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  1. I have to wear something with more support for hard woods. I just use a pair of Nike slides. I pair them with wool booties in the winter. I’d just find a pair of slide on sandals that offer decent support.
  2. Yes, the double major dilemma! He may not end up completing a dual degree (BM/BA) or possible double major (BA/BA) but he REALLY wants to try! He does come in with 32 DE credits and is a strong piano player (that is actually his first instrument) so I think he should be able to test out of any piano requirements. So that end will potentially help a bit. And thank you - I think he will end up in a good place for him and he is thinking toward grad school too so I'm glad we took time to look at a big range of options even if many don't seem right for an undergrad experience for him. It's been hard to balance his desire for good academics and music and faculty who are happy to have a quirky academic kid double degree. He has had a couple very enthusiastic music faculty reach out to him. Music competitions are not my kid's cuppa either. He did them when he was younger and he was a very good little pianist. People would throw the word prodigy around. I hate that work BTW. The tiger mothers would come swirling with questions about his background and preparation and snide remarks. Not our scene at all. He is much more interested in collaborative programs and opportunities.
  3. My kid is considering the honors program at the University of Minnesota twin cities, UW-Madison, UMichigan - Ann Arbor
  4. Yes, they have a pre-screen process and a holistic admissions process before you get invited to even come to audition on campus. I do think it serves kids well to try and visit campus BEFORE auditions and try to have a sample lesson and get in and talk to faculty. My kid did uniformly do better at schools he pre-visited prior to auditions. Unfortunately we couldn't get to Eastman. Which is fine. This is a process where having unlimited funds both for admissions and for tuition would be nice but that's not us. Now that we're getting more to the tail end of this yucky process, as a high stat academic kid wanting to double degree he has definitely done better with schools of music set in universities. Those teachers seem to like that he has lots of musical interests and has some academic chops and that maybe he isn't on a traditional performing path. He also really could show his stuff much better in a live audition. Prescreen videos are a very poor substitute.
  5. Interesting!. With a grad student or with faculty? Or maybe by audition? Do you have a student there? My kid was accepted to URochester, but not invited to audition at Eastman. This process is completely unpredictable for VP, he did get invited to audition at a couple other programs that are probably similar in terms of acceptance rate anyway. He is an out of the box VP applicant as well and applied double degree. Not all music faculty is excited about students interested in dual degree or multi-interested musicians we've discovered either. Rochester is not a super realistic financial option for my kid. It's WAY more expensive than his other 3 options right now which were offers by auditions (+ 1 music waitlist). Waiting on one more.
  6. Aww ... but she looks so sweet! 😻 Sorry, I got nothing! Is she still a kitten? My cats evolved to be more chill over their first 18-24 months. They're 3 now. They can still be really funny and playful but they aren't disruptive at night and don't destroy stuff anymore.
  7. Oh well, my kid got accepted to at least 2 programs that include a 1 hour weekly lesson with music faculty as long as you are a full time music major student and you just pay the base full time tuition. One is an LAC but one is a public flagship. Honestly, I haven't looked at the other programs he is considering that closely for those type of details.
  8. MANY will. However, some will require an audition especially to work with faculty (instead of a grad student). So ask at each individual school you are interested in. Ask about ensemble opportunities for non-majors as well. My kid is applying to music programs this year and many schools he's looked at have lesson fees for non-majors but included with those accepted to the music major.
  9. Absolutely. We need to be able to compare financial offers. I think this is all to the college's advantage for sure. ED was not a game we could play at all. And I get that college are "businesses". That said they receive plenty of tax incentives and dollars as non-profits which doesn't seem quite right either when it's super clear how inequitable the system is as it stands right now. And I say that as a parent of relative privilege in the process. My kids still have options. Dreaming about elite schools isn't one of them though. I"ve read some interesting articles since the blow out of the admissions scandal about games they play in admissions offices to get more full pay kids through doors. I wish I could find the links, I will dig around (they were main stream news sources). And I get maybe they need to do that do cover their bottom line. Which is fine. Be honest in your marketing then as an organizing receiving federal funding and non-profit status. Don't pretend every qualified student has an equal shot at getting in and having it as an affordable option.
  10. It depends where you are applying but I think most schools like to see some outside validation/data. Though if WTM classes issue grades that could be a potential data point for some schools. Dual enrollment or SAT-2 tests can be validation too (and we have come across a couple schools that REQUIRE them for homeschoolers). CLEP is not accepted/used widely in my experience unless you're doing a CC to 4 year route and there is nothing wrong with that. I would check requirements for any particular schools of interest, many won't even care. I would just do whatever is easiest for you where you are. DE has been easiest for us and it's free in our state. And then of course he has a strong ACT score. I don't regret not doing AP (not well accessible for us), but I do kind of wish we had done 2-3 SAT-2's as we had gone along for my oldest.
  11. Oh I know exactly what you mean! There are so many programs out there and faculty positions are so competitive I tend to think even programs rated lower are often very strong when you look at them individually. Especially if you're in an area where performing artists are working professionally. I do think you need a lot of grit and persistence for auditioned programs but if you're auditioning, that might just be part of your life forever. I've seen kids sobbing and sad on the audition circuit this year. It makes me so sad but maybe it's not for them! My kid has always been a solid auditioner (he's done theater for years, including some semi-professional and paid stuff, music competitions, etc) but he's had a few moments during this process for sure! I'll be curious to see where your son ends up! It sounds like he has got some great options and he's getting his head on straight about it! This whole launching thing is a process.
  12. It seems anything that requires an audition in a college setting is highly competitive in this day and age. My kid is auditioning for music programs this year. It's truly crazy. Feeling happy he's going to have a few great options open to him. But if I said the name of the schools no one would think anything of it other than possibly 1. Like our flagship music program music acceptance rate is like 20% (lower for popular studios) and it's overall acceptance rate is 44%. Honors program is top 10% of each program (he got honors too). It isn't unusual for kids to audition for 7-12 programs at all levels to get accepted to a few in performing arts area. My kids are pretty busy in various performing arts and we've watched a number of kids attempt to matriculate to performing arts programs. He truly shouldn't feel bad at all - it's a hard game at the college level! And I think there are so many reasons they might weed someone out too. My daughter has a friend that applied to a bunch of auditioned theater programs for fall - like 10. No real safeties or non-auditioned programs. She hasn't gotten in anywhere at all. I feel terrible for her - super smart and talented kid. Probably a common "type" for theater arts programs. I hope he finds the right path for him!
  13. My kid got TONS of elite marketing/emails. I really think it means nothing.
  14. I got a BS math and BS comp sci through an engineering college at a flagship U. Not unusual in my experience at all. Definitely had tests with averages below 50%. Probably half the incoming class left or changed majors by the end of the 2nd year.
  15. I've bought this brand several times off of Amazon.
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