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  1. Me too. :) OP, come out, come out, wherever you are......
  2. Well, you and I could hang together because I do the same. Sometimes I think I'm frying brain cells researching and thinking SO much about the choices I'm making or have made about curriculum. Sure, I'll have something good to teach my kids, but my brain will be to tired from choosing it to actually teach it. :tongue_smilie:
  3. I don't remember what I learned in early elementary...and not much later either....what does that say about my education, or my memory? :lol: At any rate, I can't go by that.
  4. You guys are SO much faster than I am. LOL! I agree with you. But I use my curriculum as a jumping off point and I add or remove or change as needed when I recognize all the things you mentioned above. I'm not seeing how that is different from anyone else who uses a curriculum, boxed or not. AmySue - I don't know of very many in the lower grades. Sonlight includes LA, but you can buy just the other portions I think.
  5. I understand what you are saying. I'm obviously not making myself clear. I am the poster who said that and I stand by it. I don't know what material is appropriate for a K'er or 2nd grader to know. By that I mean that I have never taught any child before, not even my own when it's my oldest and therefore, I have no clue when a child should start grammar or spelling and when they do, I don't know what a 1st grade grammar should cover. Does a K'er need history? Science? Spelling? Advanced chemistry? :p I don't know if a K'er should be able to write 1 sentence or 20. So, when starting out, I need someone to help guide me as to what should be expected. You seem to be assuming that because I need to start with some guidelines, I can't adjust those to my child once I see my own child's progress. Of course I can. I can speed up or slow down. I can take the history science topic and dig deeper if we need more. But, I need to know what to actually teach and have a jumping off point. Should I teach my K'er that water can be frozen, solid or a gas or should I teach them the formula H2O and all that entails? If I'm teaching my 2nd grader grammar, do I teach them nouns and verbs only or are they supposed to learn diagramming? I'm sure there are some wonderful moms with no training at all who know these things, but I do not. To get an idea of what is appropriate at what age, I use MFW. They guide me and I tweak it to fit my kids as I see in practice how they do with the material. How do I choose MFW? I'm sure the same way you choose your stuff. I look at the method (after having researched the various methods) and think about whether I think that will fit my child and family. I look at the content and decide if it's something I want to teach. I research and get reviews on it. I look at the samples to see if it is something that looks like it will work for us and interest us. Especially, I pray about it. Then, after months (yes, months, even years since I am already researching years ahead) I take the plunge and order. When I receive, I look it over and read the entire manual and some flip through the books and other items included. Then, I tweak or add anything I think I need to. After we actually start the program, I adjust as need to fit my children. As I said above, I don't go with everything the recommend. I research what they suggest...but it's a starting point and helps me to know what subjects are needed. I even take some elements of the program and substitute them for something else that works better for us. I did that with both math and science in 1st and I'm doing it with science again in 2nd. (Math isn't included in 2nd with Adv.) So, yes, I absolutely use them to help me know what is appropriate to teach in 2nd grade, but that doesn't mean I blindly follow them. I use it as a guide and I tweak and adjust to fit my child. Isn't that basically what anyone who buys any curriculum doing? If you buy FLL1, you are trusting the author tell you what is appropriate in a 1st grade grammar program. Of course, if it's too slow, you speed it up. If you don't like how many noun lessons there are, you skip some. And, ultimately, if you decide it doesn't fit at all, you scrap it and find something else. Unless you design your own grammar curriculum with no guide, you are trusting the author of whatever book you use to tell you what is appropriate to teach at that level. You use it with your common sense and adjust as you go along and as you see a need. What I do is no different, IMHO. Hopefully, I'm making sense...I have a 9 month old crawling all over me and several other kids just being tired kids around me. ;)
  6. Well, how do YOU know what is appropriate for YOURS? The question applies no matter if you are choosing boxed or separate. I assume I know the same way you do....I work with my children daily and I take their needs into consideration when I choose the curriculum. :) And, as with any curriculum, boxed or separate, I adjust as needed. As I said above, if it's too little, I add to it and if it's too much, I scale back. You can't compare this to taking a child to PS and dropping them off to learn with whatever curriculum, tailored to the average child, the teacher has chosen having never met the children she will be teaching. The person who is teaching my child each day (me!) is the one choosing the curriculum with my specific child in mind, not someone who has never seen my child. Once the curriculum is received, YOU are working with your child one on one and can tailor it to their needs or completely scrap it if need be. None of that can be done in a B&M school. Every child uses the same thing chosen by the teachers for the average student and whether it works or not, the child has to stick it out. So, someone else who has never seen my child would not know what is appropriate for my child, but they are not choosing...I, the mother and teacher, am choosing which to use based on what is appropriate.
  7. I was keeping quiet but.... The reason I trust the "box" is because I have no clue how much history, science, lit, spelling or whatever is appropriate at each grade level. And, I'm still learning what subjects are even needed at each level. (ETA - I only found WTM a few months ago.) I have ZERO education experience and knowing doesn't come naturally to me. So, I like having someone tell me what is appropriate for a K'er or 2nd grader. That doesn't mean I blindly follow, but it means I like the guide. So, having a company that already has that experience and has researched it really helps me to know what is expected and appropriate at that level of education. Of course, if it feels like too little, I add. If it feels like too much, we scale back. I use my common sense...or mom sense. But, I have a guide. That said, I use MFW, which some consider a boxed curriculum and some don't. I think it's semi-boxed. ;) I choose my own LA and math...they have recommendations, but they are not included and not required. (In K and 1st, they are included and I would pretty much consider that boxed, but you can still substitute things and tweak...I did.) I love MFW, but I don't trust them blindly either. I researched their methods and resources before I decided to go with their packages. I researched their recommendations for math and LA's before deciding to go with some of them and not others. I add a few things here and there and for 1st and 2nd, I've dropped their science and added in something different. Yes, I tweak...a good bit actually, but having that guide and the schedule is extremely helpful and frees me up to take care of my 6 little kids rather than researching everything out there or planning my days. Using a "box" gives me confidence that I'm teaching the things that need to be taught and at an appropriate level because without it I'm not sure what I need. Without a box, I would probably do too much because I would be too nervous about missing something. As I gain experience, I'm more confident in my ability and have learned to tweak as needed. I could even go completely box free at this point, but I don't want to. I like the way MFW puts things together. The key is learning to make your boxed curriculum work for you and be a guide rather than you working for the box and feeling the need to follow it to the letter. Me and the semi-box work well together. :D
  8. I'm a mom of 6 who are 7 and under.... ;) I use My Father's Word (MFW). It's is sort of a box, very similar to HOD. Personally, I'm very happy I do. I definitely do tweak the program and I skip things as needed. But, I really like having the schedule and to know it's all planned out and fits together so nicely. I've thought about branching out and pulling things together on my own, but I just don't have the time. I could get a separate company/program for each subject that is open and go. I could probably handle that, but I could not pull my own together on anything. I just don't have the time or energy to spend on that. And, prior to this year, I didn't even feel like I had a handle on exactly what subjects I needed. MFW really helped me figure that out. I like my box and I plan to stick with them long term. Not everyone likes it and some feel if you have to tweak it isn't worth it. For me, with so many littles it's exactly what we need and I actually like tweaking it. :D One key is to allow yourself to relax and use the curriculum to the advantage of your family and not feel you have to check every box. Use your curriculum as a guide not a set in stone plan. Now, a side note: one thing to think about with HOD is that it isn't quite as easy to use with multiple children down the road. For now, it won't matter, but it might later on. MFW is meant to be multi-age and used with several children in different grades...perfect for our family. You don't have to have history or science formally in 1st. We used MFW 1st last year and it was outstanding. Everything is wonderfully integrated in. It is extremely streamlined. History is incorporated right into phonics/reading lessons. You really can't not do history because of that. Science is a bit separate, but it's short and sweet. We ended up ditching it because of lack of time. We just read science books from the library, explored outside, followed my kids science interests and watched Magic School Bus videos once a week...sometimes we did something small related to that video of the week. (You can get all of them on Amazon for around $40.) But, MFW 1st is very focused on the Bible. The history is ancient Biblical history directly from the Bible. The reading is in a Bible reader. For us, it was great and wonderful. Anyway, (I really wasn't trying to plug MFW...that just happened...LOL) point is streamline your curriculum as much as you can. Get science in everyday life. Feel free to skip history for now. Focus on the 3 R's and everything else is gravy. Try not to let it bog you down. :D
  9. I did everything mentioned in this thread. Plus, my husband is a physical therapist. ;) After many cortizone injections, ibprofin, tons of PT (since my hubby is one) and streching, shoe inserts, foot splints, weight loss, it was so bad I could hardly walk at all. So after years of dealing with pain, I gave in and had surgery. The pain has never returned. It's been 8.5 years since then. I did not want to do it, but I'm so glad I did it. My pediatrist said 95% of patients or more get better without surgery. He said it is rare to need surgery for it. Lucky me! Now, I have it in the other foot. However, as long as I stretch daily and wear shoes most of the time, I can keep it manageable. My husband does some random massage every now and again too.
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