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Occupations that make you cringe...

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If it's any comfort.....my "baby" sister who just turned 41 this year....when she was in elementary school her goal in life was to be an "Avon Lady". Now, I don't have anything against Avon though I don't use it but my mom was a bit upset at the prospect, lol. She even stopped buying Avon so the pretty lady in the pretty dress would stop influencing my sister. By junior high my sister had changed it to Mary Kay because they had those pink cars, lol.


So....what does my sister do now that she's an adult? She's an executive at a major grocery store chain, in charge of national something or other. Marv salary, groovy car, glamourous clothes.......and she's finally realizing she forgot to stop and have kids, but otherwise she's had a pretty wonderful life.


So....don't worry. Like others have said, they'll change their mind a lot of times. And honestly....if politics is really what he wants, you won't be able to stop him. So maybe just up the character training so that he might be better than most!!!!


Seriously, though....I think I'd try to find out WHY and what it is that fascinates him about politics. It'll be hard for a child that age to articulate his feelings/reasonings.....but try to engage him in conversations to reveal them so that you can see what his real desire is and then perhaps be better equipped to guide him toward something that will still fulfill his desire without making you want to change your name! My sister wanted the glamour. My mom was a non-dress wearing type.....I think today Mom would have lived in blue jeans, but 30 years ago "slacks" were her uniform. This sister was the only one of 4 girls that wore makeup EVERY day in high school (I wore it twice in my life...prom and wedding). She lived in dresses and had more shoes than Imelda Marcos. Still does! Her idea of "weekend wear" is a dress without hose or high heels! She comes to visit for a weekend and it takes two large suitcases.....my entire family spent a week at her house in the same size suitcases.....for 4 of us! Her thing was the glamour that these woman exposed her to......perhaps your son is interested in the "change the way things happen".....or even the power. Power is not always evil.....but if that's his desire I'd steer him towards being his own boss rather than political power. If it's making changes happen, there are a lot of career goals that involve positive change outside of DC.


Good luck finding what makes him tick!

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As for cringing over politics, here is one of my favourite jokes (clean):


A preacher wants to know what his boy is going to grow up and be, so he puts out a Bible, a silver dollar, and a bottle of whiskey and hides in the closet to see which his son will pick. He thinks, if he picks up the Bible, he'll be a preacher like me, praise the Lord. If he picks up the dollar, he'll be a business man, which would be okay, but if he picks up the liquor, he'll be a drunk, and that would be a crying shame.


Boy comes in and looks over the items on his desk. He puts the dollar in his pocket, the Bible under his arm and takes a swig of the whiskey.

"Lord save us" whispers his father, "he's going to be a politician."




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