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  1. Got this from one of my former students who is now a pediatrician. He said that the flu mist was being a large immunity in the nasal passages. In subsequent years, the attenuated flu mist was neutralized by the nasal passage immunity; basically little of the flu mist made it to the full body. I'm sure he simplified it for me, but he was very disappointed that flu mist didn't work. I'm not sure anyone could foresee this response unless they did flu mist studies over multiple years on the same people.
  2. Mine two (9th and 10th) did well. I am so happy. The little 9th grader got a 28!!! I had to share an actual number because I'm so excited for her. Happy Dance!!! Thanks be to God for blessing our homeschooling journey.
  3. If you are wanting this to replace chemistry for high school, please know that CC would be very, very basic. Your child would be hitting college chemistry FAR less prepared than his peers. Apologia (2nd) is also less than complete, unless you do the Advanced chem course also. If this is just an "exposure to chem" kind of class, then CC is fine. If it is to prepare for college science, then, no! Chemistry has lots of math and skipping stoichiometry, a vital concept in chemistry, is not acceptable. Can you let the parents choose which chem text to use and just do the labs in co-op? I hav
  4. We love Tapestry of Grace here. We are on our 8th years of it (two rotations through). In high school, you can find the lit books readily in the library. But, you'll end up buying the history books. Why are your kids not enjoying SL? Is it the reading load? If so, TOG is not the answer. If it is the organization/integration with lit, then TOG is a great option. It is not cheap, but more used teacher's guides are available than before. Before you switch, try to figure out why SL isn't working.
  5. 12 chapters for my non-math/science kids 14 chapters for my math/science kids Skipped prob/stats chapter since it is such a tiny intro as to be not useful. We will cover it later, more fully. FABULOUS book! I've used it for 4 kids and recommended it to friends.
  6. Last year I cried over how thoughtless the gifts to me were from my husband. This year, I got smart: I bought a couple of things for me from me to put under the tree. Much happier this year. Poor guy is a great husband but a lousy gift-giver :-)
  7. Catchphrase is a hoot with a crowd. We vary it by playing teams, where ever other person in a circle are on the team together. You have to remember when to shout an answer and when to be quiet. We also have a version where you have to act out the phrase.
  8. 4th kid is now in 9th grade. All of the first 3 had a shocking adjustment in high school. The workload and expectations do really jump. All four of them have shed tears over the workload. They adjusted, but it wasn't always easy. No real advice, but hugs for you both. Mostly reassure them that you have great confidence that they can do it all. Encourage them to manage their time wisely so they can get to the fun things in life. All of my high schoolers have needed a quieter place to work than the kitchen table with the younger siblings. Something to consider. 10th grade is easier for every
  9. Could have written this post myself!! Kid #3 and #4 are in this situation now. Kids #1-3 have all had identical experiences. Cliques in youth group, shunning, etc. My kids figured out that they had to dumb down their vocabulary and appear very uninterested in the Bible study to fit in just a bit. And they decided it wasn't worth the effort. They moved to adult Bible study and found friends elsewhere. One child identified one person at church that they really liked and we host that child often and cheerfully. That child is now rather shunned but she wasn't popular before either. Kid #4
  10. Are you talking about skipping GenChem in college and going straight to OChem? Unless your child is truly gifted, don't! Just don't! Look for an Honors section of Gen Chem or take the class and enjoy a review. OChem is a bear of a class and makes for an extremely hard freshman year. Pam P.S. I've taught GenChem and OChem for 24 years at a private liberal arts college.
  11. Do the math-y one, for sure! All of the better students in the college class will be very conversant in mathematical chemistry already.
  12. Ah, stupid question, but where does one go to subscribe to these podcasts? Do they notify you when new podcasts are available in a series?
  13. Bwahahaha......that's the biggest reason that I'm doing AoA with mixed feelings this year. :lol:
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