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  1. NYU will be doing some type of refund, but no details yet.
  2. Just saw this thread and thought I would chime in! My daughter is at NYU and it's been going amazingly well! We were all a bit worried about the adjustment from homeschool to a huge school in a new city (particularly since some of her reasons for homeschooling were anxiety and depression), but it has completely exceeded all of our expectations. We just went up for a night to celebrate her birthday with her (and since she's in NYC that included a nice Italian dinner, a Broadway show and a celebrity sighting 🙂) and she looked very happy. It was great to see her having such a successful star
  3. Or most likely it will be specifically for an Art History credit. Depending on the school, Art History may be in the same department as Fine Art, or they may be completely different departments (or even in different schools).
  4. I did include outside homeschool provider transcripts for the fall semester with my daughter's mid-year transcript because they made some very nice comments about her there and I thought it would strengthen her application. Without those comments I wouldn't have added them to her package. I did not upload any outside providers with her initial transcript, or include them with her final transcript. And yes, I also simplified her transcript and eliminated plusses and minuses for all the reasons stated above. You are in charge of your child's transcript and can tailor it so that it works for
  5. Yes that would have been good to know! But luckily it took just 3 days for the scores to show up - and she got a 4 in Literature and (yay!) a 5 in Art History. That AH result is terrific because she self-studied for it, and also because she's planning to major in Art History and that result exempts her from the intro AH classes. I'm very proud of her!
  6. Yep that would have helped lol! Hopefully others have avoided this issue. At least we don't need to wait too much longer to get the rest of her results :). Honestly, I care more than she does - she's totally moved on.
  7. I just got off the phone with the college board. In her case it does seem that the problem was that she was given two different AP numbers/stickers and they need to manually merge the accounts. I'm not sure how we could have avoided this since the AP student info came directly from the schools she was testing at (and for us it's moot since she will be in college next year), but for those of you who have students taking AP test at multiple locations this is something to watch out for. Hopefully a more experienced parent has information about how that issue can be avoided. According to the
  8. I will second Khan Academy's Art History class! It's excellent and very comprehensive - and free! My daughter enjoyed working her way through it.
  9. Has anyone's child ever logged in for their AP scores, and found some of them missing? My daughter the results from her AP Environmental Science test today (5 🙂!) but not AP Lit or AP Art History. She did take the Environmental Science test at a different location than the other 2 tests. I'm starting the process of contacting the College Board, but would love to hear how that went for other students, and if it took a long time to get those results. Frustrating! You wait so long to hear the results, and then to have only 1/3 is really annoying.
  10. Last one tomorrow - AP Art History. Last week she did Environmental Science and Lit and she felt that they went very well. Art History is the only she self-studied for, and she's not feeling particularly well prepared for it. I hope that it's easier than she's expecting. I'll be so glad when she's done with it! She's been working hard to be done with ALL of her classes tomorrow once her AP test is done - so far 4 down and 2 to go! And then High School is complete 🙂
  11. Quick update - DD was offered a spot off of the waitlist at Vassar! I wish that they gave us a bit more time to consider it (she has until Wednesday to decide, so a bit more than 48 hours), but I'm glad that they rectified their initial oversight of not admitting her (just a joke, but I was a bit surprised she wasn't admitted in the first place). FYI she did not write a letter or anything, just filled out their form for the waitlist. She's 90% sure that she's going to stick with NYU for all the reasons I outlined above, but it still counts as a "win" and an acceptance for her 🙂
  12. Despite the fact that I was there with her when she submitted her deposit (and she used my credit card of course!), I still made my daughter recheck her college portal yesterday to look again at that little green check mark showing that she had actually enrolled! So yes, I totally get the fear that we've missed something along the way!
  13. If you PM me I'd be happy to send mine along to you. It was pretty much the most difficult "assignment" I had during this process! Good luck!
  14. Yes I'm guessing that it has to do with getting the tests done before lunch! My daughter had time and a half accommodations due to her epilepsy meds slowing her processing speed. When she did the ACT that meant that she was there until 2:30 or 3pm - she was utterly miserable by then!
  15. Good luck to all of you! I thought we would be doing a few visits ourselves, but after seeing NYU again last Friday my DD's mind was completely made up! I'm kind of sorry we aren't going to see any of the other schools again, but she's not - she absolutely hates these events! She even has her list of dorms sorted out. It feels so good to be on the other side of the decisions and I hope you all get there soon :)!
  16. It's exhausting isn't it. My youngest daughter completely hated the whole college visit process! But it's very clarifying and can save you a lot of time in the long run. With one of my older kids we visited a college like seemed that way to us (I will name it - it was UC Boulder). The campus was gorgeous, but the entire tour was focused on their facilities and their social scene and not academics. We didn't consider it a complete waste of time because she just crossed it right off of her list. But it did make it clear that not every school has the same priorities we do.
  17. My DD visited NYU yesterday for admitted students day, and committed this morning! So NYU it is! She's so excited and so are we. Why NYU? New York location (been a dream of hers for a very long time), excellent opportunities for study abroad, and since she's interested in a career in museum conservation it is a great location for internships. NYU also has one of the premier graduate programs in object conservation in the world, so she can get connected to that department now. She also loves the all-around exciting feel of the school - it literally buzzes with energy. Probable major - som
  18. Yes they did! I've seen the results on reddit
  19. No from Dartmouth for my DD - not unexpected but still upsetting. She feels like she did not do as well with her reaches as she wanted (1 acceptance, 3 waitlists and 2 rejections) and she's struggling with that a bit. I think that the fact that she had a very "unusual" junior year is probably the difference between acceptance and waitlist for the LACs - we switched to homeschooling in the fall of her junior year because she was struggling with anxiety and depression, and that meant that her junior year classes lacked the rigor of all her other years of HS. While her senior year has been v
  20. DD accepted to NYU Liberal Core Studies program! So excited for her - NYU was the first school she fell in love with!
  21. Praise the Lord a "yes" from NYU! This was the first school she fell in love with, and we'll see how she feels when she visits in a few weeks! It's for the Liberal Studies Program, which threw her for a bit of a loop, but it looks like a good fit for her and I'm super excited. We're braced for a "no" from Dartmouth in an hour, but still have a tiny bit of hope. But so happy for her that she got into one of her reach schools! Given where she was a year ago what she's been able to accomplish this year is really a miracle.
  22. Warning: total selfish thought! Since he can't pick both Vassar or Hamilton that ups DD's chances for getting off the waitlist at one of them :). But seriously such great choices and I wish you both luck! Actually based on the common data set for the past 2 years, Vassar seems to take quite a few students off of their waitlist so I have a tiny bit of hope there. And I'll be curious to see how the increased number of applications affects the yield at Hamilton - i.e. how many were serious and how many applied because Hamilton has no required supplement. In the meantime she's going to d
  23. DD waitlisted at Vassar. She's so far 0/4 for the schools she really wanted (3 waitlists, 1 rejections). She's just so sad. Once she recovers a bit I'm going to recommend she stay on the waitlist for both Hamilton and Vassar and send them letters. Both have accepted students off of the waitlist in previous years and I think she has a shot if she wants it. Please all cross fingers and toes for NYU on Thursday. Then at least we could end this brutal week on a high note. (you could put in a prayer for Dartmouth also, but we don't really expect anything there)
  24. I agree, that might inflate them a bit. But I don't think by too much since the same message said that 85% of admitted students submitted test scores. Since Wesleyan seems to be about 50/50 between SAT and ACT, I don't think that the stats of 7-8% of the freshman will bring that down by a whole lot! They also said that 93% of admitted student had studied math through calculus, and that 85% had studied 4 years of the same foreign language. I think it's particularly important for homeschooling families to keep abreast of these things. Based on my oldest daughter's experience I don't think t
  25. Yes this! My DD also has the stats and the drive to do well at these schools (which is why I think we're generally seeing WLs not rejections), and I'm not saying that she shouldn't have applied to any of them, but I think she should have picked a couple of favorites and then concentrate on schools with acceptance rates over 30%!
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