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  1. All four of Molly's eggs have hatched. The owlets are named Ashely, Carrie, Kelly, and the newest (hatched yesterday) is Jodi. This is where I watch the live footage. http://www.sportsmansparadiseonline.com/Live_Owl_Nest_Box_Cam.html Usually around 10 AM CST the babies get a feeding. You can watch Jodi hatching at this link: Open Video Platform There is a marker on the playtime of the footage noting where Jodi gets out of her egg. Some pictures of Molly helping Jodi out of the egg and then cleaning her.
  2. When my dd was 2.5, she said "mee-cuse" for music. At age 5 she still says 'had-ed', as in, "My brother had-ed to go outside today."
  3. We say 'get a drink of water' or 'go to the bathroom' quite a bit here, too. If my 5-year-old or my 3-year-old start asking unending 'why' questions that get waaaay beyond my ability to explain in an age-appropriate manner or I'm just DONE trying to answer the umpteenth question in a row, we say, "Physics" or whatever branch of science the question falls under. Oh, and we also say in response to many questions, "Why do you think?"
  4. I want to read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. http://www.amazon.com/Boy-Who-Harnessed-Wind-Electricity/dp/0061730327 "Discarded motor parts, PVC pipe, and an old bicycle wheel may be junk to most people, but in the inspired hands of William Kamkwamba, they are instruments of opportunity. Growing up amid famine and poverty in rural Malawi, wind was one of the few abundant resources available, and the inventive fourteen-year-old saw its energy as a way to power his dreams. "With a windmill, we'd finally release ourselves from the troubles of darkness and hunger," he realized. "A windmil
  5. Hi Marisa,

    I just logged in, the first time in months. Sorry to make you wait so long for a reply! My 5-year-old daughter has played violin since she was about 3 years old. This week she is participating in her Suzuki group's day camp. My elder son is 3-years-old. His fine-motor skills are not as advanced as my daughter's were at his age, so I'm going to wait another year before starting him in Suzuki (he really wants to start now, but his little fingers just aren't as ready as his mind is).


    What aspects of Waldorf and Montessori do you incorporate in your homeschool? What are your kids favorite activities?

  6. Thanks for your help. No sense buying something I won't really need (at least until later). :)
  7. I'm considering getting the Spelling Workout: Level A for my 5-year-old daughter. What are your thoughts on the Teacher's Edition? Did you find it really helpful? Or, is the workbook alone sufficient? Thank you for your input! :)
  8. When I was very little (4-6) I remember going to the library quite frequently with my mom. We read books every night. When I started reading and writing, I got to pick my own books, and, my mom would help me write my own stories by having me dictate them to her. When I'd spend the night at my grandparents' (or another relative's) home, we read together then, too. I remember my grandma reading me the Little House books in particular. When we'd drive a long distance, I had books on tape to listen to (and/or follow along by a bell dinging). Once I learned to read well, I always had a bo
  9. Hi, I saw your post on the roll call and wanted to say "hi"! My name is Marisa and I have a 3 1/2 year old son and 20 month old boy/girl twins. I also am interested in a very eclectic approach to homeschooling, TWTM, Charlotte Mason, Waldorf and Montessori. I saw you included Suzuki, what instrument do your kids play and when did they start? Have a great day!

  10. Oh, Kari! My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. :grouphug:
  11. That is darling! And I bet it was delicious, too! :)
  12. Oh, wow! Thanks for sharing it, Rosie! I wish I could shrink myself so I could live in that cute little hobbit house...
  13. My name is Emily and I am doing home preschool with my dd5 while her two little brothers (almost 3 and 15 months) listen in. My husband and I will have our 8th anniversary this summer--my goodness how time flies. We follow a rather eclectic approach--TWTM, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Suzuki. This site has been invaluable in helping me develop confidence as a newbie homeschooler, find and assess curriculum, and troubleshoot teaching and parenting challenges. When I'm not reading, reading, reading about homeschooling and education, I enjoy gardening, baking bread, taking nature walks
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