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  1. We have a variety of health issues so fasting is a struggle. But we do try and do other things. We have a Jesse Tree that we do as a family. I have a book that I recently got from Ancient Fatih store recently about the traditions and I would like to read through that a bit and see. We have had alot of anxiety and stress for a few months now on various issues and I would like to really spiritually embrace this advent season. I would enjoy a PM group if others are interested. Blessings, Nancy Ann
  2. Yes, The Ukranian Orthodox Church does have it's own under the Russian Patriach. So, it really does feel like political reasons the Constantinople Patriarch did this. But, he is also in a very precarious situation there in Turkey and some say that he is trying to please the western world which wants Ukraine to be separated from Russia. The force in Ukraine is that part of them feel they are connected to Russia and others want to be separated from Russia. Not all Ukraines want out like our western media and information want to let us believe. It is most certainly a political and culture issue that they are dealing with and the rest of the world has their opinion and stakes in it as well. So the church has gotten messed up in it as well. Which is sad and unfortunate. We don't know the hearts and minds of many of these people who are making decisions and so I try to refrain from harsh judgement on the people involved, but it does seem to not have been handled well.
  3. I think my son would really like this curriculum and just wondering if anyone has used this. We have read the History of US by the same author and disagreed on some areas but overall was fine with it. I am just really not interested in having my son read some books that are going to talk about how the church hated science and that Christians and the church got in the way of science progressing. It's all false for one thing, but more importantly I just do not think I have the energy this year to weed through all that stuff. I also could pre read but I have to buy the curriculum first to pre read, our library does not have these books. So, I would just like to know if some people have used this curriculum and read through it with their child and can help with this. It really seems like a neat core to study and I think my son would like it. But because Book Shark is secular it won't have any notes with Christian content to help me wade the waters a bit like the Core 100 did when using History of US.
  4. Memoria Press Kindergarten is fabulous! It does not take long each day. It has a solid phonics, math and penmanship. Than it adds in recitation everyday which is really a wonderful way to start the school day. Recitation are things like calendar, time, money, reciting the alphabet, basically all these neat little tid bits that I would not always think of. Than the enrichment is wonderful. It is very similar to FIAR where you read the book each day and discuss and learn things. There is also bits of science and history as part of the enrichment that is just enough for this age.You also get art cards and each week you look at a new art picture. There is also a music selection each week. There is not a CD for the music, but you just Google it and will be able to listen to it. I get extra books for the science at the library. I may not get the exact title they recommend but I can usually find one that is similar. The Read Aloud book each week can usually be found in the library but you can purchase the read aloud books separately. There is also a craft book that has crafts for each week that goes with the picture book. I think this is a great curriculum that has a balance between the basic three r's and also some gentle learning like music, art,crafts and picture books.
  5. My son is a 6th grader and we use Sonlight. I am thinking of wandering off the path of Sonlight and doing my own. I have done this in the past and we have just not read as much literature on our own so that is what is making me second guess this decision. However, we are in a nice habit of having Read Aloud time and also independent reading time and so maybe it will work. How many literature books do your children read in a year? How many literature books do you read aloud to your family in a year? Do you plan the books ahead of time or choose as the year goes on? I know it depends on the size of book and age of child and reading level of child, but just wanting to have a basic idea. I was going to shoot for one Read Aloud a month and maybe 12 - 15 literature books for my son's reading list. We school 10 months out of the year. Thanks.
  6. Completely and enthusiastically agree with Bill on this. I wonder if he is just not ready to move onto the double digit. My son complained as well when we did subtraction. We used Right Start math and he loved math until we hit subtraction and it was a big wall. He could do it but it was harder and he didn't love math as much. We slowied down and didn't push and took a break. I would continue with your math program. Singapore is a great math program, this is just a a bump in the road and it happens with ALL math curricula, it doesn't always mean you need to change. I would just stop for awhile and just have him keep his addition and subtraction math facts fresh by doing flash cards 3 times a week and do something else for math. Games or a fun workbook of puzzles or there is a book called Family Math that has easy games you can play with your child. It's cheap off Ebay or maybe your library has it. Amazon sells it. Peggy's Math Games is another book. These books can sometimes be overwhelming because they give so many ideas and all of them seem important or fun. I recommend just picking two games and work on those for awhile before doing something new. With Family Math there are all sorts of different concepts you can work on and not even deal with subtraction for awhile. Family Math may be a good investment for you because it works so well for times like this, when you just need to shelve something for awhile to take a break but you don't want to NOT do any math at all!!
  7. My son is 11 and still plays with them. They are great. His friends have enjoyed playing with them as well. I got totally lucky and found 2 brand new sets at the thrift store for $4 for each box!! These were large boxes that would normally be $80 each!! My husband was with me at the time and had no understanding of why I was squealing with delight!! But, I bet you guys understand!! :)
  8. I have a reluctant writer and it's tough. I do think a timer can be helpful, it's a suggestion from the author of Brave Writer. Except, you don't start at 30 minutes but maybe 10 or 15. It's called a Free Write and it's really helpful to just help kids put their thoughts on paper. Many times with reluctant writers that is the first step, just getting something on paper! It sounds like she is already writing but when it's something she is interested in. Anyway... the Free Write is you brainstorm with your kid about anything they want to write and set the timer for 15 minutes and they can write anything they want. Tell them not to worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation. You do this once a week. Some people do it on Fridays and call it the Friday Free Write. After a month you can collect all the Free Writes your student has done and let them choose which one they want to polish up. You can help them edit it. Another suggestion is Writing Strands. My son is a 6th grader and he is doing level 3. Level 3 is where you want to start, I believe level 1 and 2 are for really little kids. It is a good program that helps to work kids through with learning to write. It could be she just is not ready yet. I recommend getting Writing Strands level 3 and try it and if she cries and has a meltdown just put it aside, and just try 2 or 3 times a year. Maybe she just won't be ready for a structured writing program until 6th grade. If that is the case than just keep encouraging the stories and letter writing. Also, consider copywork and dictation until she is ready for a writing curriculum. I worried and worried about writing with my reluctant son, but he's ready this year to learn and it's going well, he just wasn't in 4th grade.
  9. Yep, looks good to me as well. Also, it does depend on the child and you WILL know when you start over scheduling! :laugh: Usually, a child will just be tired, or sometimes not interested any longer or they may throw lots of tantrums. Now, sometimes this behavior can have other reasons, but it can also be an indicator of a child who needs more down time. You seem very attentive to what your child is doing and their needs and so I am sure all will be well!! Sounds like you all are doing great!!
  10. He may be too young to tell him to just do his work on his own and tell you when he is done. My 11 year old sort of does this but it's takes a couple years of practice and giving him things to work on independently. I started having him do some small things on his own when he was 9. Have you tried giving him his own check off list? This is how I started with my son to move him to independence. I put down just a few things like Math - Lesson 32, or Read Chapter 12 of his book etc... I still do a lot of stuff with my son, For one, I enjoy working with him, I don't have a lot of other kids to homeschool. My daughter is just 4. So, I like reading and doing things together. But, I have him do some things on his own. Many times, like for language arts. I sit at the table with him and we do All About Spelling together, than I read through the Growing with Grammar lesson with him and talk about it, than the assigned grammar workbook pages he does by himself. I just get up from the table and he works on it while I do the dishes or something, or do something with my daughter. The only time it works for me to assign my son something on his own is if I write it down on a list and tell him now it's time for him to work on his list. I put chores on that list as well. I think kids this age, especially boys still need some hand holding. Don't worry, he is still young and he will gradually grow up and be even more independent. It sounds like maybe you are swimming upstream.
  11. Mondays are tough here. It's hard to get back to learning after having a weekend filled with the kids being able to do whatever they want. My son is 11 as well. For us we don't get everything done on Mondays that we do on other days of the week. I focus on the important stuff, it just seems to take longer to do things. I think we teach them the value of hard work not by the result of how much work get's done but the attitude that we have to keep pressing on even when it's hard. I consider it a win when we do school even on days where no one is in the mood or when we have other challenges that day. We may get less done, but for me it's still a win that we pressed on and tried our best.
  12. I am still not sure we are going to do Core F, but it's nice to know the books will fit, there are some books that look really good. I am wondering if I can just read Mystery of History volume 1 and 2 instead of STOW volume 1 and 2 for Core G? Basically, buy Core G and just not read STOW. I know it won't match up, but I think it will be good enough overall. Just wondering if it's possible to pencil in that schedule change in the Sonlight Core schedule? I know it won't work with MOH volume 3 and 4 for Core H as they are more involved. But I don't mind taking two years to do Sonlight Core H with doing MOH 3 one year and MOH 4 the next. Maybe adding in some Core F at that point. Than do Sonlight Core 100 for 10th grade.
  13. Merry, I am VERY familiar with your blog!! :) I have been over your posts about MOH often!! Thanks for your input. I went ahead and ordered MOH last night. I am about 99% sure we are going to use if for world history and so I want to spend some time looking at it and see how it could work. We are doing Core E, but may be done after Christmas, depends on how it goes.
  14. I agree I don't see a point in rushing it, so many other great books. Even if a child would understand it I still just don't see the point. Watered down fairy tales are not dark and can be fun for kids. The originals are quite dark and I think reading the original Hans Christen Anderson and Brother's Grim is better for late middle school and early high school. That is my plan anyway. I remember reading Little Match Girl as a 3rd grader and it really disturbed me. I think the original fairy tales are better when older, if at all. I am not a fan but I suppose they are good for cultural reference.
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