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  1. My DH will be in the Houston airport tomorrow. I will see what I can find out.
  2. I am about ten pages behind on this thread. I do plan to go back and see what I missed. But for the moment, I will just jump back in. Maryland just closed schools for two weeks and has banned gatherings over 250 people. So, @Matryoshka your dad's gathering is likely canceled.
  3. Hello, all. I am currently on a road trip: MD-NC-WV-OH-MD. For the moment, I'll just talk about my audio entertainment. MD to NC: Solo drive, 7 hours. I had a lot of non-bookish things on my mind, so I chose Breakfast at Tiffany's read by Michael C. Hall (of Dexter fame). Perfect! I read the book not long ago so I didn't have to concentrate too hard. And Michael C. Hall was the perfect narrator for this novella. I also listened to some podacast episodes. The only bookish one was Myths and Legends, which I highly recommend. You can sort of jump around. I am going to finish all of
  4. @Pen Thank you for your detailed comments on my post. They were much appreciated.
  5. @Quill I share your ability to worry for everyone! I, of course, have been dealing with having a YA child overseas for many years. Here are some of my pre-virus tips that still apply: Whenever I go out of town, I bring my passport. I want to be able to get to my son if necessary without having to go home and fetch my passport. Learn as much as you can about how the health care system and insurance works in the country of residence and within the EU. I don’t rely on my YA to be tuned into that. I have tried to ensure that my YA has access to emergency funds (i.e., my mo
  6. @Quill Did you notice anything different in the airports or on the plane on the return leg of your trip? As far as I can tell, only one flight attendant in the whole world has been diagnosed with the virus. This surprises me. We are still planning to go to the Netherlands in May. At the moment, my main concern is both DH and I getting stuck there. I've decided not to think about it until we get closer. We bought our tickets in January, and I was afraid to peek at the fares for fear that I would see my ticket now at half price. But somebody here posted about ticket prices to London g
  7. This thread is the main place I go to keep up with the COVID-19 news, and I am deeply grateful to all of you for your updates. Anyone want to chime in with what you would do to prep a kid in a dorm? I am currently on a MD-NC-OH-MD road trip, and will give some shopping reports: I live in a medium-sized city in MD. I did my stocking up before the weekend hit, and had no problem getting what I wanted. But by Friday, supplies were looking alarmingly low. I picked up extras of some of the cleaning and disinfecting essentials so that I could bring them to my YA-son-#1 in NC. Ex
  8. I am grateful to all of you for keeping this thread updated. But wow, it moves so fast! Denmark now has its first confirmed case.
  9. I'm with Kathy @Lady Florida.. No plague reading for me! I don't like to read books about scary things that might actually happen to me. That's the reason that I doubt I will read Capote's In Cold Blood even though I have loved the novels that he wrote, and it seems weird to read everything by an author except for that author's most renowned work. The only home-invasion-true-crime that I choose to read is about the Manson murders. I already know so much about them that I don't get scared. Which reminds me, that a couple of Manson-related new books are out that I have not yet read. I read
  10. @Quill I have been following your lovely trip, and I am sorry that you have been presented with a cause for concern now. In my cancer-survivor-non-expert opinion, I don't think you would be considered immunocompromised. Chemo is the big immunocompromiser. And maybe the fatigue from radiation. We currently have plans to attend our son's graduation in The Netherlands in May. At the moment, I am thinking about how to avoid ending up in a lockdown. I am thinking that renting a tiny airbnb canal house might be our best bet.
  11. With regard to reading material, I could probably be quarantined until I reach my 100th birthday. Foodwise, I would need Doordash or Instacart by about Day 3. I finished two books this week, and rated both with five stars. Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote. Southern Gothic at its finest. Capote was 23 when this book was published in 1948, and it was a bestseller. Michelle Obama's Becoming. I rarely listen to audiobooks, much less audiobooks that are 19 hours long. I enjoyed both her writing and her audio narration. For me, it was like two different books. There was so m
  12. Not Little Italy, but we recently had a great meal at Eataly near the Flatiron building. It is an Italian marketplace with a wide range of restaurants, including some that do not require reservations.
  13. I finished Abigail by Hungarian author Magda Szabo. I didn't realize it going in, but this was written as a YA novel. Even though it just became available in English, it was originally published in 1970. It wouldn't stand a chance in today's YA market, but as an old-fashioned YA novel, I think it was fantastic. I think the GR description is off. Abagail does not make me think of Jane Austen nor of Hogwarts. While I enjoyed the suspense, it kind of fails as a mystery. I am not a mystery reader at all, and I figured out the mystery early on in the book. I recommend Abigail, but with the caveat t
  14. I have three finished books to comment on: Astrid Lindgren: The Woman Behind Pippi Longstocking. by Jens Andersen. Highly recommended. I knew that Astrid Lindgren (AL) was beloved in Sweden, but I did not realize how powerful she became. She ran the Children's Fiction department of a leading publisher for 24 years, and was very influential in the publishing industry. And what an energizer bunny! She wrote all morning (using shorthand) then worked at her publishing job. In her later years (after about age 60), she became very outspoken about political causes, and people listened to what s
  15. I have some thread catching up to do, but for the moment I just want to congratulate you, Amy, @aggieamy for getting your book to the finish line. I hope the flu does not derail your family, and that your little guy bounces back quickly. Lucky you, @mumto2 for being Amy’s reader!
  16. I just did chat with amazon and I am supposed to reorder. Sounds like my pre-order indeed vanished. Sigh.
  17. Can anyone tell me how amazon pre-orders work? I place a book on pre-order for the first time ever, and I am confused. The release date was today. I see no record of my pre-order nor it does not show up as an order. And the book shows an out of stock message 😞 It was Hungarian author Magda Szabo's Abigail, in case you are wondering. It was published in Hungary in 1970 but is just now being released in English.
  18. I seem to read The Hobbit and LOTR once every decade or so. I am going to skip this readalong, as I did re-read the series fairly recently. However, I have lots of other Tolkiens on my shelf that I would like to read so perhaps I will actually get to them this year! These are the books that I have completed thus far in 2020. I don't think I previously posted about any of them. Two of them were started at the end of 2019 Love of Country: A Journey through the Hebrides by Madeleine Bunting. I thank @JennW in SoCal for leading me to this one. I really knew nothing about the Hebrides bef
  19. @Dicentra It was 2019 that we came up with the 10x10 challenge. Both @Violet Crown and I have commented that we did not finish our 10x10s, but that we were carrying them over into 2020. So, see, even if you join a challenge you get to modify it to suit your own needs and desires 🙂 I'm thinking about expanding my 10x10. Since I started playing with you guys in 2017, I have kept detailed book lists on Goodreads and in my paper notebook. I'm thinking about looking through those three years of lists and making a new, ongoing notebook of categories. One of my goals for this decade is to fill
  20. Well, for one thing your German is an entire league above my Danish! Sure, with these old poems it is also vocab and usage. While searching around the internet, I found pleas for help from desperate Danish high school students who have to read this old stuff 🙂 The biggest recent language change that comes to mind is that all of the formal pronoun forms have disappeared - unless you are talking to the Queen.
  21. @Violet Crown I do wonder if my Danish is good enough yet for Kierkegaard. The biggest problem with even making the attempt is that the orthography of the language underwent a massive change in 1949. Anything printed before then is very hard for me. Sometimes I can find a reprint with updated spelling and punctuation, and that makes a huge difference. But those reprints are not really all that easy to find, since perhaps it is the equivalent of rewriting Shakespeare into a No Fear version? But you made me curious to look. So far I have found one for The Sickness Unto Death and Fear and T
  22. I have seen it in person a few times, and am wondering what the surprise is, too!
  23. @Violet Crown The current Danish media-darling-philosopher is Svend Brinkmann. I suffered through one of his books for the sake of my book club, and unfortunately he is on the list again this year.
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