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  1. Are you in Minnesota? Just curious - I've only heard PSEO in reference to Minnesota. I have a 12th grader in his 2nd year of PSEO classes as background. You really need to look at where they want to matriculate to. My senior applied to 11 colleges and they all have different policies about credit transfer. The U of MN is very PSEO credit friendly whether you go there for PSEO or not. I *think* UW Madison has potential to be somewhat PSEO friendly too. And I suspect the Minnesota state college systems would be friendly too the wisconsin state system is likely worth checking out too. Many private schools are much less friendly. So for PSEO we have intentionally chosen to focus on general eds that can likely be applied as a general ed to any major AND those classes that will fulfill college entry requirements and what I deem as graduation requirements. Schools can be especially fussy about accepting credits for classes relating to a major. So unless your student is really honed in on one area and wanting to finish an AA in a particular area, I wouldn't necesasrly focus on major classes. Things can change a lot in a couple years. We intentionally continued math at home. I really have no idea how much credit he will get when he goes to a 4 year. It really depends where he goes.
  2. He definitely let his frustration about the situation come out at you. A$$hat move for sure, but there's a good chance if he's a decent human he'll feel terrible for many days to come. I find it's good to remind myself other people's lashing out in situations like that is never about me. When my kids and I come across humans acting badly we always joke later that dude probably needed a hug or something. I have to admit my neighbors have probably heard swear words fly at times. Not at them, but at frustrating situations.
  3. FuzzyCatz

    When is it worth it to buy a more expensive house?

    We actually downsized from our previous newer home to be in our current historic neighborhood with the shorter commute and better access to kid activities, walkable urban neighborhood, etc. So I think it's a balancing act. I will say on the brink of sending a senior to college and on the brink of paying off the mortgage, I'm extremely glad we stuck with a very conservative mortgage for our income level. So if moving meant to moving to a new 30 year mortgage where the payments are really at the max you can squeak out every month, I might step back. It might depend how much equity you have in your current home too. We were able to put a substantial down payment into our current home. I also think if you have time on your side, you can be picky about homes and really watch for the price point you want to be at. It's always harder to buy a home under duress.
  4. FuzzyCatz

    First time on Tamiflu...

    My son took tamiflu once and he was still down hard over a week. I feel like it did absolutely nothing for him. And we have had full blown full before so we've endured without tamiflu as well. I do think they recommend if you start you complete your medication. That said he had no side affects at all from it that I could tell.
  5. FuzzyCatz

    Need Recommendations For A New DIshwasher

    We have a Miele with a stainless interior and I love it. For the 3rd rack for silverware alone. It fits so much stuff.
  6. FuzzyCatz

    Ten day flu?? Anyone else?

    Us too! I know the vaccine isn't perfect but none of us has been that sick since we consistently started getting the flu shot (knock on wood).
  7. FuzzyCatz

    Ten day flu?? Anyone else?

    I’ve been down with the real flu for that long. It’s the worst.
  8. FuzzyCatz

    Brag Alert: Grandbaby pictures

    Oh my goodness, what a sweetie! 😍
  9. FuzzyCatz

    Speaking of weddings...

    Well one thing you could do is just say we will be giving you X dollars as a gift to use toward the wedding. And we have Y dollars allotted for a clean up service to take that off your plate. Doing it that way may take stress off of you and you could throw in what you'd be happy to help with in a more hands on way. Especially if the process is looking complicated with the other side's family, etc, pulling yourselves mostly out of the picture may help things go smoother. My parents did that for our wedding. My mom took on one hands on element that was important to her (some of the music). I will definitely do that for our kids too. It's a good exercise for a young couple to budget and compromise together. It's also perfectly acceptable to say "I'm looking forward to your wedding, but I can't be in charge of logistical elements that day so you will need to out source and budget for that somehow."
  10. FuzzyCatz

    Speaking of weddings...

    Well, if they want a free space, I don't think it's unreasonable that they have some budget for clean up or assign that duty to their wedding party/friend circle or to work with the church on clean up and for you to say you are sorry but you just can't take that on. I really think you being there at the end is your call. I've been to many weddings where it's just the youngest folks dancing into the wee hours and most other people clearing out a bit earlier, including parents. Obviously that is your call whether you want to stay or not. I don't think it's unreasonable they throw the party they want. I don't think it's unreasonable for you to leave early if it's going to go very late. I think missing their leaving the venue is only a big deal if you think it is. Oh - I just read about the church circumstances. I think assigning someone to oversee cleaning that isn't a parent is what they need to do. Or they can budget for it. For a free venue, I don't think that is unreasonable.
  11. FuzzyCatz

    Speaking of weddings...

    Does the couple have friends that can help with clean up? Ask the wedding party perhaps? Is there room in the budget to hire someone? Even if you get to leave, I would not enjoy having that obligation over my head after a very long day.
  12. FuzzyCatz

    Speaking of weddings...

    It makes a lot of sense if you have some health issues in the mix that the stress and the build up would hit you harder. Can you just give the couple a heads up you may be slipping in and out as you feel up to it? Is there a quiet corner at the venue that could be procured? Or is it in or near a hotel where you could have a room? It's nice you mostly just have to show up. I think it's totally fine to set priorities and boundaries for the day and slip out early if they're planning a late night of dancing. Are there ways you can imagine the day going where you would enjoy it? Embrace the things you are excited about and try and let go of any sense of obligation.
  13. FuzzyCatz

    I need new meat meals

    Yes, you can cook your meat and chop and sub it anywhere you might use ground beef or chicken. Marinating and making fajitas is a good idea. I made bone broth and french onion soup with my prime rib bone after the holidays. I also made chili with my last bits of prime rib.
  14. FuzzyCatz

    Speaking of weddings...

    How much work are you doing? Is this just socializing or are you cooking, baking, cleaning, setting up, decorating, sewing, etc I do think it's unusual to need to spend DAYS in bed after a big event. And I'd follow up if that is a regular thing. I could see an introvert preferring a few quiet days at home after a big event. I don't think literally wanting to isolate yourself in bed and needing that much rest is normal. That could be a sign of anything from thyroid issues to extreme anxiety. Are there other strange family relationships or dynamics at play? My parents had a great time at my wedding. They weren't really in charge of anything - it was mostly just a social event for them. But probably relished a little down time after the event and the relatives cleared town.
  15. FuzzyCatz

    I think I am convinced to build

    I will say it's possible to take out a mortgage and pay it off much faster. We had a 30 year mortgage we are paying off within the next couple months at about the 15 year point. We got the lower interest rate and it gave us a little flexibility in the event of leaner times. My husband's industry can be a little volatile at times but we've been lucky throughout. Like someone else said, just make sure you're not signing up for something that docks you for paying ahead of schedule.
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