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  1. @Junie The Agatha Christie cover makes me think of Harold and the Purple Crayon.
  2. Hello, BaW friends. I have not checked in for a long time. Sorry. I hope everyone is doing well. But I also have not had a whole lot of reading to report, thanks to the pandemic. I'll go back through my Goodreads account and see what is worth mentioning. @Robin M I also watched CATS over the weekend. Even though I am a bit of a Broadway nerd, I had never seen CATS and I enjoyed it immensely. It seemed very 80s to me.
  3. Something must be wonky. I know many of us were unable to log in yesterday. I'm not sure if everyone was locked out yesterday or not.
  4. For those of you already using your masks, what is your household routine? Where does the mask go when the person comes home? How are you washing them? Machine? Hand? Lingerie bags? Everyone's mask together or does an individual's mask stay with that individual's laundry? A load with only masks? High heat dryer? Yes or no? Where do you store the clean masks? I am planning to keep mine in a small box with a lid that will hold nothing but my own masks. So far, I have made only two prototypes so this is still somewhat theoretical here. DH wore one of the prototypes to go running yesterday and then I wasn't sure what to do with the mask when he came back.
  5. The difference between the Swedish approach and the Danish approach is vast. Denmark is reopening K through 5 schools next week with some new protective measures in place, one of which is the instruction to keep the kids outside as much as possible.
  6. Is polyester thread a problem?
  7. Oh and I am going to make a cake, too. It will look similar to this one by Cakes by Melissa .
  8. I am very late to the mask-making party. Now to read this six page thread...
  9. I ordered a small amount of expensive candy from Williams Sonoma two weeks ago. The candy and its packaging is really pretty and it was overpriced. But I am content with it. The youngest person here is 19.
  10. I have not yet canceled my flight, either. But I am fine with a voucher. My son lives there and we were going to visit him.
  11. I just want to let you know that I was very happy with the WU transfer. I tried bank-account-to-bank-account because there is no fee, but gave up after two failures to process. A debit card went right through and the fee was $2.99. My bank did not take a fee. I sent the money over the weekend and he had it on Tuesday. While I am sure my bank gives a better exchange rate, my bank also charges $45 to wire money. ETA: He has access to cash through an ATM but that would not have solved this. We needed to inject a buffer of funds into his overseas account before an autodraft pulled.
  12. I think so. I have not used it in a long time, so I am not sure. I am good with rubbing alcohol, too. It is hard to know how much to disinfect right now. I don't want to run out and then have nothing later when we might indeed have sickness in the house.
  13. Our planned trip was for Europe in May. That is canceled. I will have a year to use the airline travel voucher. We normally stay with my mom for a summer vacation. She lives at the beach in NC. That might still happen. We had expensive concert tickets to a show in DC late July but the tour has been postponed.
  14. Same. I avoid bleach which is why I was not a smart bleach consumer. I can tolerate the smell of Lysol and if I had a do-over I would have bought more Lysol products.
  15. Does it stink as much as regular bleach?
  16. Any updates? My expat kiddo has left Portugal (for many and various reasons) and returned to the Netherlands. He is currently self-isolating and working on his grad school thesis.
  17. More thoughts that are perhaps wrong: Using the solution law of C1V1 =C2V2: To get from 1 percent to 0.5 percent sodium hypochlorate all I have to do is dilute the sodium hypochlorate by half. Why does the calculator dilute further? Because using a ppm level (which I believe is ppm of free chlorine not sodium hypochlorate) of 600-800 ppm must be below 0.5%. Which again raises the question of the right amount for disinfecting. Maybe 600-800 ppm is too conservative unless you have small children? ETA: Using 1%, I had to require 5000 ppm to get to a 50% dilution rate. Using 5%, I had to desire 25000 ppm. @Pen I think you had a good point that the the thicker viscosity of the Splash-Less might help the disinfectant stay in place longer. A silver lining?
  18. @Dicentra I would love your input 🙂 Links: How to Make Strong (0.5 percent) chlorine solution from liquid bleach. Source: CDC Note that the CDC recommends making the solution daily. Sanitizer Dilution Calculator Source: Indigo Instruments Very helpful! Sample calculation: Starting with 1% and desiring 600 ppm. Desired volume of 500 ml (about 2 cups). The calculator tells me to use 30 ml of the undiluted bleach. Starting with 5% the calculator calls for 6 ml. The remainder of the volume should be water, of course. Note: for disinfection, I find various recommendations for optimal ppm. The Washington State Department of Health recommends 600-800 ppm for a child's environment and cautions against the higher ppm recommendations. Safety Data Sheet Clorox Splash-Less Bleach Note: the safety data sheet indicates a 1 to 5 percent concentration of sodium hypochlorite (page 2 item 3) The exact amount is a trade secret. But this is good news, right? If it was below 0.5 we couldn't get to 0.5 but a 1 percent can be diluted downward. Disintection with Bleach Tech Talk. Source: 3M This is an interesting article about the degradation of bleach over time. More interesting reading. Includes cautions against bleach with additives (and splash-less bleach definitely has additives) with regard to food processing operations. Source: Oklahoma State University Miscellaneous notes: Sanitizing and Disinfecting are not the same things. Sanitation requires less ppm than disinfection.
  19. @regentrude My thoughts exactly. I have spent the last two hours researching bleach. My current conclusion is I consider splashless far from ideal but not worthless for disinfecting surfaces like doorknobs. The tricky part was figuring out how much sodium hypochlorite is actually in splashless. This is a trade secret but I was able to locate the safety data sheet states 1-5 percent. I have also found reliable sources for using 0.5 percent for disinfection. My current conclusion is that I consider it worthless for purifying drinking water or using on food because splashless has additives that could cause harm in those applications. I have a lot of links to share from reliable sources but it will take a bit to get them uploaded.
  20. Yes, I agree. The bottle looks just like a regular bottle of liquid bleach. Having both asthma and eczema I just thought, hey, Splash-Less sounds like a good idea! The fine print does say not for disinfecting, but I had no idea that I had to read the fine print of a bottle of Clorox. I got duped. @Katy I read the reddit thread and that was helpful. It does not say what the concentration of sodium hypoclorite is on my farcical bleach, I'll try to figure out the proper dilution tomorrow. It has been a long day.
  21. I don't normally use bleach due to asthma so I made the apparent mistake of buying Splash-Less bleach instead of regular bleach. Now I found out that Splash-Less bleach does not disinfect and of course buying bleach is now impossible. Sigh. What in the world is this splash-less bleach good for? My DH uses bleach to clean the shower, so we have a little bit of regular beach but it is old and probably equally worthless for disinfecting. We do have some vaild disinfectants: a bit of isopropyl alcohol, and some Lysol products, but probably not enough to comfortably last until the shortage ends. I thought I was in good shape because I bought bleach and it can take a lot of dilution but nope. ETA: I edited the title and post to change splashless to Splash-Less. Because it isn't splashless, it just splashes less. What a crap product!
  22. If possible, I would use delivery.
  23. Never? For reference, I am an extrovert who adores big city life, and I am a fairly fearless traveler. At the moment, I hope I don't develop agoraphobia. I sincerely hope that I can find my way back to myself at some point. I think I will even though I can't yet see the path. Life has knocked me down pretty hard before.
  24. I want to send some money to a family member's EU bank account, and plan to try out Western Union. Normally, I go into my bank branch and make a wire transfer but for obvious reasons I am going to try to do this from home. It looks like money can be sent bank account-to-bank account for no fee. Will my bank still charge its normal wire transfer fee? I called the bank and could not get a straight answer. I don't think the customer service rep even understood what I was asking, sigh. She just kept warning me about sending money overseas. (OK, lady, well thanks, but I have a kid in need overseas during a pandemic and WU seems reasonably safe to me, all things considered.) She did advise not to use the debit card option since that sometimes trips as fraud. That sounds like a good tip as I really don't need to have my account locked down right now. What else do I need to know?
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