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  1. "No" from Barnard, which is what we expected.
  2. We have one tomorrow (Barnard), and one on Saturday (Wesleyan). Both long shots! Then Tuesday is Vassar which is ever so slightly more possible because they admit a larger percentage. And final two on the 28th. She is really questioning why she chose to apply to so many selective schools!
  3. She's my #4 (and baby) and the only one of my kids who cared at all about the prestige of a school - she also has the highest SATs/GPA of any of my kids, and maybe those two things are correlated, I don't know. She puts so much pressure on herself that she had an anxiety meltdown in 10th grade at her public magnet HS where she was on an IB track, which is how we ended up homeschooling her - which was best decision we ever made! She is incredibly self-motivated and disciplined and has thrived with the independence and freedom of homeschooling. Part of me thinks that she would do better at a school like Clark where she would be one of the stronger students and could stand out. She almost certainly wants to go on to graduate school, so that might be an excellent platform for her. But we will weigh all of her options once we know what they are!
  4. Yes, no matter what happens from here on out she will be absolutely fine, which is what I keep telling her! It would just be nice for her confidence (and an ego boost) if she had a few other options as well. She's had a challenging time in high school (depression, anxiety, etc.), and has come so far in the last year that I would love to see her get another win. But I am extremely excited for her future no matter what - and I know she'll get there eventually as well!
  5. Yes she is accepted to Fordham, Franklin & Marshall, Clark, Lawrence and Pitt. She really likes Clark a lot (and her best friend just got accepted there today!), and I think once she visits F&M she may be pretty enthusiastic about that as well. But she liked Hamilton even better, so she’s disappointed. Her current favorite is Vassar though so 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  6. So, so happy for you!!! Daughter was waitlisted at Hamilton :(. She accepted the WL but now she's sure she's not getting in anywhere else (waiting on Barnard, Vassar, Wesleyan, NYU and Dartmouth). Such an emotional roller coaster!
  7. Sending lots of good vibes your way!!
  8. Oh yeah I know that lol. But a girl can wish! It's the lack of transparency in the process that I think makes everyone crazy. You know you need to "measure up" in some way, but it's all so mysterious. So you get sucked into playing these games. I'll be so so glad to be done with it, and I hope that there is some transformation of this process in the near future.
  9. I honestly wish that colleges would get rid of ED. If they want to have an EA option, that's great (we used it to great advantage this year which has allowed for things to be a bit more relaxed as we await decisions). But as far as I can tell, ED works almost totally to the college's advantage. To dangle a better admission rate to a selective school, and encourage a 17 or 18 year old to "fall in love" with a school and commit to it before knowing anything else about other admissions or financial aid is (in my opinion) a particularly maddening part of the admissions process. I'm so glad that after this my family will be done with college admissions. I thought things were bad in 2010 when my oldest was applying, and they have just gotten worse each year.
  10. Franklin & Marshall was a yes! Now she can visit and see if she likes it there (and less than 2 hours from home which makes me happy!) 6 more to go . . .
  11. Yes, Franklin & Marshall @ 7pm. She only applied because I liked it, and there was no application fee for apps before Dec 1 - goosing their numbers I'm sure! We never did a visit so there's no "demonstrated interest," so even though it's a target as far as her stats go I'm not overly hopeful. I actually think she would like it if she gets in and visits so we'll see! Good luck! fingers crossed for you!
  12. My daughter worked her way through Pre-Calc last year without too many bumps. I remember one or two chapters giving her some issues - any time she had an issue she would use Khan Academy, and they would explain the same thing in a different way and it usually broke the logjam for her. She's halfway through MUS Calculus right now (for various reasons she started Pre-Calc in the middle of last year so she didn't totally finish it up until October), and she's had a bit more trouble with it. But with my husband's help the few times that she's had issues ultimately she's been able to figure it out. Any textbooks that basically allow my smart but not-mathy daughter teach herself Pre-Calc and Calculus work for me!
  13. Sending hugs your way - this may be us next week (next decision that we know of is Franklin & Marshall on Monday evening). Based on what I'm reading it's been a very very brutal admissions year.
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