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  1. I want to visit my relatives in other country and I want to take my dog with me too. Does anyone here have such experience? Is travelling with pets really so hard as I heard many times from other people?
  2. Aenima


    Are there any fans of this game? How well do you play it? And how often?
  3. Is it possible to lose weight only with dieting? And which diets were helpful for you?
  4. Or maybe do you have the one? How hard was to make it successful?
  5. Aenima


    Which one is your favourite and why?
  6. Would you buy your children a tablet/smartphone till their teen years? From what age did you allow your children to use gadgets at all?
  7. I don't see big problem in this. I would simply have done my exchange and then bought the other item for myself.
  8. It's a name of one of music albums recorded by famous band Tool.
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