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  1. Each kid gets a "big" gift, then several smaller gifts. Usually the same total # of gifts to unwrap. Many times it evens itself out $ wise. Fairness was huge for me growing up also. The overall package was more important than the $ amount, as well as whether or not my parents actually listened to my wants/needs. I hated getting duplicates of what my sisters received in the effort of being "fair". For me, I wanted my parents to take the time to think about what I would like. My oldest dd sites the lack of fairness regarding the younger kids getting toys she didn't get until mu
  2. Happy Birthday M's and Astrid (formally an "M"!) I've been mostly silent lately... We moved from MD to West Bend, WI. It took all summer. I'm still in shock! Thanks SOOO much for the birthday wishes and hope you all have a great day!
  3. We are buying a house just south of West Bend and would love the Homeschool scoop of the area. Dh wants to put at least the older two (15,13) in public high school. If we had remained in MD, we would have joined a classical coop. What are the options and support for homeschoolers in the N/W Milwaukee area. I am also looking for referrals on piano teachers, ballet studios, choir/voice lessons. We are staying at the Residence Inn in Brookfield. DH works in Menomonee Falls. I am still in MD packing the house but will be there next week! Feel free to PM!
  4. Wow! There you go Terry, inspiring us all... I must now get up and **finish** setting up my studio (sounds much better than office or study). I too just bought a new desk and moved the homeschool OUT of here. I want to sew and paint and create. I looked back at some of your work and just WOW! Thanks again! Must go!
  5. I found this link about the refund checks it might be the same on Jean posted, but half way down the page there is a calculator link that estimates your potential check based on your 1040. We didn't recieve a 2nd letter, but the calc shows us getting something. We shall see. http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=180247,00.html (I just looked and Jean's link is different, but has a calc link too) M
  6. Me too. When I was doing alot of driving, sitting around the house made me feel like something was missing. It took me some time to realize it was a seatbelt! I agree with "My car, my rules." But, I too am uncomfortable confronting other peoples kids unless it is important. This is important. Tell her politely, if she makes a fuss tell her parents she isn't allowed to ride if she refuses to happily respect your rules. I also agree with Nestof3 that we are the adults. My father hates confrontations so we were raised to be non-confrontational. It makes it hard to function in the
  7. Me too! except I said "We are not interested." Julpost gave me a backbone!:001_smile:
  8. Strangely enough, Mary Kay is the **only** thing that works for me. The times I have tried other things over the years (Proactive, Clinique, others) I have had terrible breakouts. I should have realized long ago not to deviate from what works for me, but every time we move I don't look for a rep. The other thing that really helps is to change my pillow case every other day or so. Even though I usually sleep on my back. I also stopped sleeping with my face (skin to skin) on DH's shoulder. I pull the sheet up between my face and his shoulder (TMI I know ;)). I also avoid touching my
  9. These responses are great! I'm trying to do this too! Dh and I both come from hoarder families. We move every 2-4 years and the junk just gets boxed. I want to purge so badly. I want *my* areas set up to enjoy. I can vouch for what Gardenschooler says: I have spent the last 15 years not doing things because of responsibilites to a house. I love a clean well sorted house, but boy purging is hard when you really don't know *how*. It sounds so easy. Why isn't it? I'm trying again. I am determined again. My dh volunteered us for the end of year choir party! I've got to get busy! Now..
  10. I haven't read all the other posts, but I was spending so much time running all over town (20 mins minimum) to get sale items from 5 different stores not to mention the time with coupons and sales flyers before I left the house that making 2 trips a month to Costco (one finally opened near us in Sept.!) and 1 to super Walmart (for whatever C doesn't have) is soooo worth it. Most of the prices are much better than the regular grocery store price and in line with many of the sale prices. I buy on price per pound for meats, fruits and veggies. The gas savings alone is worth it, but my time is
  11. Hey Angela! :ohmy: You wrote my post! Right down to the dead sea salts! Our meat wasn't great either, although I talked them way down on price. (I buy on price per pound) and I called DH for backup. I also allowed myself to be talked into Kingfisher (I think) books I didn't need by the nice College kids that go door to door in the summer. I keep thinking the kids shouldn't be out by themselves, and feel sorry for them. They are good books though. :001_smile:
  12. Last spring I was determined to get into better shape and like you I began with just exercise, although I added drinking water and some nutritional supplements. I noticed toning after several weeks, but no actual weight loss for about two months. I did eventually cut back the dinner glass of wine to weekends only and tried to further cut sugar and white flour. I almost reached my goal, but then "frigid fall" followed by "where's my blanket" winter rolled in and now I have to begin again. The wind here can be fierce and I have great difficulty with my asthma when it is. :mellow:
  13. I had a wonderful time with Peek and her lovely mother (Capt. Janeway) on Saturday! Many of you might already know this, but Peek is a bundle of energy, even wittier in person, and (she'll kill me for ruining her rep) one of the most thoughtful people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. We spent Saturday afternoon *shopping*, and although she probably had to buy a bigger suitcase, I'm not sure she bought anything for herself. Oh! She did buy herself a lovely green collar :). Spending the day with Peek, I realized I haven't had a non-scheduled day in years. Told the DH I'd be home whe
  14. Before dinner she was clockwise and wouldn't change. After dinner I turned on the screen again and...she was counter-clockwise and wouldn't change! Maybe it was the glass of wine? the blue cheese? Strange.
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