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  1. These aren't necessarily chick flicks but they are among my personal fav's! Raising Arizona Saving Silverman They are both hilarious to me! :-))
  2. NO, I would not move into that size house for no house payment. It's about quality of life for me as well. Having no mtg is great, but I think I could compromise in other areas. For instance, we do not have any car payments. For some, that would equal a house payment. IDK, I guess it just depends on what makes you happy. I have a decent size family and I love having guests over and enjoying sleep overs. That would be very hard in this little house. I did enjoy the video and the idea behind it. For some, it would be perfect. For me, I think not!
  3. Our new puppies hardly ate the first three days after we got them. It's the excitement and newness that seemed to keep them from eating. I would say it is completely normal.
  4. I'm sorry for your ordeal, but I disagree that her post isn't helpful. It is always nice to have information about potential side effects that dr's aren't revealing to patients. I know that the side effect isn't a 'health problem' but it's always nice to know what you are going into with your eyes wide open. You should have the right to know and weigh your decision based on ALL info. :grouphug:
  5. I think your post is VERY helpful and I, for one, appreciate any information that migt protect me from side effects. I do believe all meds have them, but this is a side effect that you are saying they aren't acknowledging. That's not fair. So, thank you! How sweet and kind of you to put yourself out there and give other women the chance to make that decision. You are very kind and have been through a LOT! God Bless you! :grouphug::grouphug:
  6. My dh just had this surgery almost two wks ago. His nose ran constantly for a full wk or more. He still has healed to the point that his breathing thru the nose is good. I think in the next couple of days he will be able to blow his nose for the first time. I guess everyone is different. But, I think that would perfectly normal.
  7. :party: I know that feeling!!! My son was epileptic from 3-8 yrs of age. The day we heard the EEG was normal was the greatest gift! I'll never forget it. God is good and I am so happy for you and your dd. He is fourteen today. :) No seizures. When I think back to those years, I'm simply thankful for TODAY. I don't know how I did it with all the visits to drs, meds, changing meds, lugging 3 kids around that were under 4!!! I have no idea other than the grace of God that got me through it. I'm very happy for you and can so relate to your feelings!!!!
  8. Oh yes!! I usually notice it when the sarcastic comments come back to haunt me! :iagree: I say let the girl take up skiing! :lol: There are cute boys at lakes and snow resorts and hopefully, it wouldn't be so dangerous!
  9. I hear ya!:grouphug: I think it is age related. They tend to pull away at 12-13 and not need to hear or take any advice from mom. It can be hurtful for sure! :confused: try to find some quiet moments with them so you can reconnect at times. Hang in there momma...they still love and need you very much:D they just need you in different ways. But, I still make mine hug and kiss me!! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:
  10. I think it often depends on your expectations...and personalities. An easy marriage is not necessarily a healthy marriage.
  11. No! My rule is 10 yrs old and only for short periods. And, not to babysit. Period.
  12. I would just like to add that you've implied that this young lady is a grown adult and has no real reason for a relationship with her bio-father. That she is already grown and this situation will only turn everyone's lives upside down. Those weren't your exact words, but I think that nails the point. However, have you consider that though she is really a young adult, her life is JUST beginning. She still has college, marriage, children (he will grandchildren) and lots and lots of milestones. Why would she not have the same entitlement as the other children he has fathered? I believe you c
  13. I've been shopping at CBD and I noticed some great books for studying the electoral process and US gov't. However, this will be our first year doing this study and I have no ideas which books are the best. My kids are older: 9, 11 and 14. Any recommendations for books that would be a good fit for our study? Thanks so much~
  14. My neighbor, and friend, has a kidney condition. I can't remember the details but its something I had not heard of before. I think she had cysts on one. She went in to the hospital a few yrs ago to rule out cancer. They did the scan and everything. IT was very detailed b/c she was having blood, etc. Anyway, she has cysts, but it's not cancer. It's fine. They just monitor them. So, you see, it can be just a little something to create a problem. It is NOT cancer!:grouphug: Cancer would be a worst case scenario....there are MANY steps between here and there. From someone that has had ca
  15. :iagree::iagree: I completely agree with all of this!
  16. :grouphug: My oldest son is just like yours. Except, he doesn't like sports of ANY kind and rarely is interested in group activities. It's really hard to watch them struggle with relationships, but I do think it's because they are so thoughtful and kind that 'casual' relationships are hard for them. I think that they love and care deeply for ppl and most ppl do not reciprocate that at this age level. I know my oldest son has a very hard time with casual play and just simple hanging out kinda stuff. He's more serious, sensitive, and thoughtful. He is lightening up a bit lately. But,
  17. As a buyer and seller, I would expect more info on the condition of the book. I would also assume that this seller wouldn't expect to get a positive response and might have been looking for a quick, one time sell. I try to list everything when I sell an item. I like to purchase like new and would expect to offer something in the same condition to others. I'm sorry this happened. I hope you do find a solution!:grouphug:
  18. I'm not sure that I understand the financial gain in renting? Your husband is unemployed and you are going to pay a mortgage AND rent? I'm not sure where you live but most houses are on the market for six mos to a year now. How will you afford to continue to pay THAT mortgage and pay for a rental home? I own another property that we rent out. It's currently on the market, but if I were looking at this scenario as a potential, I would want to see financial statements that indicate you could afford both. I'm sorry. I know what it's like to want something even when it's not going to work
  19. I get it! I like everything just as perfect as can be when I'm about to have a little one. I can't imagine a construction zone. :grouphug: Just remember you have a beautiful new kitchen and hubby WILL have it done in time! :001_smile:
  20. Gotcha! Lightbulb moment! hehehe! For me, it depends on the subject. I find with math, science, and grammar that I'm much more rigid and feel like I need to finish the entire text. If you are piecing it together, I would probably feel like I've finished when certain skills have been mastered. Of course, there are years that you have to just say 'good enough' for various reasons!:D But, as a general rule, I like to finish up when skills have been mastered. I think math is easiest to figure out. History is just one of those subjects that I've decided I need to be reasonable and pick only 'so
  21. If those were the ONLY two choices, I would pick Eng. from the Roots up! Only b/c I already own it. :D
  22. I'm not sure I understand the 'planning out' subjects? What exactly do you mean? I take each subject and just schedule the lessons according to how they break up for the week/year. I do not plan out the subject material. I just use the TM and review as I need to. Wish I could be more helpful.
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