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  1. Thank you ladies. Today she was *over it* already. I made her sit down and list out all the things she liked about public school and all of the things she didn't like. Her cons were LONG and on her pros? TWO things. Friends & recess. lol
  2. She sees friends ALL WEEKEND every weekend, and all. This all came about after she saw the jr. high volley ball team running. She loved VB and wants to be involved in school sports. We are also part of a HS group, co-op classes, and church. Gosh, I am just shocked. Maybe this is a passing phase?
  3. That is what we are battling right now. We understand her desire to be back with her peers, but we don't like the lack of morality in school. HELP? Please?
  4. Is there any workbook type program to work through with your daughter? A curriculum of sorts? Anything for fathers and daughters? Any advice on how to go about training them and leading them to make this commitment for themselves?
  5. Need names that go with "Lloyd" as a middle name. Thank you :D
  6. We are going to the water park on the first day of public school. YAY!
  7. I agree with you. I have noticed that too.
  8. Okay...so, I skinned a CLOVE a chopped up half of it and sautéed it with potatoes, onions, and sausage. I think I could have used the whole clove, I was just afraid I would overdo it. I like the flavor much better than the powdered. Now, what ways do I NOT prepare it? This morning I just chopped it and threw it into the skillet. It was good.
  9. Funny thing is, we love garlic too. I just usually buy it in the produce section already chopped and in oil or dry powdered. I have been intimidated by the whole bulb. :D
  10. We joined an organic food co-op and I got two bulbs of fresh garlic with my shipment today. Admittedly, I have never used garlic in this form. What can I do to preserve it or use it? I have no clue what to do with it. My DH has been known to roast some on the grill, but this is just so much. I am afraid it will ruin before I get it used. TIA
  11. I'm all about this great state going Republic again...LOL Love it here. It certainly is like no other.
  12. I have NOT seen it yet, but have a personal standard that I HAVE to watch any movie Channing Tatum is in, so I will be going this week. Might take my kids, might not. I have not decided yet.
  13. Thank you so much for this post! We will be counting her spanish and latin toward high school credit already. I see what I need to do now, like you said just "let go" of grade level and do what she is capable of doing, and give her the credit for what she does. Now, to research building a transcript. :D
  14. Very good points, all of them. Like I said, it is her goal and I will support her. She does test higher on most subjects and will be doing them on the level she tested at (7th grade math for one) and in science she has been so obsessed for years that I sometimes think she could teach ME. We will just chug along and move forward with her always know ing it is okay if she has to slow down. When I said about "skipping" things, it was more of repetitive stuff, not the new concepts. I know concepts also build on one another. I'll let her try, and we'll just see. I will make sure she has true mastery before moving forward. As far as being gifted, she tested "gifted" in every area except math, and still she tested ahead of grade level.
  15. She wants to graduate with her Master's at a young age so that she can make money & establish herself in her field before she gets married and has kids, cause she wants to be a "well off" stay at home or work at home Mom. I told her I will support her and help her plan, but also told her I will slow it down if I see a deficit or concern.
  16. She wants to do 6th -10th grades in 6 months each. Then, she wants to do concurrent enrollment for 11-12th moving onto Junior college at 16. She is a very mature 11 year old, and to me her way of mapping this out shows that. She wants to work year round, only taking a week at Christmas and a week in-between "grades" to rest. Is this reasonable? Are there things we should/could skip? Thank you.
  17. When asked "Don't you know what causes that" I used to ALWAYS say "No, what?" with a puzzled look. :P Now that the older ones are bigger, I just don't get that one anymore (yet). My friend has a GREAT one. She has 4 under 5 and when someone tells her "You sure have your hands full" she replies with "Oh, you should see my heart".
  18. Okay, I didn't word it as wordy as you, or as PC. I tend to step away from being PC anyhow, so I am not surprised someone found fault with my wording. Yes, I believe that in *my* definition being quiverfull is allowing God to determine your family size. If you are doing something to prevent it outside of Biblical direction, you very well could be interfering with God's plans for your family. Therefore, you are not following allowing God to fully control your life. I never once said I believe YOU have to feel this way. It is a personal decision that one comes to with their spouse and the Lord. I just wanted to know who else believes in the same alignment with me, and asked if they could direct me somewhere with like-minded believers. If you don't like it, don't post. I didn't ask for anyone except QF or those who allow God to determine their family size to post. I never imagined this subject would ring out such debate in people. What does it matter to YOU if someone wants to take birth control or sterilize themselves? It is between them and God. Also, what does it matter to you if others of us feel it is a Biblical to allow God control over this area in our lives? I am not preaching at you telling you to change or be ****ed. I just wanted to talk with the like minded, because frankly this world is inundated with those who are not. Excuse me for looking for fellowship where I knew I could find it, on this board.
  19. I believe this is key right here. My first two children were born 11 months apart and I was exclusively BF AND we were using other natural methods after #1. With #3, I was also BF and using other methods, and she still came. Then, I used abstinence. It worked like a charm. :lol: Low and behold, secondary infertility took hold and we had to work hard for pregnancies #4 and #5, only to loose them too. We were clearly led to adopt which is in God's word and he does lead people to this route. Our son Troy came very quickly as affirmation of this. How else are these children going to be taken care of. I have peace with being barren now, and feel blessed to have given birth to all four of my children, even my son who was born still. (pregnancy #4 was twins which were m/c)
  20. That is funny right there. I DO like having kids, but I can't any longer. Well, I *could* if it were a miracle, but by all appearances, I am barren. Anyhow, even though I love kids and would LOVE to have a large family, I am trusting God to give me the signs to keep going or to stop. I do believe he will only give me what I can handle. Whether that be my 4 or 14, I'll let him decide by shutting and opening doors. I do not dress like the Duggars EVERY DAY. LOL. I do wear my hair long, but also cut and style it and even highlight it. I like to wear jumpers and skirts because it makes me feel more feminine and biblical. However, I also like to wear my shorts and capris. LOL My DD is certainly not a feminine dresser very much, and I am okay with that. I want her to be comfortable in her skin. Yes, we do try to be modest, but my definition of modesty may vary from that of others since my DD is allowed to wear tank tops and a bikini around family (she has to wear a more modest suit when at public swim places, a long tankini). She is not allowed to show her tummy in public, ever.
  21. Very good point WordGirl. We surely must take part in the process not just waiting for it to magically happen.
  22. Can withstand pressure, but be careful, if treated in a poor manner she will crumble. She will love you with all her heart and forgive easily if not taken advantage of. She is a giver, and while easy to get used to, she also would like to receive every now and then. DO NOT mess with her children or others she loves. She is ferocious when provoked with anything pertaining to her children or those she loves. Sometimes she weeps. That does not mean she is unhappy, but it could mean she is. Must be very close to her in order to discern the differences.
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