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  1. It's fun hearing about all the great adventures and activities your kids are having this summer! As for us, my oldest is interning at the National Magnetics Lab and taking a math class this summer. At the Mag. Lab he is developing a program to test the affects of magnetism on iron alloys ( I don't really understand all this, but I think that is what he said). The math class is an extra class that he says will help him in an upcoming physics class. He got hit by a car while riding his bike home from the Mag Lab one evening. He was pretty banged up, but ok. We had to get him a new b
  2. My kids love these pics. Thanks for sharing them. We have a bearded dragon, Riley Muffin, and he is really cute and fun. They lots of personality. I hope your dd gets one. They are so much fun! Denise
  3. We used Foerster for Alg.2 and no, we did not do the trig. chapters. Trig. was in pre-calc. (Derek Owens). HTH Denise
  4. Ok, I looked at the SBT website and...I don't know what they are doing. It looks like you have to get the system through a provider now instead of directly from them. I can understand them making this change, but it doesn't help you. Fwiw, the SBT uses video games and dvd movies as vehicles to teach the kids to keep their brains working at certain levels. That's my lay explanation. There are games like this http://www.amazon.com/Mattel-T8498-Mindflex-Duel-Game/dp/B004GHNFKK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1435077911&sr=8-1&keywords=ball+levitation+game and this http://www.amaz
  5. I was writing and did not see this post. My doctor gave us a sample packet of Strattera for free. It is a 45 day trial. Maybe your doctor has the same for whichever med. you want to try? I wish I knew a good psychologist that would spend that hour with you for free. Prayers that someone will be put in front of you with the info. you need. Denise
  6. First, I do agree that neurofeedback is a good option. We also looked at Zengar, but because the nearest professional was several hours away, we went with SmartBrain Technology at home. Our preference would have been a professional, if one had been close enough. Each thing we tried helped in slightly different ways. We were also targeting slightly different things with each intervention. Also, we only tried one thing at a time. So, when kids were little, we used dietary strategies, VT, AIT, etc. We do not use medication until they are well into puberty because it seems the side ef
  7. Years ago when I was in the thick of this, I was told by doctors and teachers that ADHD/ADD is part of the Autism Spectrum. Learning disabilities of many types were included on the spectrum. Again, that was many moons ago, so it may have changed. I don't know if all people with ASD also have ADHD, but it does seem a common combination. My experience with ADD meds. is Strattera. Strattera helped ds #1 focus and concentrate better, but he did not become more organized. Maybe he was better organized mentally, but outwardly we still saw the same messy room, papers, and so forth.
  8. I sent you an e-mail, hit the send button and then, there was the e-mail w/the webinar link. Thank you! Ignore my request for a duplicate. Denise
  9. Thank you for responding so quickly, Rosie. The conference on Teaching History through Fine Arts begins today, 4/30 at 11:00 a.m. (10 a.m. my time). Yes, the Academy is separate. The conference page says "sponsored by WTM Academy" with the logo and I just took that to reference the page. I should have said on the conference page instead. Thank you pointing that out. I see how that is confusing and I will correct my post. Do you know how I log into the conference? When I sign in to the conference page, it only gives info. on registering, shows that I paid and so on. No link or
  10. Help. Am I missing something? How do I now sign on to listen to my conference this morning? I have an acct. on conference page, got e-mail saying I had registered and paid (back several wks. ago) but there is nothing that leads me to the conference session. I sent a message last night through conference page but don't have a response yet. Conference begins in 2 hrs. Is there something I am not seeing or doing? Thanks for your help. Denise
  11. Right. I never said one was superior to the other, just different than the thinking in the past. The thread is about identifying trends, right? That is what I am saying, I see this as a new trend. And the above quoted response to you was just to further define it, not any kind of judgement statement. Fwiw, I would send my kids to school too, if I could find the right fit for them. Denise
  12. Yes, but you are the one teaching your kids and it's just you and your kids. What I am seeing is people setting up their own ps and others attending in an almost exact copy of our local ps. I'm sure that is not what your school looks like at all. You are at home. You are teaching. Fwiw, I am not criticizing traditional curriculum or the set up ps outside ps. I apologize if that is how I sounded. Each family makes their own decisions based on what they want and what works. I fully support that. I was just trying to describe a new trend I see. Denise
  13. Yes, I should have stated this differently and left off the at home part. When I say they want to recreate school it means take their kids to some building where groups of same age peers move from class-to-class each taught by someone else. So, they really want ps school and to do very little, if any, at home. If that's what they want to do, fine. It is a trend I see that seems to be new. Even the traditional curriculum was done at home with just your own kids and you were the teacher. And, yes, there was often a desk, a flag, recess and so on. This newer version of recreate school
  14. There are mixed signals, imo. Most of what I see is positive, some is not. The number of homeschoolers doubled over the last year in my county. Some of that is due to a lot of new people moving into the area. But, most of it is due to people pulling their kids out of school or, in the case of kinders, choosing not to even start them. CC and co-ops are growing quickly. Packaged curriculum and virtual schools are also popular among the new folks. Many of them are using a mix, such as A Becca and CC or FLVS and a co-op. There are a few new homeschoolers who choose the pick each piec
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