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Opinions Calvert Spelling Mastery Series CD

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I am trying to plan for next year and I was hoping to have at least one or two subjects the kids could complete independently. Has anyone used these CDs and if so, are they challenging? Do your kids like them? Do they save time compared to having mom say all the words? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have two very strong spellers currently using Sequential and one finishing up All About Spelling that has informed me she would like to try something different "on the computer".




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The CDs are just software versions of the "Everyday Spelling" program. We bought one as part of a Calvert program, and the software refused to function. By the time that we had gotten around to trying, it was too late to return the software, we assumed. We just stayed with the corresponding workbook.


We liked the extinct CDs for spelling, formerly created for Calvert. Although they were too simple on a "per grade level", they were great fun and let "Mom" (me) off the hook.

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We've used the older spelling cd's and the newer ones along with the workbooks. And my girls just could not get into them at all. The newer cd's are a little bit better but like one poster said we encountered software issues along the way. We've used the Cd's for 3, 4, and 5th. My girls started out liking them and got bored quickly as they pretty much do the same thing over and over.


With that said, there are some children who love them and do well with them. You won't know if it works until you try. But honestly you could do Spell City and its free.

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Guest bluerose

i see that you have a daughter in calvert 4th grade. can you give an opinion of their program? we are considering it for next year for 5th and 8th grade.thanks.

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My kids are just not natural spellers and after trying several programs *I* needed something they could do independently. We've used the new Mastery Series for about a year and a half now. They love them. Recently, my schedule relaxed a bit and I decided that I had time to work with them on spelling again. Also, I realized my oldest is entering 8th next year and I'd like her to "master" spelling before High School. So.... I bought Spelling Power.


Here's the good news: My kids, who were behind in spelling before the Calvert CDs, placed at their grade-level or above in Spelling Power! :party:


I am going to continue with Spelling Power at my pace. But, since they love & beg to do the Calvert CDs, and they can do them independently, I plan for each kid to finish the Calvert program also. just my experience...

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