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  1. Thank you, everyone! I'm going to order a catalog and start planning!!
  2. Anyone use this for k? Likes, dislikes? Thank you!
  3. Never used this before and know very little about it? If you have thoughts, will you please share? Thank you!
  4. To Kill A Mocking Bird The Hobbit The Cay Mere Christianity The Westing Game ...just a few ideas!
  5. Me too. I need to think on this and do a little research on transcripts. Seems perfectly acceptable to me.
  6. Oh, this is good to know. I am definitely adding easy grammar 9th, essay writing, and lit analysis.
  7. Yes, this is what i plan on doing as well. I'm pretty excited about it. I am adding pretty much exactly what you are doing. I think it will be perfect. I agree. I actually own a few of them! I'm going to include the studies my son does on his own and with his youth group. I think that in addition to what they offer will be enough for a credit.
  8. Why shouldn't I mark Piano as 1/2 credit elective? To me, it's the perfect elective. He's learned so much during his 7yrs of piano lessons.
  9. This is great and creative. I'm looking into HomeScholar for advice on names and such for transcripts. I definitely need help with that. I love your ideas! Yes, we are required to have PE credit as well. I'm fortunate to have a great class here in my area. I might add that for next year. It's a good idea! Thanks for mentioning that. I think 9th is a better year to do that while academics are still less demanding.
  10. Starting to click with me! My cleaned up version is: English- American Lit, Essay writing through Notgrass, Vocabulary through assigned reading, Easy Grammar for review. Math MUS Alg. 1 History- Notgrass American History Religion- Bible Studies Science- Apologia Biology Foreign Language- Rosetta Stone German Logic/Piano- Electives = 7 credits Freshman year I feel better about this and appreciate the insight. If anyone else has suggestions, pls let me know!
  11. Regentrude, you make a good point. I appreciate the ease of just keeping good records and not focussing so much on the transcript part yet. Vocabulary and spelling...hmmm... well, he is not the best speller. I think it would hurt for him to practice in the area without being bogged down with an extensive program. Vocabulary, you are right. I think I will just work through his assigned reading for the literature portion and create my own 'thing' for him. I like that idea!
  12. Oh, that's a good point! And, you are right about the piano. I should make that a half credit and add Logic as the other half. Piano 1/2 credit Logic 1/2 credit ~ Thinking toolbox, Fallacy Detective Ok, question about the literature. When it comes time to adding up the credits and you need to have some additional elective courses, why would it be a bad thing to add Amercian Literature? I realize how it might look, but at some point, don't you need the literature electives to add to your credits?
  13. I should also add: Bible- 1 credit I'm guessing this could/should be an elective? I know it might not look academically as 'strong' on a transcript, but shouldn't I include it if he is doing the work?
  14. This is as far as I've gotten in my limited research and planning, but I'm feeling pretty good and would like to know what others think. English: 1credit Easy Grammar 9th grade Writing- papers assigned in Notgrass Vocabulary and Spelling- undecided, recommendations? Literature: 1 credit Notgrass assigned reading books Math- 1 credit MUS Algebra 1 History- 1 credit Notgrass History- American History Foreign Language- 1 credit Rosetta Stone German Music- 1 credit Piano Lessons Science- 1 credit Apology Biology Does this look correct? Did I forget anyth
  15. I believe each state would be different. Most equate the credit with the number of hours studied during the year. I'm not sure there is an actual suggested course of study. Most simply say composition with strong grammar skills. So, that would, in my opinion, include: Reading, Writing, and Grammar Although, you could just include the writing and grammar and have the Reading as a Literature credit. I'm not sure. HTH
  16. It sounds like you both were relatively satisfied. I do like that they designed the program for any grade level. I wish MFW did that! I see they are coming to our convention. :) I know where I'll be!
  17. I've been researching High School curricula and just ran across Notgrass. I realize they are not new, but for whatever reason, I've never looked at the program. It looks great! Can anyone share with me their experience using this program? I'm looking at American History for my Freshman and also, the younger history looks pretty good too? Can anyone give me their opinion. This really looks perfect for us! I'm so excited!! Thanks~
  18. Yes, I see what you all are saying. Unfortunately, we've spent more than enough time on the ancients. We study history classically and do to changes in curriculum we've spent an extra yr in Ancients. I feel like the Jews and want to be freed in the Exodus! :) So, that will not work for us this year. I'm now looking at the Notgrass curriculum. This looks like it might work. Though, I've just begun reading; I am hopeful!
  19. Oh, so you are saying that changing the cycles isn't a good idea b/c the work is actually geared toward the their recommended cycles? US1 work is designed specifically for 11th grade? Hmmm...well, yes that does change a lot. ugh! Back to the drawing board!
  20. I think I figured it out. I wasn't sure exactly what was covered in the literature. But, it looks like they include lessons for easy grammar. We are wanting to use the US history (11th grade cycle) for 9th grade. My siggy is outdated! lol!
  21. Anyone that has used the high school level MFW ...can you tell me what you thought about the English selection? Specifically, the Applications of Grammar set. My son has had grammar, but I'm thinking it might be good to review in 9th grade. Thoughts on this program? Thanks!
  22. I've put this on the WTB forum, but I also thought it might be seen more on this board. Please message me if you have this. I only need discs, but I will consider complete/partial sets. Thanks!!!
  23. This particular group has an outstanding reputation. I'm not worried about the rigor really. I'm also thinking about Challenge A. Anyone have thoughts on that program? I plan on sitting in next Tues. :)
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