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  1. Thank you all for the advice. I have been printing grade sheets, final exams and work samples in each subject for the state reviews. Had not thought about the syllabus so thank you for pointing that out. I guess I will worry about other things for now :-) Regards.
  2. Hello. I am trying to get an idea of how much work everyone prints and saves from High school online classes. We have been doing state portfolio reviews twice a year so I have Grade sheets, one or two of the best assignments or essays and any final exams printed and saved for the portfolio usually. Do we need more for college? I will have the transcript and course descriptions but could we get asked for actual work samples and if so, would the above be enough? There is so much to print in the online classes and they are not easily formatted for printing so I just want to avoid unnecessary printing. Thank you for sharing your experience. Warmest regards.
  3. Thank you. I think I will wait till after the grading is done and get it changed. We don't want to be in a situation in the future where because of this inaccuracy, it is thought that DD was in the public school and not homeschooled. And I am concerned about data privacy. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  4. Hi Arcadia. Do we need to make this correction? My DD did the same thing- used the school code because the school insisted that she had to. I even sent a copy of the page with the codes 😞. The school AP coordinator tells me it's not a big deal and I will still get her scores online, just that they will get a copy too. Do you call and making the correction to avoid results going to the testing school? Is it for privacy of data? Many Thanks. Regards.
  5. Hi. We are in the same situation. DD17 enjoyed the class and the lectures because she is interested in the subject. She loved the weekly live lecture format and liked that the teaching was broader than just test prep. Not sure how it will translate in terms of AP score. Will not know much next week. Going by her reaction this week after a different AP test- she takes the non-disclosure clause she signed so seriously, she refuses to discuss any part of it even with me . Will try to remember to post in July. Regards.
  6. Good luck to all the students and to their parents. Hoping we can all finish the year strong. Regards.
  7. Thank you Arcadia. I really should take the time to read that manual :-). I did find a blurred picture in Google images too. Reviewed it with DD. Appreciate your help. Regards.
  8. Posted this in middle school forum by mistake yesterday instead of HS forum. Apologies for the duplicates if you check both forums. Hello. Does anyone know what large block answer sheet looks like. I can't find anything in google images. I understand that the correct answer needs to be marked with an X. An X in the bubble? Over the bubble? Does not matter? Thanks. Ann.  Quote Edit
  9. Hello. Does anyone know what this looks like. I can't find anything in google images. I understand that the correct answer needs to be marked with an X. An X in the bubble? Over the bubble? Does not matter? Thanks. Ann.
  10. Hi. I have absolutely no idea about what level of grammar Sally Barstow teaches because I do not know any French at all. DD does this one all by herself. I will ask her to draft a message once she gets her head out of her AP prep book :-). We have not used the SAT book this year though Sally told us she was planning on that next year (2019-2020) for this class. The website may not have much written because there are seven students in class and she caters a lot to their individual levels. Sally would be a great person to ask. She is very receptive with questions and giving information. Sadly, she did just lose her father last week so she may be busy with family committments right now just when you have to decide on next years classes. Regards.
  11. Do you get the student pack at the first exam site? Does it have extra stickers for the other exams? We have an AP on may 6th and one on May 16th and we did fill some online info this week for the first school so "answer sheets can be labelled" acc to the info provided. I was wondering if I need to contact the second school for the same but maybe we will have stickers for the first one. Is it recommended that we pre-visit the school or is it easy to find the testing location within the school? We know the school location well but have never been inside. Sorry for the first-timer questions. We will be experienced soon. Thanks.
  12. Thank you Yvonne. That link is very helpful. Knowing that we can cancel or erase the score is reassuring though I am hoping we don't have to. Yes we are scheduled for the exam. We did meet the registration deadline, were lucky enough to find that our local school system was welcoming of homeschoolers and we met the Feb deadline for accommodations and got those approved. So now it's just the actual exam she needs to conquer. Regards.
  13. We have had very good luck with Sally Barstow at AIM academy. DD16 is in French 4/5 and has enjoyed class and found homework to be meaningful, well organized and quickly graded. French 4/5 is all students that have graduated French 3 and because there are only a few, the teacher works with them at their levels. It is not an AP class though the teacher is aiming to get them ready for French Subject SAT at some point. The other thing that really helped DD is a French Immersion Saturday school in our area since we are not a french speaking family. Highly recommend something like that for exposure to native speakers and speaking practice. HTH. Ann.
  14. Thank you all for the thoughtful comments. We will likely continue the course for now. And I will remember the comment for Weighted GPA Regards, Ann
  15. Hello. Writing with request for advice about upcoming exam. 10th grade DD has taken online AP classes for APES and APUSH. We have realized due to these exams and a neuro-educational consult that she not a great test taker and may do better in DE classes. She has done well with assignments and experiments but the quiz scores bring her grades down to B. Since she has been studying for the exams and is registered, I am assuming there is no downside to taking the exams. My understanding is that scores don't have to be shared and that an A or B in the class can still be used for her GPA and transcript even if she does not pass the exam. Her outlook about the whole experience and challenge has been quite positive. Many Thanks. Ann
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