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  1. Manora

    College Essay Resources

    There are many useful tutorials in net, also I can say from my own experience that reading and analyzing samples of other well-written essays is very helpful too because in such way you see and remember how a really good essay should look in general. A habbit for reading good literature is another helpful method because it helps to improve your general writing style (not only for essays but for all texts in general), vocabulary, style and grammar, and all these components are important for well-written essays too. It's necessary to teach your child some basic principles of essay writing, they're mentioned in almost all tutorials I've ever seen 🙂 They consist for example from choosing your topic, narrowing it and defining main thesis, making an outline for the whole essay (you should always start it from making a good plan), knowing of essay types and their body structure acording to the certain one. The other important ones are skills of working with various scientific/informational resources, analyzing them and choosing the best ones for your research paper. The good essay should include revelant facts, concrete details, examples and nice citations from your resources. Checking the ready work for possible plagiarism is an important thing too, that's why it's recommended to keep always a track of all your resources. And the last one if proofreading, in its case you can be really helpful for your child with identifying some mistakes which are invisible for him/her. There are also special students' unions who provide help with improving essay writing skills and professionals services too . In the most difficult cases you can hire there a writing tutor too, it's a popular practice for many children despite of their age.
  2. Manora

    College Essay Resources

    Oh yeah, I agree with you! It's a very good book and was really helpful in my case!
  3. Starting it as soon as possible because procrastination is the worst thing in this case, and I often struggled with it during my studying at university, sometimes I lost many points because of not matching deadlines. Reading a lot of good literature is a very helpful thing too because you remember samples of well-written texts and improve your vocabulary, grammar and style at the same time too. Also I can say from my own experience that the most important things for writing a good essay are: - understanding your task, narrowing topic and defining clearly main thesis (it'll be a basis for the whole work and all other elements of it should be connected with it) - making a plan for the whole work according to the certain essay's type body structure - making a profound research, using many good scientific resources and making citations from them - keeping track of all yoour resources for avoding possible plagiarism - avoiding grammar and style mistakes, also filler words, adverbs and passive voice - being attentive with formatting - checking and editing your ready work for at least several times In case of the last one it's very good if someone like your friends, parents, special professionals in writing etc. can help you because many mistakes are often seen much better from others' fresh perspective.
  4. Well some computer games and apps can be really helpful for teaching children but are you sure that it's the best method for you? Did you consult with a pedeatrician about his development? It just seems from your description that your situation is serious so maybe you should start with some other more effective methods. In my opinion he needs more various 'real' games for fastening his general development and improving motor skills. You can draw together or practise some handmade art, also games with block, puzzles and so on are very nice in this case too. Replacing these ones with apps isn't a good idea at all. I also agree about creating a sign language, this method is really encouraging for speaking in case of some children. And in case of apps... I can recommend Hearbuilder, Learn To Talk, Memory Train, I Hear Ewe, ABC Alphabet Phonics and Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands . They're really nice for teaching children but I should mention that you'll need to control carefully his time with them because in such age children rather often become addictive to such games :closedeyes: Good luck! I'm sure that he'll speak till 5 yo.
  5. It's a wise choice about the light one. Personally I support an idea of such preparing a child before school but on the other hand it shouldn't be too intensive because the first school year will be boring for him. Besides considering the age, it's not a good idea to push child too much because in this case it'll bring much more harm than benefit. For such light learning 15-30 minutes per day will be enough but your studies should be regular for being more effective and making a child adjust easier later to the rhytm of studying in school :hurray: The main things you should prepare before school are reading, writing, math and various creative skills. The last one is the easiest, drawing, different handmade arts and so on are vey helpful in this case, I can also recommend from my own experience special colouring books, children adore them, especially if they're connected with heroes from their favourite cartoons etc.You should read him aloud regurarly too for inspiring in learning alphabet and later reading on his own. Discuss texts you read to him, also try poems and singing, children like them too. There are also many teaching games, especially the ones for learning alphabet like card type or even computer ones like Zebrainy ABCs , they usually have high quality and create great interest in children for learning. I can also recommend such books as Apple Pie ABC, Firefighters A to Z and G is for Goat, they're one of the best in this case as I know. And for math various games are the best decision, also such books as The Dot & The Line and Capacity. Good luck! :hurray:
  6. Manora

    Current movie thread

    DH and I just saw Gifted today. We liked it! The little girl is a fantastic little actress
  7. Manora

    Forum Game--who wants to play yet again?

    I haven't a contribution to the game at the moment, but I just wanted to add myself to the list of people who thought goats would never happen. And the idea of a world without goats made me sad
  8. Manora


    I would not hide food, I would just not buy food that is a temptation for him to overeat. I would not keep snack food or easy carbs in the house
  9. Manora

    Fermentation Experimentation

    Fermented carrots and ginger are quite good, as is fermented garlic for adding into recipes. I don't love the tang of most fermented veggies unfortunately so I've been lazy on what I ferment
  10. Manora

    THE Stitch Fix reporting thread

    I only get them quarterly...too expensive for me otherwise
  11. Seems to be the only way to break into the Christian homeschool community here. Which is sad, because that feels like buying community
  12. I really dislike the font used in RSO Level 1 books. I know it sounds silly, but it really really annoys me
  13. I have a few of the Angelicum Academy's lit guides (4 of them) and they are nothing you can't do yourself if you read the books with your kids, or if you've already read them. However, if you haven't read their books, or really are opposed to, at the LEAST get the guides
  14. I just want to say thank you, all previous contributors, for your hard work and contribution to our understanding of education at home. Thank you!
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