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  1. @lewelma I believe I was reading one of your posts that you had put together with science questions you had answered. Or am I thinking wrong?
  2. I'll have to check this out! My oldest has started playing this past winter (11 yrs old) & is constantly begging us or anyone to play against him. He needs to build skill up but already decently good.
  3. My husband & oldest son (11 yrs) really enjoyed listening to "Open Heart" by Steven Westaby. However, it does have some crass language at times, very detailed descriptions of surgeries & not all patients make it past a few days after surgery. That being said, it is a surprisingly captivating book. I am an Adult living with Congenital Heart Defects & I had Open Heart surgery 10 yrs ago so I found some parts REALLY hard to listen. 😳
  4. I do! I got the Rad City 3/step thru for Christmas & LOVE it! We live on the edge of a smaller town right by our lake/city park. I love it & can't wait to get a couple of baskets for carrying items.
  5. Hi all! I was reading through several hive comments/threads back in the deep part of winter and decided I want to use Ellen McHenry's curricula with my boys over the next couple of years. I do plan to start with Element's for this fall semester but can't decide what order to go through the rest after. My boys will be 7th, 4th & 1st (12, 9 & 7) this coming school year. I seem to recall a particuar hive mom from New Zealand that had a great comment with a good order to study the sciences but I cannot find it again!
  6. I have found Mrs. Barnett's website & emails very helpful in deciding which way to transition out of SM Primary this coming year for my oldest. Hope this helps! https://www.singaporemathlive.com/aftersingaporemath.html
  7. So after studying more on the Omnibus and reading through the comments here on WTMA it sounds like Omnibus is not a good fit for our family. I'm still trying very hard to decide between using our MOH Volume 1 next year or stay with VP SP courses (OT & Ancients). I see things about each I like. I would probably just use our MOH but my boys absolutely LOVE the VP SP courses they are doing this year. I've considered just getting 1 account for it this year and doing it together. We have a large projector/screen set up for our "tv/movie" and can even use that to do our course on next year. I will have 7th, 4th & 1st grades this year and they are all boys. I'm really looking to have all 3 in history and science together next year.
  8. My older two boys (8 & 11) have LOVED doing Veritas Press online Self Paved courses this year. To the point I'm loathed to consider switching but it is pricey. They both did 1815 to Present for History & Genesis to Joshua for Bible.
  9. This is my first year planning for a 7th grader. πŸ™‚ I have all boys and they are each so fun and unique. After realizing this year that with my own personal health struggles I need more outside help we started using WTMA and Veritas Press SP courses. I have been super happy with both sources and then added on SingaporeMathLive as another source to help me out. Next year I'm considering dropping VP and doing MoH. I want all 3 boys to study the ancient times together and also plan to do science course together. So far I have for my oldest... Math: HighSchoolMathLive course, Probably Pre-Algebra. I have him taking placement tests today but judging from where he is in SM Primary and how confident he is in Math I think Pre-Algebra may be our fit. If not he'll do their Pre-Pre-Algebra course. Grammar/LA: WTMA he is enrolled for Expository Writing and then Grammar 2 in the Spring. He loves to read so we will keep up with interest lead books. History: Ancient Times with brothers Science: Elements with Ellen McHenry for at least 1st semester (also with younger brothers) Spelling: He's finishing Spelling WorkOut G this year! πŸ™‚ Extra Curriculars: Soccer (been in soccer since 1st gradeπŸ₯°) I'd like to have him add in an instrument or a language soon. I was a private music teacher for a decade before having my own littles (and medical stuff) so I could teach him piano, violin, mandolin or guitar but so far he hasn't shown much interest. I might just make this year a year of piano since it's such a great base and see if he wants to change to a different instrument in 8th grade. I'd love to have him join our local jr/high school band as I know the leader and he's an awesome musician but I don't know about dealing with all the "red tape" to get the school to allow him too.
  10. I also only used the T.E. of MCT except for the Practice Island book.
  11. My oldest is finishing Prep for Ex. Writing this semester and I'm looking at the teachers for Exp. Writing 1 for the next year. Ms. Otto is his Grammar teacher for this semester and we like her alot but she isn't teaching Exp. Writing 1. His current Prep of Exp. Writing is Mrs. Scott and we like her too but she is also not listed for teaching Exp. Writing 1. Does anyone here have experience with the other teachers for that class, Ms. Samuelson, Ms. Strickler or Ms. Bouse?
  12. My middle son is 3rd grade this year & we are working through summer to get him 4th grade ready for fall but my youngest is in K/1st this year. The younger two haven't loved Singapore but I can't tell if its just not a right fit for those early years for us or if its them being different. My older DS did K, 1st & 3rd at a private school so whe didn't do the early levels of Singapore.
  13. I did not realize this! I'll have to look further into. I thought about having all 3 boys do the SP History course & just have older DS do a little extra assignments from me.
  14. I am working on our curriculum choices for the coming school year & I am feeling uncertain on where to go with History. I will have a 7th grader (12 yrs old this summer), 4th grader (a bit delayed in reading/spelling but we are making lots of headway with our change to LoE) & my youngest is 1st/2nd grade. All are boys. 😊 I want all to start back at Ancient times as we have already studied Middle Ages & Modern Times. My oldest 2 have been doing & loving V.P. S.P. History & Bible this year. I have been considering moving older DS to their Omnibus Course & having the younger 2 do the SP History for Old Test/Ancient Egypt but I don't feel "sold" on Omnibus as being right for ODS. I have considered switching to either Mystery of History or SOTW. But my boys LOVE anything online, especially with videos & games. I also like the idea of having at least 1 subject we can all do together. Anyone on here have experience with Omnibus? Pros/Cons? Should I consider the other two curriculum choices instead & let go the computer aspect of VP SP? My boys all hate physically writing stuff. We do it but I also don't want to force lots of writing in other subjects. I already scribe half of math for the younger boys because it's what they hate the most about schoolwork.
  15. My middle DS is having some frustrations with Singapore Primary (DS 1 did just fine with it) and I'm wondering if for the rest of this year & maybe next we should try something else. He doesn't like righting down the problems & doesn't like to do lots of problems but does them usually fine. He's in 2B now. Wondering if this might be a good curriculum to look at for that short term change up.
  16. Hi all! I have my first budding Logic stage kiddo & two more to follow in the future. We have been using Singapore Primary since the oldest was in 4th grade but we started in the middle of that school yr & I believe we started in 3B (may have even been 3A). He is now (6th grade yr) half way through 5A (a bit behind our schedule) but we have now planned what he needs to do each week to finish all level 5 by the end of May. I am trying to decide if I should have him move to Pre-Algrebra in the fall (7th grade) or if he should do level 6 in 7th grade & Pre-Algrebra in 8th. It seems to be whether 1. He's ready or not & 2. Do I want him to do Calculus 1 in HS or not. According to Brenda Barnett from Singapore Math Live he should be ready for Pre-A after SM P Level 5. https://www.singaporemathlive.com/after-singapore-mathreg-curriculum.html Has anyone had experience with this transition before? What reasons would we want to do Calculus in HS? Currently he wants to be a Police Office or Fire Fighter (both Grandfathers were Firefighters). However I know those "plans" will probably change (although he is my Mr. Steady boy).
  17. We have been talking and considering placing them back in a local private school in the Fall and he wants to still be able to integrate into their 4th grade class if we do that. However, after meeting with the school last week and talking with them I'm less inclinded to place my kids there and just to continue our home education. For what it's worth I'm a 2nd generation "homeschooler" and so is my husband. Adding that to say it seems more "normal" for us to continue to home educated that to find a school system for them to attend. However, I personally have health struggles and have wondered if it might be "better" for my health to no longer have the bulk of teaching 3 boys in 3 grades on my plate. So, for some reason I am unable to see your signature information but interestly I did just pick up the 4th ED of Spalding's "Writing Road to Reading" while I was at my local homeschool curriculum resale shop. I was there for a couple of hrs looking through several phononics/l.a. curriculum choices and that one caught my attention as something that I wanted to study further. I spent a good bit of last weekend reading the first part of it. Then I can across Logic of English and what has drawn me to it is the abiltiy to do the online lessons and basically "outsource" that subject for both my younger boys. He may be. Although I haven't noticed any glaring moments with me. He really struggles with changes to rules. So if he is learning to read or spelling a word that "breaks" the initial "rule" he learn he basically gets mad and says "that's stupid" or "it breaks the rule so it can't be right". Which is why I'm liking how WRW and LoE teach alll the possible "sounds" a phonogram can make from the beginning. I myself struggle with Dyslexia and learning to read when I was younger was hard. Even as an adult I can switch words around in my verbal sentences like telling my husband "we are going to Christmas for Aunt Sam's". After my last surgery that involved being "put under" I relapsed into spelling some basic words backwards and some of my letters.
  18. It has been a long while since I've asked for some guidance with my middle son. He is currently supposed to be in "3rd grade". Aftering attending our local christian school for Kindergarten he was brought home along with his older brother and we started to homeschool. During his "1st grade" yr at home we had several struggles and after reaching out on this forum I took him to a Developmental Optomitrist in our area. He did have convergense and eye teaming issues. We set aside alot of his phonics/reading work during that time and focused on doing the therapy sessions with our eye dr. Last yr during his 2nd grade yr we finished up AAR 1 and Spelling w/o A along with SM Standards 1a/1b. This yr he has started and gone through 1/3 of AAR 2 which has seemed tedious to us. He has finished up SM 2a. However, slightly into Spelling w/o B I have noticed he is really struggling with spelling and having meltdowns over it. He also does VP SP Bible and History but does need help reading the questions. He is smart and can usually guess most words correctly if he knows context but if you pulled the words out and put them on a flash card he still struggles. I am trying to figure out what to do with him on phonics/reading/spelling. He also wants to be "caught up" enought to be in 4th grade in the fall. I have been looking at having him do the LoE Essentials courses online. What other "holes" do we need to fill in order for him to track into 4th grade?
  19. Happy Tuesday all! I've tried a few searches and scanning through the social boards list and haven't found anything so I thought I would ask here. I'm looking for fellow homeschooling parents that are also living with chronis illnesses to possibly chat, commiserate and uplift along our journeys. I myself am an Adult living with Congential Heart Defects as well as an Autoimmune Disease. I may be facing another Open Heart Surgery down the road not to mention the daily ups and downs of energy issues, significant body pains and brain fog. I have three boys ages 11 yrs (6th Grade), 8 yrs (3rd Grade) and 6 yrs (Kindergartern). If there isn't a current group or board woud anyone be interested in starting one? πŸ™‚
  20. He has always grasped Math well. He has also done some playing around with Beast Academy Online but we kept SM as our official curriculum. We haven't been doing the extra Word Problem book this last year. But I can add that back in.
  21. Hi all! My oldest is starting into 6th grade this year. I am trying to plan out not so much this year but how that will transfer down the road to where we want to end up in high school. Currently he is working in SM Standards Edition 5A. We may be a little behind due to our tranisition from a private school in 4th grade to a short 6 wks in the "public school online" world to me pulling him back into purely "homeschooled". πŸ™‚ I have been working towards finishing 6A with him by the end of sixth grade. I know I would like to transition him to AOPS Pre-Algebra down the road. What I haven't figured out is if there is something I need to do with him between finishing SM 6B and starting AOPS Pre-Algebra. I also plan to have him take that through WTMA online. Has anyone on here done this transition before? Any thing I should be including? If not can I have him do 5A/5B for 6th grade, 6A/6B for 7th and then Pre-Algebra for 8th or is that putting him behind? Thanks!
  22. So if I have curriculum questions to ask on the WTMF Board when do I submit those onto the "Middle School" board?
  23. I feel embarrassed to be asking this, however I don't know what 6th grade is "classified" as. Our local school has the 6th grade in with 7th & 8th "Junior High" building but several of the curriculums I use has 6th grade as Elementary. It doesn't really affect my choices for my son. I'm just a confused & curious second generation homeschooling Mom. 😁
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