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  1. We've had that rolled into the cost of participation. Seems fair to me.
  2. We have the Casio Privia 160 as well and that is a great baseline 88 weighted key entry level option. It also travels fairly well. My son has taken piano 13 years and plays advanced level rep (he's actually heading to college in music next week). He has been playing on a 1915 piano for YEARS. Luckily it was maintained very well. My grandmother taught piano lessons on it. It is just starting to have problems holding a tuning. And I think there is a little peg work our tuner can do to fix that. He has used the keyboard for travel and composing. It will hook up to his laptop.
  3. Agree, someone will ALWAYS miss the info. That's on them in my opinion. I get some people don't want to do facebook. But if they wanted they could create a shell account just to join groups and not friend anyone. I know a few local homeschoolers who use FB like that to get group info. Just a couple days ago some lady was complaining to a bunch of people via e-mail a get together was cancelled and she showed up and no one was there. Shrug. It was on the FB page and the people setting stuff up are volunteers. Anyway - pick the platform that works for most. If you are going to need to set up FB anyway to share photos at the end maybe that's your pick. E-mail is a decent back up and not too onerous if you can set up a recipient list and just cut and paste general info. I wouldn't make it my business to share EVERYTHING that is posted on FB. Just administrative info that you post. Some people aren't going to care if they get to know people ahead of time. Maybe when you set something warn them that checking for info is on them and you're not responsible for information not received. I have required a return e-mail sometimes when I start a new list so I know everyone has seen something from me.
  4. I'd also assume it would trash the washcloths. I'd want to use old rags on that or stuff I didn't mind becoming rags or getting trashed after the fact.
  5. The colors on that are amazing! Love it! 😍
  6. My biggest rule at that age is it needs to be in the living space of the house. No electronics in the bedrooms. It was pretty limited at that age. My daughter is 15 now and communicates with friends via chat or text all the time. We do let her step away for the occasional shortish conversation, but for the most part, electronics in the main area of the house.
  7. Congratulations, you maintained healthy boundaries. Walk away from these "friends" if this truly was the basis for the attention and friendship. So obnoxious pushing like that. Your reasons for not wanting a dog are not dissimilar to the reasons they are considering giving theirs away.
  8. I just had the opportunity to do a mini vacation alone while my teens were occupied at camp and my husband was traveling for business. It was so fun and enjoyable. It was the first time in many years I went to sit down restaurants alone. It felt weird at first, but it was just fine. 🙂 There are groups out there to hook up with too. Book clubs, travel groups, hiking groups, craft clubs, foodies, etc.
  9. Definitely elderberry but it would have been better to start at the first sign of a cold/flu. We take it a few times a week through cold and flu season. My kid took tamiflu once and that seemed completely useless honestly.
  10. I graduated in '88 and felt like I experienced a multi phase launch. My parents did help me with college. I was in close contact throughout that time and into my early to mid 20's and did benefit from parenting light and direction. Anyway - I've heard people use it for launching a kid to college or a kid graduating from college or moving overseas, etc. I think they're all valid usages. Some kids launching to college are close to financially independent through various means. That would be impossible for my kid's situation. My oldest is launching to college for the first time next week. And honestly we're anticipating a lot of back and forth this first year for sure. He's going to be about 4 hours away. I'm not pretty grateful this was the school of choice and not something further flung.
  11. This was very helpful for us at this age. We’d set 20 minutes aside at the end of the day to straighten up. Then we might occasionally do a short sorting project together during the day. 8 year olds are not natural cleaners from the most part. You wouldn’t hand an 8 year old a math book and tell her to figure it out. This is not a character issue.
  12. I see your kids attend PS. But putting items on my kids homeschool to do list was helpful. And during the summer we put them on google calendar with reminders. And that said, I still have to nag. But it also reminds me of that stuff they need to get done. My 18 year old is pretty well trained now. Still working on the newly 15 year old.
  13. Well, honestly I think intense mom is in the wrong. Volunteers can do what they can do. If intense mom wants to do MORE she can do MORE. She can recruit more parent volunteers if she wants and that would be helpful with particular activities/ideas/outings. But I don't think you can shove more work down another volunteer's throat. So I'm naturally more sympathetic to the laid back mom. I'd feel very differently about this if these were paid positions. I was a co-leader one time with a much more intense mom for a particular girl's group we led. But I just told her up front what I could do during that season of my life. And she was cool with it. She was in a less intense season and planning was fun for her. I had my short laundry list of items to do but she was definitely the queen bee and I was absolutely fine with it. So I think it can still work if people can just accept where other volunteers are at and what they have time for and what their skill set is. Like you can give me tech related stuff - email, web page updates, etc. I will get that done no problem. Give me a list of phone calls that require follow up? Umm no ... that will just not get done in a timely matter for me. I guess I would not get involved unless they asked. And then my opinion would be "you do you". What does the other leader bring to the table that you don't? What can you give right now? Can less intense mom be along for the ride more if more intense wants to plan more?
  14. Are you listing it on Craig's list or freecycle or something like that? Maybe you could update your post to warn about needing a larger vehicle to haul? Maybe with dimensions? People who've never had/seen an old full upright might not have a good sense of the scale. You can get a spinet in a much smaller size. We have an old upright and they really are big beasts. They are getting more rare to see about. Has it held a tune in the past 3-5 years? It's good to be upfront about maintenance (or lack of) too. I know more than one family who regretted taking a free/cheap piano to find out it wouldn't hold a tune and needed a lot of work to be functional. And then had to pay to have it hauled off. My BIL actually had a piano burning bonfire party once after getting a free piano that wasn't going to work for their family. LOL. If you have it listed for free/AS IS, that's probably good enough.
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