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Any experience with the Lego Brickmaster Club?

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Yes, my son has been in for years. The novelty for him is the free small (and I do mean small) Lego kits they send in the mail. He absolutely loves getting those little packages. They are the kits for like $3.00 in the store. They also send BrickMaster magazines and a Bionicle comic. I am not sure what is in the magazine but my son eats them up. The cost has been worth it for my Lego loving son.

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I ordered one for each of my younger ones. My mom said she'd pay for one of them. They already get the Lego Club Magazine, and like your son, they devour them! I was thinking the boys would love getting those little sets in the mail.


When I was young, my mom signed me up for a sticker club at the local Hallmark store. Each month, I received a special newsletter, coupons for free stickers, and sticker money on my birthday. It was one of the best things ever!

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The boys received their first installment of the subscription this week. They were ecstatic. :D I hid the Legoland coupon b/c there isn't one close by, and it took a while to explain to Ben that the coupons were not gift cards. :tongue_smilie:


Can you tell me how often they will receive something in the mail?

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The one you have to pay for?




Yes, indeedy! My 13 yr old son still LOVES to get packages from LEGO Club! I am amazed at his focus putting the small items together... reading the magazine... and doing a contest now and then. Well worth the money!


The magazine has all of the collectibles... comics (BIONICLE series), contests, instructions, and more! My son begs for me to use the LEGOLAND pass! *ACK*

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