitely a because-COVID garden.
  14. If you would like a non-amazon-owned source for used books, I recommend Wonder Book. They are local to me, and I look forward to browsing in their massive store again someday. But they also have a huge online inventory. @aggieamy I checked to see if they have The King's Equal, but they probably do not have the edition you want. It sounds like a lovely fairy tale! @Kareni I use the 50 page rule, but I don't know where I got the idea from. But thanks to Nancy Pearl's cleverness, I will now stop on page 44 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your art meeting. And the Mama Cass book looks great - added
  15. I think you will see a lot of improvement. I recently decided to do more rereading in Danish, and am pleasantly surprised that previously hard books are now easy. Alas, many books that interest me remain too hard. There was nothing systematic about the way I learned Danish, and I have a set of vintage readers that I want to read through. I think I have Grades 2 through 7 with a missing Grade 3. I’m trying to be more systematic with Dutch. Right now, I’m just reading Jip and Janneke (children’s lit) every day and doing one grammar lesson daily. Why rush? It’s not like I will be able to
  16. OK, I just called my local store and asked them some questions about bookshop.org. The most important question was: Is this really a good deal for them? Answer: Yes, they love it. And this is important, too: If you choose a store, you will land on their page within bookshop and the store will be displayed in the upper left corner (at least on a laptop). Now I can buy ANY book (Night Watchman is as good an example as any), and that store will get the funds. The funds will NOT go into the pool. The little banner says that I have raised "$X for local bookstores" but she assured me
  17. Have y'all talked about Bookshop.org for buying books from indie bookstores? I think it only came online during the pandemic, but I'm not totally sure about that. According to the FAQ, "10% of regular sales on Bookshop.org are added to an earnings pool that is evenly divided and distributed to independent bookstores every six months." For example, I could simply search for Louise Erdrich's Night Watchman. put it in my cart and check out. Alternatively, you can use the Find a Bookstore function and your purchase will support a particular store. A lot of indie booksellers don't have th
  18. Show tunes are my go-to for happy songs. To Life (Fiddler on the Roof) Good Morning Starshine (Hair) Good Morning Baltimore (Hairspray) I Have Confidence (Sound of Music)
  19. Get Happy - Judy Garland version (Summerstock movie)
  20. So much awesome saddness here! Thank you thank you! It will take me a chunk of time, but I am going to listen to every single song posted here. There are a lot of unknown-to-me songs here, which is not surprising given our range of ages and musical tastes. I've been on a mission to expand myself musically, so that's a plus. I'm in my 50s so I probably know all of the older songs, but had forgotten about many of them. I feel like I missed all the good music, movies, and TV of the 90s - the only exception being stuff that toddlers and preschoolers liked. Once I had teenagers in the house,
  21. This is great, thank you so much. Keep 'em coming! So far, it is a mixture of "now why didn't I think of that" and "unknown to me." Both categories are appreciated equally.
  22. I'm making a playlist of sad songs just because I like sad songs. I'm just getting started and only have a few so far. So the field of suggestions is wide open. Any genre is fine. I can do an internet search and find more, but I'd like to find some that don't show up on every list. Hurt (Nine Inch Nails/Johhny Cash) Long Nights (Crack the Sky) I am Stretched On Your Grave (old Irish song /various recordings) Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
  23. Wait. What? Grown people don’t watch Disney movies? I am shocked, lol. I subscribed to Disney+ back in the fall because my kids (all young adults) wanted to see Mandalorian. . But we’ve kept it. It doesn’t get as much use as Netflix, but it gets enough to keep. I don’t know most of the posters on this thread well enough to know if you would appreciate this film or despise it, but one of my favorite cult films is Return to Oz and it is on Disney+. Forget everything you know about the Wizard of Oz from the Judy Garland movie. This is based off the books and it is...something else. It’s li
  24. My watch party is over, and what a splendid afternoon it was. I’ve never seen the show live but am very familiar with the soundtrack. So it filled in some gaps for me. My niece, who has the soundtrack memorized, was part of the watch party. She said there was one extra song. I can’t remember what it was (sorry) but I think Laurens was singing it. I will be floating for the rest of the day, and that is a feeling that has been very rare since mid-March. What a gift Lin-Manuel Miranda has given us. I plan to watch it again this weekend with DH and DS. PS You can only download with
  25. I have a virtual viewing party planned tomorrow at noon with a friend in another state. Can’t wait!
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