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  1. @Violet Crown I wonder if the boards got an update last night. Everything looks different and weird!
  2. @mumto2I have a couple of gripes about Goodreads, but they are small things. I wish there was a better way to differentiate translations and editions. I don't use it to help me find things to read, so I don't care about that. The most useful GR thing for me is seeing the ratings and updates of my WTM friends. So, like Matryoshka, I would only migrate if the herd migrated! I don't have my GR account connected to my amazon account, but I don't know if that really matters. I actually find keeping my TBRs on amazon wish lists to be a better system than multiple TBR shelves on GR. I like that
  3. I'm never comfortable telling other parents what is appropriate for their children. Based on what you wrote previously about the Grimm brothers, I doubt that you will want to give it to your four year old. But the only way for you to really know is to do your own pre-read.
  4. @Dreamergal Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe were the collectors of Norwegian tales, like the Grimm brothers. That's what I meant by that. But your comparison holds true as well. These are not gentle, sanitized tales.
  5. If you follow me on Goodreads, I have decided to rate classics either five stars (yay) or two stars (nay). I kind of hate the idea of rating classics. I used to leave them unrated, but I recall that causing me some no-longer-remembered problem with my database. I finished two classics this week. Both get the five stars. Light in August by William Faulkner. This is definitely the most straightforward Faulkner I have read, but it does not lack depth of plot, style, or character. I'd say that pairing this book with Intruder in the Dust would be an enlightening and disturbing glimpse i
  6. @aggieamy As I am getting closer to actual bone density problems, I need to get caught up on the latest research. I had started doing that some months ago after a disappointing bone density screening, but then the pandemic pushed that research project aside. I’m glad to have the reminder, too. Sending out fervent wishes that our diagnoses and their fall-out merely continue to fade into the rear-view mirror!
  7. @Negin I appreciate the menopause book discussion. Cancer treatment forced me into early meno at age 41, which is now 15 years ago. I am always trying to learn more about bone health. Fortunately, I started meno with a lot of bone strength in the bank, so to speak. And I have tried to be proactive. However, all of that was not still not enough to stave off the effects of chemo and five years of an aromatase inhibitor (anti-estrogen drug therapy). I'd like to recommend an excellent reference book to our BaW readers: The Vagina Bible: The Vulva and The Vagina - Separating the Myth fro
  8. When I was looking it up for @Little Green Leaves I saw that Daniel Berrigan did the intro for the current edition. I have an older edition with a picture of Young Dorothy on it, and I wonder if he did the intro. Alas it is trapped in a storage box several states away, and I am not in the mood for the research. Just for the whine about my far-away books 🙂 BUT! Daniel Berrigan is here and he is inching closer the top of the TBR pile. I should stop putting things on hold at the library. They come in and throw off my plans! I’ll have to read the play (Trial of the Catonsville Nine) online.
  9. @Dreamergal Thanks for your review of Caste. You are the second person I know to speak so highly of it.
  10. I had forgotten about the blue shop towels!
  11. We no longer have to have an appointment to pick up our books curbside. That is a welcome change as appointments are often three days out. We are not being charged fines at the moment. That is lovely, but I guess there is little incentive to return physical books on time. For one book, I have been #2 on the waiting list for a reaaallly long time. I am most eager for ILL to restart.
  12. @marbel Your signature made me smile just now. I also have a son majoring in History, and likewise I could have predicted it when he was five. @Little Green Leaves The Dorothy Day books that I distinctly remember reading are Love is the Measure: A Biography of Dorothy Day by Jim Forest and The Long Loneliness, Dorothy Day's autobiography. I was deeply impacted by The Long Loneliness, but that was 20-some years ago so all I remember now is the feeling of loving the book. I also watched the movie Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story (1996) and feeling very moved by it. I don't dare r
  13. What are you putting in your mask's filter pocket? Have you read any recent research on filters? Any thoughts on the disposable PM 2.5 filters ? I bought some and they are a little small. They don't really cover all of the nose and mouth area. But they are readily available and not overly expensive. And I find them breathable. I'm not sure how often to change them out, either. I have read that they last a week. How does that work? Take them out and move them to a clean mask? I have also read that OLY*fun fabric might be a good choice because it holds an electostatic charge.
  14. Ooh so there is a new biography out. I didn't know that! Added to my TBR. I'll get back to you on the ones I have read. I have to look through the internet and the corners of my memory first . I will probably discover that I have not read as much by and about her as I think I have 🙂
  15. Which Dorothy Day biography are you reading? Over the decades, I’ve read a lot by and about her. I have her granddaughter’s book in my TBR pile.
  16. Well, I absolutely love reading Faulkner. Total fan. I am currently half way through Light in August, which is my seventh Faulkner novel. Structurally, Light in August is one of the easier ones to read. It is assigned in high school sometimes.
  17. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I had tried Bookfinder this morning. The $24 copy did not really exist on alibris, and I think the condition was only Fair. I just ran the ISBN again and that copy is gone now from Bookfinder anyway. Hmm, interesting that Half Price Books copy does not show up on Bookfinder. You are the Super Finder. Sold! To Me! I remain somewhat shocked that a LoA containing The Sound and The Fury would go out of print. I was not particulary longing for that LoA volume, although I do like their books. I think it is time for me to read the Faulkners in order, and it was going t
  18. Beautiful review, @Dreamergal Thank you for posting it. I would certainly hope that a personal reaction to a book is not considered discussing politics.
  19. @Violet Crown Do Library of America titles typically go out of print? Other posters are free to answer, of course. I just know I have seen VC mention LoA. I want the first Faulkner novel collection, and it is out of print. Used copies are above the list price. I only have a few LoA volumes, and they were all found through serendipitous in-person browsing in used shops. The first time I go to order one, I find it out of print. Waah.
  20. House dresses don’t leave the house! Ok, for quick runs to the trash or mailbox - yes, they do. And anyway, house dresses have come a long way from the ones my dear Nana wore in the late sixties. She called them house coats because they snapped all the way down. “These are not your grandmother’s house dresses.” As the internet likes to say about such things, lol. ETA my work-out tops are kinda skimpy and I am not, um, buff. I am not comfortable in them out and about.
  21. @aggieamy Maybe I should get the tutu for walking around outside. I live on a busy city street, and it would help with social distancing. But the one to get for that has to be this one: (I hardly ever embed YouTube videos here but this one is only 1 min 18 sec. It is from the Dutch National Ballet Company.)
  22. Dance has been my go-to exercise during the pandemic. I'm in the market for some ballet wrap skirts to go over my yoga pants. Maybe something like this one. Although maybe I should just go all in and get a tutu, lol. And, hey, let's not fail to mention the House Dress Trend. I have succumbed 🙂 My uniform: work-out shorts with a cell-phone pocket and a work out top. Cellphone in pocket and earbuds in ears. Throw house dress on top when I need more coverage. For those, you know, moments of high adventure like taking out the trash or walking to the mailbox. If I am just sick of seeing mysel
  23. They are indeed a cute family! I'm sure it wasn't easy for Princess Mary to marry into the family, but the Danish press is gentler on its royals than the British press. Prince Henrik, the Queen's husband (d. 2018) took quite a bit of flak from the press over his French-accented Danish but Mary seems to receive praise over her Danish. Queen Margarethe is SO talented. She has designed costumes for the Royal Danish Ballet, and her illustrations for LOTR were used in a Danish edition. I went to a premier performance of the Royal Danish Ballet in November 2019. My friend and I were sitting in
  24. iI enjoy following the Danish royals, especially the Queen. Princess Mary, who is married to the heir apparent to the throne, is from Austraila, and she is also interesting to me. Don’t be embarrassed, @Dreamergal I finished two more Sophocles plays: Philocetes and Women of Trachis. Tomorrow is the Theater of War production and I am very excited about it! Actively reading this week: Light in August by William Faulkner Lisbon Poets, a bilingual book. I am getting a good intro to five poets: Luís de Cameos, Cesário Verde, Florbela Espanca, and Mário de Sá-Carneiro.
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