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Overheard in my house tonight. . . . .a funny!

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:Footsteps coming down the stairs:


Ds: Mom, this isn't about me not wanting to go to bed, or anything. . .


Me: (fighting temptation to roll eyes) Yeeessssss. . . . . .?


Ds: Well, see, there's this tag on my pillow. It's driving me crazy.


Me: Just cut it off, buddy.


Ds: Well, see, it says "Not to be removed under penalty of law except by consumer".


Me: You are the consumer. Cut it off.




I can NOT believe I just had that discussion!

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You know, I just found out why its good NOT to cut them off. At least the mattresses. We are now having to try and get our SQUEAKY box springs replaced and they would not even entertain the thought without those darn tags!

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I was reading a decorating book once (Use What You Have Decorating) and the author said a common decorating goof is all the pillows, cushions, etc. that have the DO NOT REMOVE tags visible. She says, "Really. It's safe to cut them off now."



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