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  1. I loathe that show. Fortunately I was forced to sit through an episode while babysitting before my kids were born, so it has never been allowed in my house. My head would explode.
  2. This is pretty close to the point I was going to make. :001_smile:
  3. I will encourage mine to stay home while they further their education. If they choose not to further their education, then I will require them to work and pay rent that I will hold for them until they are ready to either start school or move out.
  4. For a curriculum sale, I would pay $10-$15 to sell. I just don't have that much since I only have two young children, and I would have to price low to be competitive.
  5. A lot of sales (used curriculum, kids clothes, ect.) ask for a $1 donation at the door that goes to charity. I don't mind that at all, since it's *almost* free, optional and the money goes to a good cause. I wouldn't pay more than that.
  6. I love Harry Potter. I want to start the series with DD, but book 4 and on are pretty dark. Many of those who condemned the books in the beginning have come around. http://www.firstthings.com/blogs/firstthoughts/2011/07/15/how-christians-came-to-love-harry-potter/
  7. I have to say, when I saw the thread title I thought it would be someone looking for an appropriate (read: SERIOUS) punishment for their son. I would be livid if someone shot a bb gun at my dog. Livid. If my child shot at a neighbor's pet, the consequences would be severe and start with a heartfelt apology.
  8. I think pregnancy and nursing have a big impact on libido. I know for me the 4 years combined nursing I did killed my drive. Now that everyone is weaned, it's coming back.
  9. Do you have a mandatory quiet time every day? I'm easily overwhelmed with noise, so we have quiet time after lunch. Kids can read or color or, if I'm really desperate, watch a movie. But they must be quiet during that time. Sometimes DS even takes a nap!
  10. I heard that the bride's family was supposed to pay for the ceremony and the groom's family was supposed to pay for the reception. I might have those mixed up. :P We paid for our own.
  11. The ones I know are not, but I love them anyway. Maybe after a few years they'll change their mind. :)
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