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  1. Has anyone on this board used the Singapore Science Curriculum? Thoughts on it? Could it be something that a 1st grader could follow along with a 4th grader or would I need to do each one in their separate "levels"? I've currently been eyeing either Apologia or Dr. Dave's so we could just go by interest but someone I know threw Singapore out as another option. We use Singapore for our Math and are very happy with it.
  2. Praying for you! I had one this past March. Make sure to take it slow like they say and don't allow yourself to over do it!
  3. Big (((Hugs)))! I had one 6 yrs ago and my "sweet" husband keptp throwing popcorn at me while I was drinking the prep drink. 🙄 The procedure itself was great because you get to sleep through it all. Martin Short says in his Autobiography that he, Steve Martin and a couple of other "colleges" now get together each year and have their colonoscopies on the same day so they can do the prep together and play poker. 😆
  4. Good to hear! Hashi's is my diagnosis as well and I run low in the past on Vit D, Ferritin, B12s, in such. Sounds like you are on a good "digging deeper" path. If you haven't already read it yet I Highly recommend Dr. Izabella Wentz's books and blog/website for anyone with Hashi's. And for the record I had get heart episodes periodically even when my labs are more normal to hypo range. Although not anything like when I swung super hyper earlier this year and had to tit-rate my dose down twice.
  5. Okay, I'm new and I don't have the time to read everyone's responses but feel lead to share a bit of my personal history. I've seen the updated lab results and while Anemia seems to be a certain thing I don't believe you should rule that as the root cause just yet. Has she seen a Cardiologist? Did they run a FULL Thyroid panel? A bit of where I'm coming from...I am now 35 yrs old and my health history is complicated to say the least. Growing up I only saw Chiropractor from ages 18 months to age 23. I had several things that popped up in my pre-teens/teens that mostly were ignored. Such as, constant fatigue, running unexplained fevers for weeks on end, heart palpitations, a goiter. At 17 my chiro ran blood work that showed my Thyroid levels in the Hypo range but after a few "adjustments" and no one else said anything. I also tried to explain to him once how my heart did these weird things and I was laughed off saying "your too young to have heart issues". Fast forward past alot of things and after my first born son turned 1 I finally got a MD to listen and was not only Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Thyroid condition but they also ordered an Echo-cardiogram due to this new Dr. picking up a faint heart murmur. I was quickly called back with the news that I had a couple of major heart defects. I had Open Heart Surgery a few months later to repair some of the problems. Now eight plus years later and learning alot about my body and thyroid health I know how much my thyroid levels can effect my heart health as well as how my autoimmune issues effect other areas such as anemia, low Vit D levels, B12 issues, nerve issues. Keep asking questions like you are and don't ignore anything. The little stuff does matter and I've had multiple medical personal try to brush me off and I've had to learn to keep pushing when I need to and that includes firing some on my medical team and finding those who will take the time to fully listen to me and take the time to needed to help me stay as heathly as possible.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! I feel like I've an idea now on what I'll do for the time being after our holiday travels are over. 🙂
  7. I am wondering if anyone has used Beast Academy online only as a supplement to another core curriculum? In our case it would be along side Singapore Standards. Thanks, Sarah
  8. We don't have a particular subject at this time although I'm up to talking it over with DS1 and seeing if he has some impute on the subject. I would probably lean more towards projects and good Literature over workbooks. My boys don't do well with busy seat work and both school aged boys hate to write.
  9. I would say I'm not strongly looking for Christian based but would lean towards Christian based to a degree if it's a good science text. We are a Christian faith family but we also can handle the discussions that come from other points of view. I just can't stand when evolution/big bag theory is taught as a fact and not as the theory it really is. My boys LOVE the Kratt Brother's show Wild Kratts and have learned more from watching them than anything the Connections Academy Science tried to teach them these last couple of months. I'm really open to any jumping off point. With the younger two I feel like they don't need anything more "formal" but with the 4th grader I feel like I need to make it a formal subject and he also LOVES science. He did BJU Science at our school for 3rd grade and the portion of 4th grade that he attended.
  10. Good afternoon. Our family has had a few changes this school year and we are moving back into a 100% homeschooling environment. We started the year at our, then local, Christian Private School, where they were using Abeka and BJU for different subjects/grades. My oldest son is in 4th grade, 2nd son is in 1st grade and my youngest son was in Pre-K (he's 4.5 yrs old). When we moved down into the major city closest to us we decided to try Connections Academy (Oklahoma) because it was free and so maybe I wouldn't have as much planning on my hands during the move and selling of our old house. After giving it a 2 month try we realized all the things we were trying to "grin and bare" where not worth it and so we are making that final transition back to home-schooling. I have already home-schooled DS1 for 2nd grade and I know most of the curriculum I'd like to use with the boys. Math - Singapore & adding Beast Academy for ODS, L.A - MCT, Spelling Work out for DS1 & DS2. What I am searching for is a Science Curriculum for DS1 in 4th Grade that the younger boys can "do" along with him and glean what-ever they can from it without having their "own" science courses. I have had a suggestions to look at the science options from Royal Fireworks Press but I'd love some more suggestions or impute on other choices available. Thanks, Sarah
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