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This group is public.  All new members must be approved before they can post, but the posts in the group are viewable to the public. ABOUT THE GROUP: When Orthodox Christianity is mentioned on the WTM forums, people have questions about the ancient Church. What is it? What does it teach? How is it different from Protestantism or Roman Catholicism? How does it relate to the Judaism of the Old Testament? This social group is a safe place to ask Orthodox Christians and inquirers about Orthodox Christianity. Orthodoxy is rich and deep--it will take a lifetime (and more) to understand and experience. You can start your journey here. We don't debate or argue, but have sincere and genuine conversations. To join this social group, click Join Group and also send a PM to the moderator.
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  2. Hi friends, A few people from our small church are going to visit a Greek Orthodox Church on Sunday for the service and get-together afterwards, and I don't know what to wear. Our church is very laid back, jeans, hats, coffee in hand, etc. We don't want to offend or stand out too much, so what would be considered average attire? Thanks!
  3. Hello, all-- Is anyone willing to step up to being the club manager? Milovany is no longer active on the boards, and it might be a good idea for your club to have a new manager. Please send me an email at helpdesk@welltrainedmind.com if you are willing to fill this role. Thank you. Helpdesk
  4. We have a variety of health issues so fasting is a struggle. But we do try and do other things. We have a Jesse Tree that we do as a family. I have a book that I recently got from Ancient Fatih store recently about the traditions and I would like to read through that a bit and see. We have had alot of anxiety and stress for a few months now on various issues and I would like to really spiritually embrace this advent season. I would enjoy a PM group if others are interested. Blessings, Nancy Ann
  5. I know this group isn't as active as it once was but I thought I'd greet everyone at the beginning of NC Nativity Fast. I hope everyone has a blessed Advent. Is there anything special or different you hope to do this fast? Anything that your and/or your family normally do? Anyone have anything or anyone they need prayers for? Perhaps we can start an email (PM) discussion on that if need be. I have some needs but they are too personal for a public group.
  6. We're looking at Pentecost! Now I have to really think about sponsors/god parents, and that's kind of intimidating.
  7. Yes, The Ukranian Orthodox Church does have it's own under the Russian Patriach. So, it really does feel like political reasons the Constantinople Patriarch did this. But, he is also in a very precarious situation there in Turkey and some say that he is trying to please the western world which wants Ukraine to be separated from Russia. The force in Ukraine is that part of them feel they are connected to Russia and others want to be separated from Russia. Not all Ukraines want out like our western media and information want to let us believe. It is most certainly a political and culture issue that they are dealing with and the rest of the world has their opinion and stakes in it as well. So the church has gotten messed up in it as well. Which is sad and unfortunate. We don't know the hearts and minds of many of these people who are making decisions and so I try to refrain from harsh judgement on the people involved, but it does seem to not have been handled well.
  8. Why are the Ukrainians called schismatics? Is the " schismatic “Kiev Patriarchate" another name for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church? Why was it not okay for the Ukraine to have its own --not sure the right word here---enculturation of the Orthodox Church?
  9. I am wondering how what is going on with regard to Russian, Ukraine, and Constantinople will affect the Orthodox branches in the US. From being on this board a couple years ago, my understanding was that it's been the practice of the Orthodox Church to allow a national expression of Orthodoxy that may differ culturally in the nonessentials, but which is united in the essentials. I recall that the US was an exception of sorts in that most Orthodox congregations in the US were a result of immigrants sticking to the church identify of their former country, but that there was also some movement to establish a branch of the Orthodox Church that was specifically for the US. IIRC, the Russian Orthodox church was overseeing that process and deciding. Please correct me wherever I am wrong. I am reading not only that the Ukainians were allowed to have their own Orthodox Church separate from Russia (which I would have thought would go along with the "Orthodoxy in each culture/country" approach) but that the Russian Orthodox Church is threatening to break from Constantinople. How is what is happening affecting Orthodox believers in the US?
  10. I'm going to be in California that weekend (I think), but not for the conference. I hope you have a great time!
  11. I haven't been on WTM in a very, very long time as I needed to step back from watching how other people homeschool (and trying to keep up). But I'm stepping back in for a bit to ask if anyone here has ever gone to a St Emmelia homeschool conference? And, if anyone is considering going to the upcoming St Emmelia West conference in November? Airfare being what it is, I'll be going by myself as a momma retreat. But stepping out and doing something I've never done before (!!), alone (!!), and far away from home (!!) is pretty big. Having a friendly name, even if its just a tag-name, would be nice.
  12. Thanks. And no, that was the everything we missed. We did stuff at home: watched services, prayed the hours on Holy Friday, read the Gospels for each of the Bridegroom services. I didn't have service books at home so that was all I could think to do. We've been through most of Holy Week between 2016 and 2017, though. I was prepared to do it all this year, basically cancelling seatwork and clearing our schedule. Because we can, so why not? But oh well! Life happens. : )
  13. Truly he is risen! I was off the WTM for Lent so I had no idea about the forum change til I came back! I’m finding it hard to get used to because the letters are so tiny, it’s hard for me to read with my middle-aged eyes...
  14. (Hugs) I hope you were able to to enjoy other parts of Holy Week?
  15. It was supposed to be Lazarus Saturday. We got strep throat and the flu anyway and missed everything, so in a way it was providential. But Father wants to get in touch with DH to make sure he's permissive of this whole deal, but hasn't yet. So we'll see. I'm not all earth-shattered or anything, but discouragement creeps up on me from time to time. Thoughts like, how am I supposed to do this without the support of the Sacraments? Reading about the desert people helps, though. <insert smiley face here, lol>
  16. Truly He is risen! I don't think there's a way to move the other thread over here, but I can link and -- and then if anyone wants to reply, make sure to come back her to do so. :)
  17. Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen! I wonder if there's any way to bring the thread Milovany started on the chat forum over here? Hope everyone is doing well as we slowly inch our way towards Ascension and Pentecost.
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