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  1. Does it stink as much as regular bleach?
  2. Any updates? My expat kiddo has left Portugal (for many and various reasons) and returned to the Netherlands. He is currently self-isolating and working on his grad school thesis.
  3. More thoughts that are perhaps wrong: Using the solution law of C1V1 =C2V2: To get from 1 percent to 0.5 percent sodium hypochlorate all I have to do is dilute the sodium hypochlorate by half. Why does the calculator dilute further? Because using a ppm level (which I believe is ppm of free chlorine not sodium hypochlorate) of 600-800 ppm must be below 0.5%. Which again raises the question of the right amount for disinfecting. Maybe 600-800 ppm is too conservative unless you have small children? ETA: Using 1%, I had to require 5000 ppm to get to a 50% dilution rate. Us
  4. @Dicentra I would love your input 🙂 Links: How to Make Strong (0.5 percent) chlorine solution from liquid bleach. Source: CDC Note that the CDC recommends making the solution daily. Sanitizer Dilution Calculator Source: Indigo Instruments Very helpful! Sample calculation: Starting with 1% and desiring 600 ppm. Desired volume of 500 ml (about 2 cups). The calculator tells me to use 30 ml of the undiluted bleach. Starting with 5% the calculator calls for 6 ml. The remainder of the volume should be water, of course. Note: for disinfection, I find various recomm
  5. @regentrude My thoughts exactly. I have spent the last two hours researching bleach. My current conclusion is I consider splashless far from ideal but not worthless for disinfecting surfaces like doorknobs. The tricky part was figuring out how much sodium hypochlorite is actually in splashless. This is a trade secret but I was able to locate the safety data sheet states 1-5 percent. I have also found reliable sources for using 0.5 percent for disinfection. My current conclusion is that I consider it worthless for purifying drinking water or using on food because splashl
  6. Yes, I agree. The bottle looks just like a regular bottle of liquid bleach. Having both asthma and eczema I just thought, hey, Splash-Less sounds like a good idea! The fine print does say not for disinfecting, but I had no idea that I had to read the fine print of a bottle of Clorox. I got duped. @Katy I read the reddit thread and that was helpful. It does not say what the concentration of sodium hypoclorite is on my farcical bleach, I'll try to figure out the proper dilution tomorrow. It has been a long day.
  7. I don't normally use bleach due to asthma so I made the apparent mistake of buying Splash-Less bleach instead of regular bleach. Now I found out that Splash-Less bleach does not disinfect and of course buying bleach is now impossible. Sigh. What in the world is this splash-less bleach good for? My DH uses bleach to clean the shower, so we have a little bit of regular beach but it is old and probably equally worthless for disinfecting. We do have some vaild disinfectants: a bit of isopropyl alcohol, and some Lysol products, but probably not enough to comfortably last until the shortag
  8. Never? For reference, I am an extrovert who adores big city life, and I am a fairly fearless traveler. At the moment, I hope I don't develop agoraphobia. I sincerely hope that I can find my way back to myself at some point. I think I will even though I can't yet see the path. Life has knocked me down pretty hard before.
  9. I want to send some money to a family member's EU bank account, and plan to try out Western Union. Normally, I go into my bank branch and make a wire transfer but for obvious reasons I am going to try to do this from home. It looks like money can be sent bank account-to-bank account for no fee. Will my bank still charge its normal wire transfer fee? I called the bank and could not get a straight answer. I don't think the customer service rep even understood what I was asking, sigh. She just kept warning me about sending money overseas. (OK, lady, well thanks, but I have a kid in need over
  10. We might end up with a three generation household for a very long time. As a family, I think we are going to have to consolidate resources to keep everyone afloat.
  11. Somewhat. We are four adults in a place with enough space to spread out. DH recently came back from a business trip, my son just came back from a college dorm, and I am the one going out for groceries. We have my 83 year old mom here.
  12. @mumto2 I didn’t realize that you were now permanently in the US
  13. From the Level 4 statement: U.S. citizens who live abroad should avoid all international travel. Many countries are experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks and implementing travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines, closing borders, and prohibiting non-citizens from entry with little advance notice. and: If you decide to travel abroad or are already outside the United States: Consider returning to your country of residence immediately using whatever commercial means are available. Have a travel plan that does not rely on the U.S. Government for assistance.
  14. I was coming on here to ask you exactly this, Amira. Does it mean that if you don't come home now, don't expect help from the state department later?
  15. This site might be worth keeping an eye on. I never heard of them before today, so I am not sure yet how much info is available to non-members. Twitter feed is active. American College Health Association https://www.acha.org/COVID-19
  16. I am secretly thinking the same thing. I am sure this possiblity has not entered my son’s mind yet.
  17. Are any colleges still operating normally now? I am not aware of any. We have heavy hearts here, too. Hugs to all.
  18. So many disappointments and crushed hearts. What can we do to support their mental health? Our own? I finally let myself have a good, sobbing cry last night. I have a first-year student who was very lonely during high school. College changed EVERYTHING for him. He was thriving socially and academically. He was having a nearly perfect first year. I am deeply concerned about supporting his mental health. We are currently en route to clear out his dorm. I have a grad school student studying in the EU (full time not study abroad). He is set to graduate in May and we were plan
  19. My DS25 is an expact living in the Netherlands. He is in grad school and scheduled to graduate in May. He is now in Portugal with his girlfriend and her family. If he would have stayed in the NL, he would have been very alone. We always felt secure knowing that we have a lot of close friends in Denmark to help him out of necessary. Once Denmark closed its borders, we started to worry about him being in a foreign country without anyone who actually loves him or cares about him. We debated bringing him back to the US but that is complicated, too. Time will tell if we have made the
  20. Quill, we have kids in Europe. I feel like I have had a brick sitting on my chest for days. I saw your thread that she is coming home, and that is complicated too. It could for sure be stress. Has your stress manifested itself as a headache in the past?
  21. Denmark has closed its borders until April 13. Danish citizens and permanent residences can continue to come into the country, but should expect long delays upon entry. http://cphpost.dk/?p=111178
  22. Ok I thought you just wanted to know the vibe.
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