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  1. solorcaine? I think is the name. It is in the first aid aisle with treatments for burns. It is a spray, so you don't have your hand rubbing the burn. It has aloe vera and lidocaine in it. The lidocaine numbs the burn. I have used it on me, my hubby and the kids.
  2. Summer, Thank you for starting this thread. I had kinda thought it was one thing, but it wasn't and now I know more. We never learn if we don't ask. Kathleen, thanks for your last explanation, it made sense and I now get it. Kelly, It is a fascinating time in history, if you ever do want to read more about it PM me and I can refer you to some interesting books. Cheers, Nicole
  3. Like I said, I do not know how it is used today, but the Anglican church was a product of the reformation. Yes Henry the VIII was the King while the change came about, but there was a lot more going on then just him wanting a divorce. This is just for anyone who finds it interesting by the way, not meant to be defensive or anything. (I just want to clarify as it is sometimes hard to tell on the internet. Oh, and I do have a bias as I am Anglican (I have lived in US and UK so it is easier to use the general term) Henry was the second son and never meant to be King, he studied to become
  4. I am not 100% sure here, but I was always under the belief that Reformed Christianity are the branches of the Christian Faith that stemmed from the reformation. Primarily the Lutheran or Anglican Faith's. There are more Faiths that came off of those, (puritans, etc...)
  5. Thank you Merry and Alexandra, That helps so much. I forgot to say part is because I am budgeting for the year. I already have level 1 and it did not look like it would take us that long to do, so I will budget level 1 and 2. I will skip the readers now, but look into them when my dd starts getting to that point. I will also see what new and wonderful things are on the market at that time. I am really starting to feel excited about the AAS decision. Merry, your blog is amazing, I think I could spend hours there. I am hoping to get my up and running in the next few months. Cheers, Nic
  6. I am another newbie, my son is entering 3rd grade. I am getting nervous, but I am mostly excited. Good luck to all of us.
  7. I am starting AAS is September with my 8 year old/ 3rd grader. Has anyone else started this program with an older child? How long does each level take? Are the readers really necessary? He is reading at an 6-7th grade level, just a really poor speller. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Nicole
  8. I haven't figured out the quotes yet, but I agree about the summary. We look at when the bible was written. When God first sent his stories down to us, Jesus had not lived on earth. He was explaining what he did from the beginning, not with all the information that we have now. We present things in different ways depending on where we are in life. For example, if your three year old asks you where babies come from, you would explain it very differently than if you were lucky enough to not ever have to address the issue until your child was 14. We look at the story of creation that way, it is a
  9. However, I am doing the cutting on my own. I prepare everything before we start, it just takes too long and is not as fun otherwise. There was a recipe for hardtack which we made yesterday with the Christopher Columbus pocket. I am however spacing it out over the whole of year 3. Also instead of the construction paper folder they use, I am using a report cover and sheet protectors.
  10. I am new this year too. My ds is 8 and we are going to give third grade a try. I have been looking into home education since he was about three, but for one reason or another we never started. I feel I have been planning for years, it is scary that it is now starting. We did 3 weeks as soon as he finished his school year as we were both excited to see if it would work. We then took 3 weeks off, while I went over everything to see what worked and what didn't. Spectrum Spelling was a no go, and we are going to give AAS a try. We are using: SOTW3 - Story of the World 3 Evan Moor Histo
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