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  1. Can anyone recommend a good art history book for high school? We have done art history from time to time through the younger years, but his request for a year of art history for his first year of high school was a bit of a surprise. We used Art in Story Teaching Art History to Elementary School Children as our back bone when he was younger.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good online AP World History course? I tried PA homeschoolers, but we were too late. And has anyone had any experience with auditing an online AP course?
  3. Not to sound stupid, but OSU? I'm interested in their online German, but am I looking for Oklahoma? Oregon?
  4. I just did this over the summer. I normally would not have picked the summer, but there were other considerations that made it necessary. It was the kids and myself, DH joined us the first week to meet friends from England and then he flew out again for Yellowstone. We were up north not down south. I took 7 weeks. We are all up for doing it again, just in a different direction. Staying with friends who didn't mind us using their laundry was a huge help. Do not pack anything that can't go in the dryer. I found packing in chunks to be helpful so we were only getting one carry on size suitcase out at a time generally. Take as few pairs of shoes as possible...we did it with crocs for all, hiking shoes for all, shower shoes for all that could serve as flip flops in a pinch, and one other pair. When I do it again I wouldn't drive more than 4ish hours a day. Not because I got too tired or it was too long, but we would have liked to make a few more wrong turns or gotten distracted an extra time or two. If you have any other specific questions just let me know.
  5. I just popped over here to see if I was missing something great. I went through and made a short list based on titles, but when I looked further most of those were crossed off. The things that are left aren't really worth trying to make a bundle.
  6. 26. The day I realized I was closer to 30 than 20 was not pretty. Then when I hit 39+1 (thank you kids) I forgot how old I am. I have actually had to to ask my children how old I am. It's just a number and I am very much a kid at heart.
  7. I've seen this done a lot of different ways. We had the wedding party and parents, one uncle (because he and my dad came in from out of town together), and the family of the flower girl. That was it. But we were out of town guests for another wedding with no formal participation and were invited, and attended, the rehearsal dinner. I have also had friends who have only done the parents and wedding party - those that had a role in the rehearsal. And I have had friends who invited their whole family - aunts, uncles, siblings, etc. I think you need to include all the people who have to attend the rehearsal and parents of both sides as your minium. After that you need to discuss with the couple what they are thinking, but set a budget and work within it. Maybe you have something less formal to include more people, or maybe the guest list gets cut down to have something more formal.
  8. We should have changed packs. I tried to help. I volunteered as the committee chair. I have tried to help the pack have more fun and make sure the pack was at least following BSA policies on things like the weight of derby cars and promoting by 1 Jun and making sure the paperwork is complete. I keep hearing how the pack does it and why. Over and over. All while having every new idea squashed because we don't need to fix what isn't broken. I know it has only been three months. But today, I was verbally attacked at the Pinewood Derby. I was accused of a lot of things to include poor communication because I use email through Scoutbook and being rude during the committee meeting. There was a lot more, but it isn't worth reliving. I was told things I was suppose to have done because that's the way the pack (the one I'm new to) does it every year. Additionally, my scout's experience has not improved. He is bored at his meetings. He is not having fun. He has not made any friends. The Blue and Gold is next week. There will be complaints because the Cubmaster and I have added a theme with activities. The next meeting is in a month. There will be complaints because the Cubmaster agreed to the schedule I proposed for the remainder of the scout year. The same schedule they didn't want to commit to at the Jan. meeting. I'm not sure if I'm looking for advice or just venting. I was taken completely off guard today and missed the siblings races and awards. Youngest was in those races and won them and middle one won 1st place for his den which I am also angry about.
  9. This is our first year here so we are starting from scratch. I have no local homeschool friends to ask. Can anyone suggest a good way to find an evaluator? Also, are there questions I should make sure to ask? I am sure I will have some, but experience is worth a lot and I have none.
  10. I would do whatever would make me feel happier. more focused, ready for the week/month ahead. In other words, I would do whatever would bring me out better at the end. For me that would not include deep cleaning. It might include getting some school organized and ready. It would probably include getting a few things that had been hanging over my head but are really hard to do with others around done.
  11. New week, new goals (or not) Last week I had two goals...finish the school room which did not happen and my closet which is beautiful. This week I am going to finish the school room even if I have to lock myself in there. I am also going to organize the Mud Room. DH organized it and that just is not working for me. Get back in the habit (at least start the process) of getting up earlier.
  12. That sounds about what happened to me with Stitch Fix. The first box was fantastic. Things I loved. Things I didn't know I needed. The second box was on the mark too with one exception, but I could understand why it was in there. After that it's been down hill.
  13. I set my two goals for the week - my closet and the school room. The school room was more important to me so I started there. I get things down to three piles and a few random things that need to find a home...something happens, someone needs me, and I have yet to make it back. Walking in there is so I am just not motivated. Does this happen to anyone else? I know I will feel better when it is done. But getting myself to do it is not working.
  14. I have tried Stitch Fix a few times, but the last few boxes have been disappointing. In fact, it seems the more boxes I get the further the styles are from what I like. But I love the concept because I don't really like shopping. Can anyone recommend any alternatives? I am specifically in need of someone to send me some great jeans if that matters. But I'd also like some other pants and skirts.
  15. My oldest has been doing grammar forever. We did Grammarland, FLL 3 and 4, Hacke grammar 5 and 6. At this point it feels like we can be done with formal grammar lessons and focus more on writing and vocabulary. We definitely need work on vocabulary. Is there a reason to consider continuing formal grammar at this point? Any thoughts or advice welcome. I don't want to continue it just for the sake of continuing, but if I'm missing something I would also like to know what I'm missing. Thank you!
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