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    Right Start Mathematics - Level A Set Includes: Lesson book, worksheets, appendix, Yellow is the Sun, Math Card Games spiral bound book & CD, 2 Double-sided Geoboards, Abacus, Clock, Geo Reflector, Tally Sticks, Money Card Deck, Place Value Cards, Fraction Card Deck, Colored Tiles and extras


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  2. Just wondering how everyone on this board ended up here. :)
  3. My child is extremely social, but there is little opportunity to socialize. I don't know many homeschooling families and there aren't many local activities for kids. Anyone else in a similar boat? What have you done?
  4. Or, have you looked into getting a PO box?
  5. So, let's say your homeschool activites/lessons only take two hours or so. What do you do the rest of the day with your child?
  6. It's helpful to read how you make it work in your home. :) Yes, I have a little one, so I'm just trying to figure out how to go about juggling homeschooling with the needs of a baby.
  7. Thank you for responding, Syllieann! Reading about how you've made it work is helpful! Just wanted to let you know that I did see your message. My device has posted my question multiple times though, so I'm going to see if the mods can delete this posting. BUT, thank you again for taking the time to write. Just trying to figure out this whole homeschooling thing here to see if it'll work for our family. ;)
  8. Just trying to plan accordingly as I delve into homeschooling. Do you find it challenging when you have babies and younger tots to also take care of? How do you make it work?
  9. Delete- multiple post! Sorry!
  10. Delete- multiple post! Sorry!
  11. I'm running out of space and having a hard time figuring out where to put our homeschool stuff-- books, curriculum guides, and related items. What works for you? Shelves? Crates? Stuffing into closets? ;) Pictures are welcome!
  12. I'd love to start FIAR but my library has limited book selections and as much as I'd like, I am unable to purchase all the books for the 3 FIAR volumes. Can anyone give me some titles that would be suitable for a younger learner? I'm thinking of just purchasing age appropriate books as we go. I have read some of the books and some seem like they would be beyond my child's comprehension right now. Thank you!
  13. If you include bible lessons into your homeschool routine, I'd love to hear what program/curriculum/lessons you're using. :)
  14. I *thought* I had an idea as to what curriculum I wanted to use next year for K, but the more I research, the less I seem to know! There are just so many options and seeing a sample page here and there isn't that helpful. I don't know any IRL friends who've been there done that, so I'm at a loss. Could some seasoned parents here give me some tried and true options? Here are some factors that may influence what programs to use. - My school-aged DC isn't the type who asks for school. In fact, just playing with mom all day would be fine and dandy. We've done a little bit of works
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