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For those who plan your own lessons...

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What is your favorite resource for planning?


Do you have a favorite planning book that you use?


I think I would prefer something on paper vs. computer.


I think part of the reason I don't like open and go curriculums is because they are "open and go". I don't know what is coming next unless I sit down and read through it myself before doing it with the children. Thus, partly defeating the "open and go" of it :).


Does that make sense to anyone???

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I was using Excel, and printing things out. However, I have started to use https://www.homeschoolskedtrack.com/HomeSchool and LOVE IT! You can print things out if you wish. It takes a bit to get everything entered in, but once you get some basics set up, it is very handy.

http://www.myhomeschoolplan.com/ is pretty good too - quicker to set up, but I like all the bells and whistles that Skedtrack offers. Both are free - and I believe they were posted here, and that is where I found out about them a few weeks ago.


I guess if you just want paper based, you could just get one of those lesson planning books for teachers at an educational bookstore or off the internet. Or you, could even create a tickler index card system - that may be more complicated in the long run though.

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I like to plan my own also. Some things need more time & some things can be skipped! I have never been good at "following the curriculum plan"... it always needed tweeking.


I try using the standard black spiral TEACHER planner notebook. I get it from Rod & Staff each year. However, I must admit, I do not do as well as I would prefer. I tend to turn it into a calendar & diary.


My best tool is Excel. Sorry, I know this is computer & you were looking for pen/paper ideas. But, were it not for excel & word.... I would fail at what planning I do manage.:001_unsure:


Very hard job - planning. Best wishes! If you develop a great system, please remember us & share!;)

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Oh. You guys use foolscap sized paper, do you? I meant a large diary, rather than a small, novel sized one.


Rosie- dialect differences!


Uh, yes, but we refer to it as "letter" (as opposed to "legal") sized. :D


I used to use a regular teacher's planner from the education store. I've been using Homeschool Tracker, which I love for the record keeping and scheduling, but I may need to go back to transferring the weekly lessons to the book... once I schedule in HST, I tend not to look in there, let alone print. :001_huh:

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Legal pad.


I tried planning software and calendars and such. I tried typing up my plans on the computer.


I go through my curriculum for most subjects and jot down notes/plans. I used to enter them onto a calendar or computer planner. One day I realized that my neatly written notes on a white legal pad were sufficient. No need to type them or enter them. I felt so free when I just tore the page off the pad and stuck it in my son's folder!


I comb through each subject and jot down a general weekly plan (this many pages, or read these books, or this experiment followed by this reading), without dates so I never feel behind or ahead.


My biggest hurdle was supplies. Now at the beginning of each "term" I make a supply list for each week, also on the legal pad, go shopping and keep all the supplies in the closet so they're available when I need them.



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