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Any favorite planners for middle & hs students?

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Franklin Covey has spiral-bound dayminders for High School/College and I think even for younger kids, like Elementary School age.

Our Office Depot also had a commendable collection to choose from and they were a little less expensive than Franklin Covey.

For myself, I love Franklin Covey.

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I just started using an Excel planner from Donna Young's site; you plug in the date and it has pre-formatted spreadsheets for up to 9 subjects, with the date across the top, for six weeks.


Six weeks is about all I can fathom for planning ahead, so this is working out well for me. I do about a week at a time. I've got a spreadsheet going for each of my children.


If you have Excel, I'd recommend it highly. It has the features of a planner and calendar all in one, and it's free.

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What we prefer is those large, 2' square or so plain wall planners with big 3" by 3" squares, lined, for every day. One page for a month. I have one and dd14 has one, on the wall facing our desks.She has a lot of Scouting activities and friend activities to keep track of. It's so visual that with a glance you can see whats coming up. Also great for Flylady stickers. And it only costs about $5 or $7 Au.

I have found that diaries either get lost under piles of papers on the table, or simply dont get opened.

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I actually just found one of these I never used!! Yep, I had actually bought two at a Teacher's Express type store (name?) by a different company which cost about 4 times as much. Opened them up and what do you know? The pages inside are identical!


I'm planning on using those but not sure what to use for a daily/monthly calendar. Right now I just keep one on my computer and print it off. I might just stay at this for a while until they need something more individualized.

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