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  1. Thatboyofmine, I think living with a diabetic if that falls into the tier is totally fine. I know 19 year olds are technically adults. But as the parent of a 20 year old, I am still definitely parenting that one. If he needed to be released from the hospital you would be the designated caretaker. I know high numbers needs to be vaccinated before we are going to start to step out of this mess and logically I just want them rolling them out as fast as possible. That said, I am super jealous of those in my demographic who have been vaccinated. AND I can't figure out how they are doing
  2. That isn't true on all Keurigs. On many models it just makes the brew cycle longer. The temp is a bit low for an ideal brew for coffee or tea.
  3. So you don’t drink coffee at all? If your DH just likes an occasional cup, it is likely to be a step up from instant. I think the keurigs generally make a pretty mediocre cup of coffee and I really hate the waste generated by the pods. But for infrequent users that won’t use a bag of coffee In a reasonable length of time and aren’t super picky it can be a good choice. Like my FIL who lives alone has one. He has a few cups a week. You can get tea pods or cider or hot chocolate. But again, easy to get less expensive higher quality hot beverages. IMO. You can use it to produce a cup of ho
  4. I'm sure I could still sing a good portion of that song. I wouldn't expect anyone who wasn't a teen during the 80's to remember it though.
  5. This is free market capitalism. I have no doubt that these books were not making money for the estate and not good for the over all image of the Seuss books. It's not like it's hard to find the imagery if you want to find it. An independent company or organization in a free market is under no obligation to continue publishing works. People are free to complain or boycott or whatever, as always. It's nice to live somewhere we have all these freedoms.
  6. Definitely consider looking at colleges that have health plans available if he is college bound. The one at my son's university is pretty decent and they have a research hospital on site.
  7. We do them ASAP, but it also takes us a while to collect all our documentation. We pay to have someone do them which is great. But our situation is complex enough that it takes a bit to get all the paperwork ready to send off. Once they have it, they are usually done within a week. Hopefully sometime this month.
  8. I found it helpful to find a summaries of events as they happened as I watched the Crown. I used a variety of sources and ended up listening to some related historic podcasts and audio books and watching some documentaries. I totally agree that especially the interpersonal relationships/interactions can't really be known, they are definitely extrapolating. They also left out some potentially very interesting storylines. That said, I learned a lot more about this period of English history and it's background than I would have had I not watched the Crown and the production value is ve
  9. My go to podcast during covid has been ... http://thehistorychicks.com/ Each episode is about a woman in history (or sometimes if they have enough material, there may be 2 episodes). It's 2 middle aged moms chatting. I've walked hundreds of miles catching up on these episodes. It's a huge variety of women - from Cleopatra to Sojourner Truth to Shirley Temple to Jane Austen. Taking notes for later!
  10. I always think it will vary by area too. That said, a friend recently listed a starter home in an ok but not amazing neighborhood and had 20 offers within 2 days. Things are really moving here, definitely a seller's market. We keep getting post cards asking if we're ready to sell and that our modest, antique, needs work but urbanish house is worth obscene amounts of money.
  11. I've had one LC standard size dutch oven for over 20 years. It really is one of my favorite pieces in my kitchen, I use it constantly.
  12. Are you following up with treatment for your own depression? I was about to follow up similarly to regenetrude. This is a very long standing pattern. Please take care of yourself.
  13. With the teen/young adult here, we use a model of "before you do X, you need to go do Y please". I don't nag. I mostly shut my kids doors and don't worry about it and we've never allowed food or much technology in rooms. But this year I have a college student back and forth and we don't have a huge house, so tech has gone in rooms at time. I actually wish my college student would go hide in his room more lol. Because of covid, this tends to be at certain times of day or Sunday afternoons here just because they're consistent. When we were running around many days and evenings prior
  14. Well when you have unlimited WiFi, switching over to WiFi is not an issue. In fact we moved our landline to ooma which uses our internet for our.and line as well and it is like $6 a month. It uses our same number. Do you have very limited WiFi bandwidth?
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