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How much gr. beef to make sloppy joes for 50 people?

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Wow, what a cooking project! When I buy a leaner ground beef, I can get 5 pretty well-filled sloppy joe burgers So I would find a good meat sale and get 10 pounds. You might consider stretching it even further with a bit of grated potato, ground up beans, or some oats.


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Well if they eat about 1/4 a pound of meat on the sloppy joe then 1/4 pound times 50. And it depends on the people.


edited to add: You might want to add a little more if you assume some will eat more than one.


I was thinking the same thing. About 1/4 pound/person with a bit extra for good measure, so 15 pounds.


This is assuming it's a mix of adults and children, and not all adults.

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Thank you all! My husband leads a youth ministry at church and we (by that I mean *I*) are making sloppy joes this month. Last month was Pizza. We're only offering one sandwich at a time and will have potato chips. 50 is an overestimation.

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