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Fargo Flood--update

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We are now living 200 miles away from the house, but returned briefly on Saturday to more more stuff up and to check on the house.


We are still dry but I'm one house closer to the river. We had a significant dike break and lost the house closest to the river. It now sits encased in ice, like a houseboat frozen into a giant ice cube.


The winter storm that is coming may be the make/break point for the city. Believe it or not, we'll have WAVES on the swollen river and waves and dikes are not a good combination.


We are starting up school again tomorrow at Grandma's house. When we went back, I grabbed my TOG year 1 Unit 4 binder, just in case. I'd taken Unit 3, but.....


Tomorrow, we get library cards for the local library and try to settle into a routine again.


Prayer needs:


that the dikes hold

that the winds are minor in the Fargo-Moorhead region

that the city can respond quickly to dike breeches

that the children and their parents will be kind and gentle with each other in stressful time.


Thank you for your prayers and messages. I wish I could respond personally, but my only internet connection is at the local Caribou Coffee shop. Grandma isn't exactly cutting-edge when it comes to technology!

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