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    All prices include media mail shipping. I take paypal. See photos. ABeCedarian ( complete teacher/student set) Scheduled with Moving Beyond the Page or Standalone Level C SET ( yellow set) New $20 Sonlight Grade 2 Readers Schedule & Guide ( 2 pages wrinkled) 2011 $6 KONOS Timeline FIgures (new set of 29) for Obedience Unit ( sells for 15 plus 5 shipping on website) Asking $13 KONOS ATTENTIVENESS CRAFT KIT $25 ( not sold separately on KONOS) If you already have the guide, this will make your life ALOT easier. Unused Konos- Attentiveness Craft Kit. Includes 5 Craft Kits: 1. Weaving Loom Kit - You make 1 - Owl Pellets kit 1-Navajo Sand Painting Kit 1. Talking Stick Kit 1. Button Blanket Kit - That you put together. 1 Map Packet 3 - Pictures Instructions For Kids 6 - 12 Story of Mankind Hendrik Willem van Loon Good condition, but obviously well loved 1999 pb edition. Wonderful book $10



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    An Adventure Reading Set for “American Crossing†Sells for $65 plus shipping. Asking $30 including shipping Target Age Group: Grades 4-7 Very good to Excellent condition. Photo attached. This Adventure Reading Set Resource These are the Adventure Reading books scheduled in your “American Crossing†guide. These read-alouds will engage students of a variety ages. These read-alouds will take your students on journeys with Lewis and Clark and the survival story of “Naya Nuki.†List of Readers in This Set Blood on the River Regina Silsby’s Secret War The Ballad of Lucy Whipple Calico Captive Captain’s Dog Jip: His Story Naya Nuki Fever 1793 Bandit’s Moon



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    Looking to buy a KONOS Timeline or timeline figures. Also, unit called Attentiveness or kit for Orderliness and Obedience. Piecing together stuff for next year. Any original volume, that is current. Also looking for High School Level. Just seeing if anyone has this, before I buy new. Please reply with your price, including shipping to GA. Thanks



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    This is a complete set. Very good condition. I take paypal. I can post a pic as soon as I figure out how. You can email me at needmorejava@hotmail.com also. This is the student text, teacher manual, and syllabus.


  5. They are all out....just watched the live feed. What an amazing rescue! Praise the Lord!
  6. So we meet again..old WP friend...:) I just sent you an email.
  7. I really would have said exactly the same thing, but Heather stated it perfectly. The only difference is we were using them in a coop.....it was really disappointing!
  8. Can we come to your house? LOL...cart looks awesome.
  9. Has anyone combined MOH 3 with TOG? I know you would start TOG at Year 2, Unit 2 and skip unit 1 completely. Does anyone have a schedule for this? I am considering this for next year. Thanks,
  10. Does anybody know where I can get an actual listing of the contents in Level G and H? I have so many science kits already, I may just own most of the stuff needed, LOL. I can get the text and tm set at CBD on sale and I am wondering if I really need the kits? Does anyone own these kits that wouldn't mind sharing what is in the kit? Thanks!!
  11. We just switched my daughter to this and she loves it so far. We are doing the last two units of 8-10 and then continuing onto 9-11. I do have the entire poetry unit you asked about and it looks wonderful. We are currently using the lit unit for Akimbo and Sadako, followed by Holes, and finally Charlotte in Giverny...given her love of art, I expect the last one to be her fave. I can say the Africa and Asia study that accompanies the lit unit is WONDERFUL. Intriguing questions, fun hands on stuff ( but not overdone) and lots of things I could think up on my own, but I just dont have the time. T
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