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  1. Is this something my 6th grader can do independantly? I am expecting in November and am looking to make his curriculum as independant as possible. If not any other Latin root based programs you can rec?
  2. My daughter is an average reader but she can definitely use more phonics instruction. Her spelling on the other hand is atrocious. We have used the OPGTR, plaid phonics and spelling workout. I am leaning towards either LOE or AAS. If I use LOE do I need to supplement grammer we have completed FFL 1 and 2. If I go the AAS route I am going to use MCT with it. FLL is just not working for her like it did with my son. So which do you suggest LOE or AAS w/ MCT.
  3. We will be doing WWS 1 and CE 1 so I really just need a stand alone grammar.
  4. Help! I am totally undecided what to use for grammar this year. We have done FLL1-4 and Hake 5, my son found Hake to be too slow and repetitive. I was considering AG or MCT but am not sure which to go with, anyone have any input or suggestions. Thanks.
  5. I am an apple pie fan and baker. This year I also baked a pumpkin pie, do you refrigerate your pumpkin pie if baked the night before? It is a custard pie so it should be refrigerated.....I just hate how refrigerated crust turns out. Thoughts?
  6. Link from Legends of Zelda. For Pokemon maybe he could be one of the trainers like Ash?
  7. Walmart and Target both have all cotton PJ's. Also kohl's has a good selection if you hit the sales they are pretty affordable.
  8. Coming out of lurkdoom to reaffirm why we are friends, these are a few of my favorite books! Now if I could just find time to read......
  9. Count me in! DH is assembling school cones and I am frantically organizing binders. I can't wait for a return to normalcy...or as close as we get:001_smile:
  10. It is possible. When we lived closer I would often go on rainy days, check my kids into the playplace and drink a cup of coffee alone:D Boy do I miss the Ikea break.
  11. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/08/03/157967215/experts-fear-whooping-cough-vaccines-shield-is-waning "Some 77 percent of children and adolescents who got whooping cough in Washington State last year were up to date on their required shots, she notes." The majority of pertusiss infections are within the vaccinated population. There has never been a long term scientific study comparing the vaccinated and unvaccinated population, until this is done we will not be vaccinating our children.
  12. Now I am on the fence about which level of MCT island or town? What do the MCT gurus say:)
  13. Would it be overkill to do LOE in conjunction with MCT Island. My son is going into 4th grade and is an amazing and avid reader...he CANNOT spell. We have done FLL1-3 and he has a pretty good handle on grammar, we are just bored with FLL. I was thinking we could do an intensive study of LOE in about 10 weeks while reading Grammar Island. when we finish up LOE I could throw in the rest of the MCT material. I would also be doing WWE3. So any advice or tweaking? Thanks!
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