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  1. They look fantastic for 28 weekers! What beautiful babies! Congratulations. I hope they grow grow grow and everything goes smoothly. ❤️
  2. I am far too weary right now to respond adequately to this situation. I think this is a simplistic view of the situation. There is deep history with regards to Minneapolis PD. The protests and riots have also been infiltrated by small organized band(s) of some sort of domestic terrorists. I don't think that is uncommon during demonstrations and riots but this seems extremely organized and targeted. And I get that is is multi facted. Note that demonstrations are happening across the country at this point. I do think the fact that covid is hitting our POC harder is not great either. But again, there are systemic system issues with racism that are part of that. I think that is the rage and the frustration that is bubbling. To say people would be less angry and frustrated if they could just go back to work or get their hair done is really anger inducing. Google Bob Krall if you're interested in Minneapolis PD history. He is Minneapolis PD federation president. Don't get me wrong. Frustration over the covid situation is not helping. But again, weak national response has put us in a worse position than we might otherwise be. I know many protesters were masked and trying to keep distances intact and local BLM leaders were encouraging that.
  3. We live on the cusp of the action. Not super far from lake. Regularly use businesses there. It is so sad. Stay safe Minnesota. 💕
  4. I am local as well and I'm seeing a lot of this on my feed. Out of town opportunists have come to take advantage of the situation. There are a number of services that will interrupted for people living in poverty in the area. And anyone who has been living the last 2 months, know that groceries, etc have been hard to come by anyway. Minnesota covid cases are still peaking. Minneapolis PD has a terrible track record with regards to racism. Absolutely agree it's a systemic issue. I am glad the arrested this officer. This story just came across my feed which maybe helps explain why they chose these charges given the autopsy report. They need something that can stick in court. They can add later too if more evidence comes out
  5. I don't disagree. Parents taking on debt for college is a bad idea themselves in many cases as well. As well as mindlessly cosigning for astronomical numbers. We aren't taking on debt helping my kid go to college at all. But some students literally couldn't get through their cheapest options without some parental assistance while sticking to federal loan debt ceilings. Certainly, not every student needs to go to college. Families need to balance these things based on their own goals and values. I wouldn't commit to 20+ years of regular financial obligation without full understanding of how that would affect your own future budget and limitations. Especially without digging for programs an aging senior might qualify for. This decision isn't a no brainer for every family. It took many years of planning to be able to be in the position to help 2 kids with college.
  6. She will likely have to submit every high school transcript. Unless all her high school credits will show up on her current school's transcript. She might ask her school counselor to address this in a reference letter. I think she needs to talk to her counselor at her current school to get the best info because different private high schools can handle transfers differently.
  7. Oh, all the pick your own berry places here allow you to eat while picking. I wouldn't worry about that too much. Lettuce here is rinsed well in a colander then soaked for 15-20 minutes. One more rinse through. Then spun with the salad spinner. I worry more about store bought stuff than stuff from our CSA though all gets similar treatment.
  8. That might be an obvious choice for some people but not for others. Setting your kid up for a life time of debt isn't the best idea either. If your kid had an economical path for their goals or was not college bound, that is a different decision. Unfortunately, the system isn't really designed for parents to be hands off during the college process right now for most students. People I know that have said all along that they weren't paying for their kid's college at all were in for a rude awakening in realizing how limited their high schooler's higher education options were unless they were willing to pay some or to co-sign for loans (which I tend to think is an awful idea in most cases).
  9. I agree with this. Both my kid's DE CC experience and his big university experience reflect this. The other thing is different profs can be very exacting and diverse with how their classes operate and how work comes in. It may not be consistent across a campus or even a department. My son was using all sorts of different websites and apps this spring with his classes after the went online, and was using several before he went online. College is a lot of hoop jumping. I also agree CS programs have heavy work loads. You really need to look at them individually. They can vary widely. I just want to be clear, I do think a BA can be fine in CS. I would say that could be a good path for the unsure student who might change majors and has broader interests. I do think in most cases, you will not be eligible for many tech heavy software development jobs with just that undergrad degree. But may be eligible for a wide variety of other types of jobs and well positioned for grad programs. It can be helpful to ask questions with placement. There are some small privates that can well place ambitious students that possibly go above and beyond with the BA with connections. Larger tech hubs can be more competitive for opportunities. But for the companies my husband and I worked and hired for, often flagship engineering programs were the most coveted CS degree undergrad hires. Over many schools with fancier names. That said, if that were the path, I would not choose a school based solely on the CS program. I would choose a school that is a financial fit and seems like it will work a quirkier student overall. I still think the CC path could be really good as a stepping stone if he hasn't done college work to this point. I wouldn't sign on for a college you can make work for 5 years financially with a kid that may change direction or have hiccups in transitioning. Keep in mind academic scholarships are often very strict on sequencing, grades and graduating on time, so that is something to check. If grad school is on the table for this student, keeping his debt low to none is a good consideration too.
  10. Crocs don’t work for me either. I think I am between sizes. we use Nike or adidas slides as indoor shoes in the summer. We have all hard floors too and my street shoes are expensive these work well for me in house or yard
  11. I think it can be helpful to look at ... testing rate - can anyone in your area get tested quickly and easily now? test positivity rate - ideally below 5% but certainly below 10% Hospitalization/ICU numbers and how they are trending How your area is reacting. Are people taking it seriously and isolating themselves if they develop symptoms. Are people masking in indoor public spaces pretty well I still don't think testing is getting ALL cases most places unless they test an entire company or nursing home or something along those lines. Our numbers are still going up. Most importantly, our ICU numbers are at an all time high. We are going to peak later in June according to latest models. So although we do go out to walk/bike and do curbside pick up, we are probably going to watch and wait a bit.
  12. This sounds delicious BTW! Lucky you!
  13. I will say having a little electronic kitchen scale has made doing British, etc recipes much easier. Might be worth the investment? I actually think that way of measuring is probably more precise.
  14. Well you really need to sit down and see where you are at for emergency funds and retirement, college for kid(s) (assuming since you're on this board). Intending on earning a bunch is great. But like we're learning this year, you can't always control the economy and earning potential. And I learned from my father, you can't always control when you're going to retire. My dad was forced to retire in his 50's due to health issues. You aren't doing yourself or your own kids any favors if you aren't planning for your own future. I would walk down every road toward services possible with your mom and it's great if she can find something she enjoys part time that might fulfill some social needs too. If you don't have a solid planned budget with savings in place, it may be helpful for you to sit down with a financial advisor. We did that 4-5 years before our oldest went to college and it was extremely helpful for planning. We paid someone as a consultant, but control our own portfolio based on recommendations.
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