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This precious baby boy needs our prayers. He has a

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This just breaks my heart. We are unfortunately one of those familes that understands all too well what it's like to fear the the lives of our children.


I lost my first son Tanner in 1997. I was only 21 years old and burying my son. My second son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) in 2002. He was only 3.5 years old. After having already lost one child my world collapsed after finding out that my second son had cancer.


I am happy and eternally thankful to say that my second son is now 10 and he is a happy, healthy and normal boy. He was on chemotherapy for three years. We lived in hospitals and I watched him suffer during that time more than any parent should ever have to, but at least we were one of the lucky ones. We lost many of our friends along the way.


Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble. I'm just mourning for this family. I know how it feels to look down at your sick child and feel helpless because you are supposed to protect them but knowing that there is nothing you can do.


I will pray for this family tonight. I'm also sending out cyber :grouphug: to them and their precious little one.

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Dear Heavenly Father,


We lift up Stellan before You with his heart problems. You know all of his needs, please give the doctors wisdom to know how to restore him to good health. I haven't read the whole story, but I do know that you are the ultimate physician and healer. Nothing is too difficult for You.


In Jesus' name,


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