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  1. I really like Levi’s but they can be hard to find for under 50 at least in my son’s size. he also wears Aeropostale jeans. They have updated looks for a reasonable price. Plus a lot of their jeans have some stretch to them. They also have a wide variety of sizes easily available. I know some of his friends consider that their Jean source too and he is a college student. ETA - oh he has some American Eagle jeans too.
  2. Weirdly, I know like a dozen people with who graduated law school who are not currently practicing law. I don't actually know if that is super common. I do know at least a few of them personally enough to know they regretted the path they took in terms of debt. Not necessarily in terms of going through law school. I am not saying don't go to law school either. I just think really understanding commitment level post graduation along with really digging for your most economical options are prudent. I don't think aging parents prepping for retirement should probably be cosigning for loans i
  3. My son was driving distance. He isolated as best he could for a week+ (he lives in an apartment with a couple other guys) and got 2 tests before my husband picked him up and brought him home.
  4. I've just seen a few kids I know locally do a calculation based on being an engineer, a lawyer, etc and then ended up changing paths that really end up in trouble in some cases not even finishing a degree at all. And I totally agree, you can get yourself 30K into debt working on an undergrad and THAT can be difficult. Especially if you don't have a pretty clear career path after undergrad or you drop out or are considering grad school. I just think car loan level is a much safer investment level as a max then house loan level.
  5. I am late, but I have seen this line of thought be harmful for some students. I would not lock a college freshman into a particular degree path based on the level of debt they are ok taking. I would really try to limit at federal loans (31K) for any student. That type of debt is not likely to be forever life limiting regardless of path. Even if your student is planning on going into engineering and average salary is 100K, they are likely to need to move to a HCOL area to get that. Suppose they change majors? Suppose they have a crises and need to quit college for a bit. You will need to
  6. I will say we definitely had this happen. The CSS and any applications that had additional financial questions definitely hurt us in our case. We own our house outright and it's in a fancy neighborhood. However, both DH and I owned homes before marrying and bought low before a real estate boom and sold much higher. We basically had to sink the money back into a house anyway.. Which is a modest, antique 3 bedroom that needs plenty of work in a highish COL area. It's just favorable from a location perspective. The straight calculators didn't work for our financial situation either. A
  7. I have a college sophomore who is a music performance major. He is a double major actually, his 2nd major is comp sci. He auditioned at 8 schools I think and applied to 11 schools in total. It was a mix of program options he wasn't totally sure what route to take when applying. The audition and application process was brutal and so much work. The biggest thing I would say is teacher and program fit are the most important and follow the money. We are in a large metro and have done large scale music programs for many years so I just know many kids who've been through the process. I know
  8. I’d take the lunches no question. I know homeschooling families in our district taking advantage. If at some point you have the bandwidth on the other side of this, make a donation to a local PTA or something along those lines.
  9. So our original switch is actually my college student's. He saved up and bought it. So I didn't buy one until he was getting ready to leave for college this fall. We were happily playing on animal crossing on one island. I like that game a lot more than him anyway so it was fine. If I were staring now, I would definitely get one to start. You can always add another at your next holiday if you think they'll get used. I'd rather do that than have one just sitting around not getting much use personally, especially if they have other gaming systems and you never know what is coming out ne
  10. If you get the TV version, I would really recommend getting some handheld controllers. Maybe even a couple if it is going to be used by multiple people and you want multiplayer games. I have one of the knock off controllers and it works great and was half the price the one Nintendo sells that my son has.
  11. It sounds like you can get away with one. We had one for like 18 months. Until I (age 50) discovered Animal Crossing this spring and then bought my own switch at the end of July. That is the only game we've had where it is challenging to share a switch. For the price, I wouldn't buy 3 if it were dicey the other 2 would use them. For a family switch, I would definitely get the one that will "switch" between the TV mode and handheld and not the switch lite.
  12. You've gotten some good suggestions but if he likes GBB and making desserts, stuff for piping could be really fun! Box of disposable pastry bags and a variety of tips. Actually, there are some nice basic piping kits on Amazon digging around a bit. Make sure to get a couple bigger tips for piping whipped cream, etc. You could also get him some of the chocolate wafers for dipping. ❤️ If you get a GBB cookbook you'll want to make sure to have a digital food scale, you'll need to weigh flour, etc. Basic breads isn't as hard as GBB makes it out to be, getting him like a pound of yeast
  13. I made salad dressing and candied pecans for an apple/dried cranberry green salad, I baked potatoes and put together a twice baked potato casserole. I was going to put the potatoes back in the skins but my potatoes were kind of small and I didn't have enough patience. I seared my beef tenderloins (I have 2 smaller steaks for elders on friday) and I will put together my beef wellingtons. My teens will work on a pie tonight, they may need to finish tomorrow. I won't need to do much tomorrow other than bake my beef tenderloin, warm up my potatoes, chop and roast carrots and put togethe
  14. I'd make a beef tenderloin roast or prime rib roast if they want something visually special and you want beef. I am kind of done with poultry right now too and turkey to me is meh on a good day. We're having a beef wellington (which is a gussied up beef tenderloin in a puff pastry basically).
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