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  1. Got this from one of my former students who is now a pediatrician. He said that the flu mist was being a large immunity in the nasal passages. In subsequent years, the attenuated flu mist was neutralized by the nasal passage immunity; basically little of the flu mist made it to the full body. I'm sure he simplified it for me, but he was very disappointed that flu mist didn't work. I'm not sure anyone could foresee this response unless they did flu mist studies over multiple years on the same people.
  2. Mine two (9th and 10th) did well. I am so happy. The little 9th grader got a 28!!! I had to share an actual number because I'm so excited for her. Happy Dance!!! Thanks be to God for blessing our homeschooling journey.
  3. When I was planning to continue homeschooling through high school, I started getting a lot of messages about how I would be ruining my kids from people I work with. Someone, maybe Nan, said something along the lines that I've been planting a garden all these years and the garden would blossom in high school. So, why was I plowing up the garden before it bloomed. Glad I stuck it out. High school at home was even more fun than elementary school!
  4. We love Tapestry of Grace here. We are on our 8th years of it (two rotations through). In high school, you can find the lit books readily in the library. But, you'll end up buying the history books. Why are your kids not enjoying SL? Is it the reading load? If so, TOG is not the answer. If it is the organization/integration with lit, then TOG is a great option. It is not cheap, but more used teacher's guides are available than before. Before you switch, try to figure out why SL isn't working.
  5. I signed up for the Conceptual Physics self-study. We are actually using the Conceptual Physics (high school) text, so I'll have to a bit of matching to make it work. But, I love having the videos associated with the sections. I was slowly working my way through the text and finding videos for each section, so this helps. I hope they get more assessment tools on the site soon. I'm excited to try this...I'll post how it goes.
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