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  1. Sorry for not responding sooner - I have checked the box to get notifications but I've received none. Argh! We had done about the first 11/12 lessons of Algebra 1 and every day was just a major struggle (caveat to this would be not really knowing that I was dealing with ADHD). I then tried to take a break and have him work through some Khan Academy lessons that correlated to the topics studied but not a good fit. So, rather than bogging down more, I felt it would be best to just take a break from the subject because otherwise our relationship was going to suffer and thought, well, some
  2. I've been putting off continuing on with Algebra. We actually restarted the whole MUS Algebra 1 course last Spring and he did great and we were slowly progressing into the graphing lessons. He gets the whole quadrants and how to plot, etc. but then we stopped for summer break. He can solve the basic algebraic problems but when the answer is wrong he gets really frustrated. Definite ADHD so finding something that is engaging and keeping that attention is always the challenge. MUS had been working because it isn't distracting and the lessons and problems are short, for the most part. The y
  3. Try watching The Middle - a little gem that people didn't watch but really a very nice family show. We quote a line from that show all the time "fun comes to this house to die." Middle America family life.
  4. All employees have to wear them at Target. There is a nice, big sign stating you are supposed to wear a mask and they originally were going to staff a "kiosk" to hand out free masks for those that didn't have one but that lasted all of about 1 day. Occasionally they will play a recording in the store if a store worker/guest complains that people are wearing them around their neck or taking them off to encourage them to keep them on. There is a hired security guard that tells people they have to wear a mask to enter Walmart and I've asked if they've turned anyone away and I was told the
  5. I highly recommend the Mathtacular word problems DVD and workbook. Yes, a bit hokey, but it did an excellent job of teaching the basics of how to break down a word problem to solve it in incremental steps - along with solving a little mystery. It gradually gets harder but it definitely helped my struggling learner learn and retain how to attack those pesky problems.
  6. I've been a witness to how the online schooling experience thru the eyes of my daughter who is a public school teacher. Back in March they closed down all the schools and the governor rules that schoolwork was optional. Teachers could not teach any further skills to finish out the year but you could review skills already learned. Depending upon the school you worked in resulted in how much you had to work with to come up with lessons. My dd's school had invested in 1 online program - nothing more. (She has since transferred to a different school for the fall and this school had 20+ options
  7. My ds has been working retail since this all began. This particular brand of stores has consistently been slow to enact any of the rules and when they get announced at the corporate level it takes about 2 weeks before you see/experience the changes in the stores themselves. They were slow to enact social distancing and masks - which until August 1 - only the store employees must wear masks. There are big signs outside the store when you enter requesting that you wear a mask but it is not mandatory-until August 1. Not sure who they're going to put outside to enforce it so that should be int
  8. I live in one of those zip codes the CDC is supposedly going to visit - actually I thought they were to start yesterday but haven't seen a thing. Now, in some reports they said they were only going to focus on families who were Spanish speaking - not sure how they were going to come up with which houses to visit. I'm not so sure I'm trusting those rising numbers because there was a big push for two weeks to test, test and test everywhere and anywhere - and they reported that they were backlogged in giving out the results to all those tests but meanwhile in the county next door where there hav
  9. Virginia is off the hook - and just wait because I believe it is going to get worse. It was only about 2 weeks ago in which providers were even offering the antibody testing and the question of the validity of the tests offered haven't even been discussed. I think there are a few labs that have been given approval for accuracy? Virginia was counting people as "new cases" each time the same person tested positive. If a person received a positive result on Monday and then for whatever reason were retested on Wednesday - that counted as 2 new cases for the state. So how many cases does my sta
  10. I've looked at DIVE numerous times over the years and just couldn't do it. I had a struggling student and just couldn't see it working for them. A lot of people recommend Conceptual Physics and other courses by Hewitt. I know you've cross-posted so perhaps they'll have some other suggestions that might work. I've had great success with the new versions of Apologia. They are now releasing a 3rd edition of Biology (they are offering 25% off at numerous stores across the internet) along with the video component and all the changes have been excellent in the ability to engage more students -
  11. My dd teaches 2nd grade and she's actually more disappointed that she has only been allowed to give 1 hour on 1 day per week - nothing more. It took a month or more for the county to even allow that much interaction. The first day the kids all came on line 23 out of 26 was great for both the kids and her. They all felt like they had a purpose - even if they aren't allowed to teach anything new. The material must be a review of any already covered topic. She had to mute some mics a few times but it went great. Her biggest complaint - parents were doing the work for the kids - not the stud
  12. I had to get creative real fast for my ds who wears hearing aides (and glasses so there is no real estate left behind the ear) and works in a store now requiring all employees to be masked - a shoe lace and the toggle off a pair of old snow boots (sometimes they are inside of coats). He runs the shoe lace through the straps and uses the toggle to secure it.
  13. My ds who works at Target. He makes it his mission for each shift to find that guest that really needs the help. The guest who was trampled on as others rushed in the door that morning to grab up all the paper and cleaning products - usually the elderly man or woman who becomes overwhelmed by the whole experience. They don't have someone to shop for them but had to come anyways. He finds that last package of TP, paper towels, eggs, etc. He gets them checked out quickly and back to their cars. Every shift he touches somebody's life in a positive way.
  14. I'm with the others - read read read. Many moons ago I did AAS with my ASD/dyslexic fellow and while AAS 1 was mostly great, it was very challenging as time went on. It is a great review of phonics skills and these kids tend to need a lot of review but it just seemed too much when I think back. We ended up stopping not far into Level 3 but I should have stopped sooner. Now, I will say that Spelling You See was wonderful in that it got my ds writing and triggered his creative side of the brain. I want to say Level 2 or 3 has a day in which the student uses the words and creates sentences a
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