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  1. I actually know 2 families really well that had kids that knew they were transgender super early on. I am also not comfortable sharing the stories of others but ultimately, they worked with doctors on mental health care for years. Both kids have been consistently trans now for over 10 years. And I don't at all sense their medical professionals tried to rail road these kids at all. It's been very slow and deliberate and dealing with full mental health. Both kids were much happier for many years with mental health care. What I find uncomfortable is 2nd guessing families who are deali
  2. I had my first at 30 and 2nd at 34. My DH is 8 years older than me or we may have waited a bit longer. Absolutely zero regrets. We've had a lot of financial options we wouldn't have had sooner. I did have an established professional career and owned my own home prior to marrying.
  3. I'd be pretty patient watching something like a stubbed toe or a wasp sting, etc. But swelling without known cause would have me at urgent care pretty quick!
  4. My kids are ending up with plenty of unschooly/unorthodox things listed in their transcripts. Some of them end up falling off if we have a DE or whatever later that might show better or be higher level. But it is possible to package things up and make it work on a transcript if you want it to. It requires that the administering parent needs to stay organized. I have kept a binder every year of homeschool and just lists books read, curriculum used, outside classes taken, etc etc etc. It's mostly just throwing stuff into the binder as we come across it. And at some point I organize it into
  5. I haven't read all the responses but I agree. My son's (public flagship) University has not made an official announcement yet. But was hinting toward NOT requiring it. But those that don't will be subject to regular testing and quarantine as all students were this spring. All students with a local address were required to test twice a week spring semester. And they had VERY little covid, that worked great. So charging those more that will need those tests and require the school to have quarantine areas available makes sense to me. I suspect a bunch of those students who've been dragging
  6. I'd check your college for sure. I think my kid can just upload a copy of his right to the health portal just like he did for other vaccination records and that will clear his building access. I am leaning toward having him have a picture, making a 2 sided copy (we have a 2 sided printer at home) we can send. And just filing it at home. He isn't the most organized college student in the world with this kind of thing and it doesn't fit into a wallet nicely.
  7. Absolutely. An invitation is not a summons. Gift, heart felt card, good to go. It's late covid anyway and JUST YOU invited with limited vacation at play? Don't think about it twice with the other stuff going on in your life. Definitely don't RSVP yes if you're waffling/unsure about that weekend.
  8. We love smart wool socks in cooler weather. But they are fairly expensive. My son has the best luck with gold toe for relatively inexpensive men's crew socks if you haven't tried those. We hate the hanes and fruit of the loom varieties generally.
  9. My number one recommendation that isn't on many lists is a decent quality air purifier and remember to ship a new filter at semester break (ours recommends a change every 6 months). My kid has now gotten through 2 years of college without even a cold on a campus that has seen some real crud and substantial covid last fall. Other than that, encourage kiddo to pack light and check the lists your college recommends. Fridges came in my kids dorm for example. Some have pretty stringent rules about no hot plates, appliances, etc. You can always send stuff later if they really need it.
  10. One thing I was going to mention is that bonding time for us as my kids aged was driving time. My kids would be much more chatty in the car for some reason. And meals have fallen by the wayside during some seasons. You'll find a groove that works for you. Avoiding evening activities would have been impossible at our house.
  11. I will say the flagship U where my son is has their largest ever incoming freshman class this semester. I wonder if more people are taking the more affordable options? I'd love for that bubble to burst. I know there is a lot of talk about loan forgiveness. And I am in favor of some. BUT if we don't have like a free to extremely affordable path to a degree going forward for everyone, I think it's a moot gesture that will just keep coming up again over and over. In my son's case he was offered up to a little more than half net cost in merit at some schools on the CTCL list. And thos
  12. I would say it just varies at our house. I find it’s nice to have so,e flexibility for us. We do abuse take out at times. One thIng I do lot of is large batches of easy to warm up meals. Chili, taco or burrito fixings, sheet pan meals, baked pasta dishes, Shepard’s pie, salad fixings, etc
  13. If you want to start thinking about this playing around with net price calculators from various schools of interest can be helpful. Like here is one for Iowa State. I just selected that at random, my brother went there 🙂 You should be able to find one for any school ... https://www.financialaid.iastate.edu/net-price-calculator/ We spoke with a financial advisor when my oldest kid entered high school, that was helpful for planning. Just because some number comes up as your "expected family contribution", that does NOT mean that should or will be affordable for you or you should
  14. What do you mean by scholarships? There are merit scholarships and financial aid rewards. Some people say their child got a scholarship when what they really mean was they got was admission to a school and qualified financially for a full package. Sometimes a kid might get X dollars in financial aid and Y dollars in merit money, so it could be a combo. Some schools do not do any merit scholarships at all. You really need to do your homework. So it depends. It depends on the schools you are looking at. It depends on how much financial aid you might qualify for. It depends on the tal
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