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  1. I have lived urban for over 20 years. Our school system has before and after care in place. And like I said earlier, it's available from 6:30 am to 6 pm. It is not free, but it is sliding scale. And it honestly works great for some families. I know kids who used this program that are now launched to college as young adults. And they're great kids from engaged families. I absolutely think the school system has HUGE issues. But this particular program has been huge and important for many families here. Like most things when it comes to parenting, there is no one size fits all. If you have the ability to rob Peter to pay Paul and still clothe, feed, and house your family you really are doing better than some. Family homeless shelters are a thing that exist here that are always at capacity. Our church takes a round hosting homeless families every winter. There are plenty of studies that say that investments in education pay off in general. I'm not saying just throw money at a problem or that should look the same in every community. Some communities have found benefits in providing programs like this over having kids be latchkey or having parents making challenging decisions. It would be great if every child could be dropped off at a school door when school starts and picked up with a nutritious snack by a parent, but that unfortunately is not realistic for some families. There is data that these programs are worthwhile in some communities. The US is never going to be a country where you will be forced to raise or school your kid in ONE way. I guess I am in favor or making things easier for parents when and where we can.
  2. LOL. Well, I can tell you Duluth MN has the largest light display in the US at the holidays and high chance of snow. You can actually catch the Christmas train to get to the light display. They also have a small ski resort that will have blown snow for certain. They have mountain villas you can stay at out there too. Lots of the urban places have other stuff going on while the holiday lights display is an action. Anyways, I bet there are a bunch of wintery places that have special events for the holidays in similar fashion. We have gone to Duluth a couple times during this and it was fun! It's beautiful there in the winter.
  3. Are you hosting? I think it's fair as the hostess to say "If you'd like to bring something, bring A,B, or C. I have everything else covered." And that does sound very gross!
  4. We've been to both. I don't know there is going to be a huge difference in noise, crowd, size feel for a kid that can do 6 hours at a WDW site. I would plan for a similar experience there. I haven't read all comments. There are 2 parks. We did 2 days. It is definitely simpler and smaller than florida. But when you're in the parks, it feels like you're in a big disney park. We didn't find crowds low or extra chill or anything. ETA - we did not stay on site at disneyland. BUT we did stay within walking distance and that was great. We did other stuff in CA though. More so than when we've visited florida (though we have done Harry Potter). We went to other museums, hollywood, down to San Diego area, etc. ETA - I have inlaws that visit WDW florida and DL CA like 3-4 times a year. They do tend to go to FL more. But ALL they do is Disney. They never leave Disney grounds either way.
  5. I have a sibling who was a small time news personality in a somewhat rural community as a young adult. He would get stalked and followed regularly. It was SO weird. Anyone with an ounce of celebrity can and will have their own brand of groupie. I've gone out of my way to teach my kids that celebrities are flawed humans no more worthy of attention, praise and adoration than the rest of us. MANY of those who've attained celebrity have just become media darlings or demons for one reason or another that will sell magazines, generate clicks, etc. They aren't necessarily more talented and amazing than many that don't get that level of attention.
  6. My kid did CC locally and is now out of state at a flagship U. They took all his credits no problem. If you want them to apply to specific degree requirements, you really have to do your homework and it can vary my institution. Transferology was able to give us some info on this but you may need to check with individual institutions. It's definitely easiest to head somewhere your CC's have a transfer agreement.
  7. My kid is at a campus of 40K+ and was assigned an individual adviser and hasn't had these issues either. He is double majoring in music so has a good rapport with several members of music faculty already as a first semester freshman. I think that can be more challenging in some majors but he has made sure to show up to office hours of profs in other areas of particular interest even if he didn't necessarily need direct help with course work. His other interests are lying in STEM this semester at least. He has joined clubs and made some good choices to make his big campus smaller. He is not partying (and I do know that for certain lol). I am super impressed with the resources and opportunities available at this school. I will also say, I fully expected him to be at a small school. One perfect on paper LAC on the CTCL list struck us dumb with how rude and pretentious and several members of faculty were during MULTIPLE visits in a particular department. If you are at a small school in a small dept with only a couple faculty members in that area, well, if they aren't friendly, don't enjoy teaching, or don't click with you? That might not be so great either. So I almost think you need to be more careful choosing both academic, vibe and social fit on the smaller school side. Honestly, almost every parent of a college student I know has a story about something. I also think lessons and resilience can be learned in the adversity too and that's part of learning to adult. I went to a large U for undergrad. It was MUCH less user friendly than it is now actually. I felt like I was a much more resourceful and resilient young adult as a new grad than many of my peers. One of my son's BFF that launched to a small LAC this fall had HUGE issues with getting set up with housing (ETA - another CTCL school). College of less than 2000. Schools of all sizes can have their issues and their glitches. I wouldn't be so fast to stereotype one over the other I guess. I also know kids who chose a small school in a rural area and were just completely burned out on the environment before graduation. But certainly there are kids that lose their footing at large schools and leave. My son is actually worried his roomie is not going to make it into next semester. But if you aren't willing to show up to class and put the work in? I also think that happens at a small school too.
  8. The before/after school options in our school district run from 6:30 am to 6 pm. No families I know use ALL those hours, but plenty use some of them. There are clubs and activities after school on site at most schools kids can roll into and they spend a lot of time doing free play, outside, in the gym, etc. That said, I don't think 10 hour school days should be mandatory. But I would be just fine if these programs were subsidized and more affordable for families. It's just fact that plenty of families need two incomes.
  9. Oh I know companies who hire like that too. I'm sure they needed someone immediately and it was win-win. Retail/customer service type jobs around here are often this way. My husband has a friend interviewing for a major corporate leadership role right now. It's been a 2 month process so far and they want to bring him back in for another interview with someone who needs to fly in. Yikes. For corporate jobs I've interviewed for, a 4-8 week process is not unusual and sometimes require more than a single interview. I think our school system can be fast for some roles if they have immediate need. But for new teachers for next school year? That can take forever.
  10. I think this can vary widely by organization. And by how many qualified candidates they have lined up. If they have 20 candidates and 12 interview slots, it's probably easy enough to pass on a couple that can't make it on a certain day. When I was interviewing, I had situations like this. But I also had other potential employers bending over backwards to accommodate me. I can see why it makes sense for some organizations. If they have to have a certain group of people blocked open and available they have to start somewhere. I do think 2 weeks notice minimum would be nice if they are going to do it that way.
  11. I did grammar, comp, lit 9th and 10th grade for my oldest. I felt like he was solid with grammar so I dropped that and he did more rigorous comp through DE. I always had a lit component thought that it has been important to read quality lit. I think it definitely helped with reading comp skills and writing skills. My oldest transitioned very well to DE composition. His 2nd DE comp class was an honors lit based class.
  12. Oh I just saw him today so I have to mention him - Santa on a bike! We have a dead ringer for Santa we regularly see biking around town, beard and hair flowing. So you better watch out ... you better not cry ... better not pout I'm telling you why ...
  13. Just FYI Smart but Scattered has a teen specific version available
  14. Yes, I do that regularly when making pies.
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