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  1. They are responsible for their rooms but as long as laundry is moving regularly, I don't monitor closely. I do not allow food in bedrooms so that helps. Other than that, they do stuff but as it comes up (take out trash, load the dishwasher, vacum your mess). I've never been organized enough to have certain teens doing certain tasks on whatever days and I never wanted to be that kind of task master. Maybe homeschooling burned me out that way. My 19 year old is in an apartment right now with 2 other students and they're figuring it out. It's not rocket science.
  2. You have an unhealthy dynamic day to day in the home she is exposed to? That is extra hard if it's true. That said, my daughter had about 6 months of grinding anxiety right around 10-11. Both my kids tend to be a little anxious and overthinkers anyway. It was after an illness and I feel like that triggered some stuff but it didn't present like PANDAS at all (which might be worth looking into if this was a sudden change). We did family outdoor exercise time daily. We talked about and very methodically worked on strategies. We followed up with the pediatrician just to make sure eve
  3. I think getting him a good pair of gloves is a decent solution. Encouraging him to speak up if things are not working with his allergy (the inside of his nicer gloves get wet one day, etc). Documenting the problem is good and it might be good to put the issue in writing to management with his solution and a photo. I totally get why you would want a young adult like this to just not quit if it wasn't necessary and it sounds like it's good for him socially and he's building some life skills. You could encourage him to apply for other jobs while working this job if things don't settle d
  4. We had one our best gardens ever. We have pumpkins on the vine. I have absolutely NEVER been able to grow any kind of squash before. I think for one, we've been home to water more obviously. Two, we've put compost over our garden the last couple years. Three - most of our starter plants were from our organic CSA. They were the healthiest looking starter plants I've ever recieved and they just went nuts once in the ground. Our tomatoes weren't our best year but peppers and basil and other herbs were crazy. I had a tomatillo plant go nuts this year too. I froze enough pesto recently fo
  5. Well like I said earlier, I have worked extensively with groups of kids teaching, tutoring, facilitating, etc. A kid that was molesting others by the early teen years probably has some dark history in their own past whether they remember it or not. Statistically over 75% of abusers are adults and 93% are people kids know. In our homeschool groups it wasn't unusual for 8-12/13 - pre-pubescent/tweens to all run together. And then in days, those kids on the older end very typically are just done with the younger kids. These were highly supervised kids and I never saw anything intentionall
  6. Having taken small groups of girls to American Girl, it's a unique and can be an expensive experience. Her parents may have well just appreciated that she got the opportunity. I would have your daughter send a nice hand written thank you for celebrating with me and the lovely gift and move on.
  7. Oh one thing I've noticed, is prior to covid our house NEVER felt small. Now it does feel a little small some days when all 4 of us are here trying to get stuff done. And I wish I had a small personal space for me. My husband has 2 office/desk areas (1 personal, 1 work - he is working at home full time since March) and hops between them and that is annoying. We have been home WAY more than we normally are since March and I suspect not much to change for the next 6 months.
  8. But for 8 people, you're talking 3200 square feet right? Even with lots of people, I probably wouldn't want larger than that without the ability to hire someone to come in and help clean regularly. You have bigs and littles so I wouldn't want to go super small since you have many years left, but maybe not super long until some might leave too? I love our current house. I don't think in terms of the dream house. I think in terms of the dream situation. My kids are older, I am not sure where they will land. I can see us doing any number of things once our kids fully launch. I would
  9. Ok - well it is covid times, it may have been a small family gathering. And he may have seen kids on the street and thought cool, I'll go chat. Or maybe he panicked and made something up. I wouldn't find it odd he didn't know the name of the street. I don't think my kids know the name of any of the streets their grandparents or aunts or uncles live on. Especially now that we're in a google map age, I don't memorize addresses either. He might have been nervous - that was a lot of questions to throw at him when it really would have been better just to tell him the issue you were having stra
  10. When you asked where he was from did he give any neighbors names you could follow up with? Assuming your kids were just playing, I guess I wouldn't overthink it. I could see my kids wandering around with a new phone trying out the features. I think it would have been entirely appropriate to tell him he should never record someone or take their photo without their permission. We have had to say this over and over at our teen co-op. I wouldn't think this is creepy unless you thought an adult was behind it.
  11. This is kind of an aside. But I live in an urban neighborhood in a city in the heart of a 3.25 million person metro. Our neighborhood is single family historic homes on smallish lots (but big enough for swing sets, tree houses, raised bed gardens, we have a 3 car garage), old style alleys, sidewalks. Lots of parks. And I just think the assessment that an introvert would prefer urban vs rural living to be not necessarily accurate. I know plenty of happy introverted urban dwellers who would never have interest in living out in the middle of no where. There may be streets, or housing setu
  12. Cobra Kai! If you watched Karate Kid 100+ times during the 80's like me, this is for you. Away (had some mixed feelings but it was compelling enough to keep watching) Great British Baking's new season will start next Friday the 25th, can't wait I will also be streaming the new season of Call the Midwife soon. I enjoyed Ozark over the summer but I could only do one episode of that at a time because it's so intense and dark. Funnier stuff I've enjoyed to varying degrees - The Office, Parks and Rec, Shitt's Creek, Arrested Development, Kim's Convenience, the Guild,
  13. The thing is if you have engaged kids and it's prompting good conversations, it's probably more rigorous than you think. Really, the average kid in the US does not get 2 hours of engaging out loud reading and chat with an adult EVER. Mix up the books as you feel up to it. Keep the conversations going. Have a book and resource rich environment as you are able. Art supplies, science kits, kitchen chemistry, baking, outdoors physics, kid friendly documentaries, etc etc etc. Your kids are likely to do just fine. Output does not equal rigor. My kids had very warm fuzzy elementary year
  14. I'd have your husband talk directly to him in a friendly but direct way first. And only because I think your husband is likely to get more respect from someone like this. "Hey, just so you know it has scared our family multiple times to have your dog growling on our property or to see someone out the window at night when you are looking for Fido and there's a local leash law. Can you please make sure your dog stays on your property.". Then I'd move to reiterating in writing. Then I'd call animal control if it continues. Some people really are that un-self aware how their actions mi
  15. We hang them over the edge of our huge wash tub which is right next to the machine. That gives them a chance to dry out. We've not had problems with them smelling.
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