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  1. That campy sci-fi TV show - Sliders. If you watch it starting at the last episode and work backwards the series gets better. There are lots of other sci-fi shows and movies too.
  2. twoforjoy, I see your argument, but it's been my experience males convicted of statutory rape are usually guilty of much more. They don't have common sense to stop when the girl is obviously, legally too young. Usually, this lack of common sense has them participating in other less appealling activities. I've seen lots of young teen waitresses get hit on. I've also seen 12 year olds get hit on by older men. Other cultures have different standards. Should an older male who hits on a 12yo be considered a threat? Where should the line be drawn?
  3. The beach at Falls Lake is at Beaver Dam. Check to see if swimming is allowed. Due to bacteria, the beach is sometimes closed. Pullen Park is currently undergoing reconstruction. It is not accessible, but the indoor aquatic center is. IMO, Cameron Village has the nicest library in the area. The Science Museum downtown is great and its expanding. The children's museum (Marbles) downtown is great too. There are a few free concerts during each month - usually in downtown. The North Carolina Art Museum has outdoor film nights - some are for kids. The museums have free child classes all the time. City data has lots of info about events: http://www.city-data.com/forum/raleigh-durham-chapel-hill-cary/ IMO, the area is great for homeschoolers. And, do visit Locopops! They are great!
  4. I miss my kids before they even leave for a trip. After they've left, I wonder what it will be like in ~8 years when my son leaves for college, then my daughter 5 years later. I try to keep busy.
  5. Many say we have great area schools, but we don't want our children institutionalized.
  6. Quid pro quo for sleepovers seem odd to me. Our family doesn't do sleepovers. I've met so many parents that would dump their kid(s) on another family they know nothing about. If my child was asked over to someone's house, I'd need to talk to the child's parent(s), ask a few questions, visit, have dinner with them, etc. Something like: Do you keep all your guns locked up? Do you smoke in front of your children? What kind of movies/television do you watch? I would want to guage what is (in)appropriate to them. If the parents felt the questons were too much, then that tells me something. I've met many that have no boundaries. Trust is earned. I'm willing to offend for the safety of my children.
  7. Hi all, Adult multivitamin tablets tend to give me significant stomach pain. I've tried different brands. Someone suggested using liquid vitamins instead. Upon investigation, it seems that liquid vitamins do not contain nearly the same levels of vitamins as the tablets. Plus, they on average cost 4X as much. Help?
  8. My daughter has similar fine hair. We wash her hair infrequently, and use It's A 10 Miracle Leave in Product and Hair Mask. Without these she hated her hair. It would frequently tangle and split. She wouldn't brush it, but didn't want a short cut. Now, she loves to brush her hair and her previous spirals have returned. The products are expensive but work. YMMV.
  9. We had the best vacation in Quebec a few years ago. My wife planned everything. We stayed north of Quebec City. The hiking is spectaculor. We know almost no French, but it didn't matter. Someone always knew enough English.
  10. Talking outside the 12 institutions: Would anyone feel differently if the college/uni was less prestigious/known? If a child of an alumni applied but was on the lower end of acceptance to the "mediocre" school, should legacy make a difference? What if it's a small relatively unknown private college? Doing away with legacy at such an institution would border on cutting future enrollment.
  11. I personally know at least 6 families that have applied for the government modification program. None were approved. All the families are struggling. My family was one of them. When I was told we didn't quality, I asked why. They couldn't tell me. The call center person is given no explanation to relay for the disapproval. There is no right "formula" they're aware of. There is no rhyme or reason to the system. The program is being reported in the news as a huge failure. IMO, it was designed that way.
  12. Our son had a constant habit of clearing his throat, to the point of being crazy annoying (for 6 months). His tonsils were badly infected. The ped ENT recommended the removal. He hasn't had any problems since, or even been sick at all. :) But, the two weeks after the removal were brutal. Smooth sailing since.
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