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  1. From what I know you have to be extremely careful with MRSA. I know that my sister's MIL was in the hospital and they 'thought' she had it and put a special marking on her door and included more precautions. I would not like it one bit if dh was coming into contact with that. If I were him, I would not use anything on her desk. But, that is just me!
  2. I have one of those!:001_smile: He loves to drive everyone crazy! He's acquired quite a reputation in our family and with our friends. He means well, but he is the difficult, mouthy, opinionated one. I just keep telling myself that all of those traits will be very useful one day.:D
  3. I think it would depend on how you are keeping track of your dc's credits.Personally, I would use anything that my child took that would be a high school level course. You are only limited to your imagination. You can include anything ( I guess depending on state requirements) that meets the credit requirements. In your position, I would definitely count the credits! :001_smile:
  4. I'm trying to decide whether or not to use a three ring binder for each child or to just keep everything in accordion style file folder. Right now, I just have one in high school. In the past, we used banker boxes for their work, but I'm guessing the high school it will need to be more organized.
  5. I would just simply tell the ppl that say, "told you so'', that you home schooled the length of time that was right for your family. You haven't given up! You are just changing the game plan. Don't let anyone make you feel like just b/c your children are going to ps that you've failed as a homeschooler! It sounds like your dds are thrilled with the idea, you are at peace with it...so, it's the right decision. You have successfully home schooled your children the right amount of time for you and your family! You are a success story and don't dare let anyone tell you otherwise. :grouphug
  6. I've been working on several things throughout the summer. My biggest obstacle are bookshelves that surround my fireplace. They are the focal point in my home but they are also the 'catch all' for junk. :001_huh: So, I spent a lot of time going through and putting things on there that I want and tossing what I don't. I've been looking at each room and tackling it as I can. Right now, i'm walking on clouds b/c I discovered an organizer from pintrist for my pots that have been driving me nuts since FOREVER! I can actually organize them and get to each one without having the mound fall over
  7. Well, my thoughts are this: I would agree to do it with the understanding that If I didn't get paid it wouldn't matter. If being paid is a huge factor for you, I would consider having a discussion with her in further detail. It sounds really questionable that she might pay you. So, again, I wouldn't make my decision based on the money, but more on the decision of whether or not my kids would have a good day with hers. I try to help moms out when I can. I just feel like it's the right thing to do. I understand that we are all busy and some moms will take full advantage of you. However, I
  8. we're not there yet, but I did notice that MUS is offering online courses now. I don't know if that would be at all helpful, but I thought I would share!
  9. I have been reading Cohen's book Homeschooler's College Admission Book. In this book, it is recommended you keep track of various activities thru the high school yrs for credits, activities, special interests, etc. Could anyone recommend something that they use for recording such info? Would a simple journal or notebook be fine, or is there something more useful? Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. I agree with the broomstick skirt. I actually just bought a black broomstick dress that is adorable. I'm 5'4 too. I think they are really cute and can be dressed up or down.
  11. Yes, the cover was very distasteful. I agree. And, I too agree that the article was tedious. I read most of it but will admit that I scanned parts too.
  12. Anyone else read this? I'm not Mormon, but I do get the magazine and this article caught my attention. Just looking for thoughts from the Hive on the article and what you think of it?
  13. It might be that it is set to automatically invite all friends on their page. They may or may not have known that?:confused: I would just decline. I think it might be pretty common on FB.
  14. I am Moravian and find it the PERFECT balance. We've attended many different types of churches- baptist, methodist, pres., and none were for me. Moravian is simply perfect for our family- love, love, love my church!!! Best wishes as I finding a church him is not an easy task!
  15. :iagree: I felt the same way about turning 40. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one and that that i should be celebrating too!!!
  16. Awww...this is good! I'm hoping for a kind and gentle transformation too! lol!:lol: We'll see!
  17. Oh THIS!! Yes, this is what I've seen in my own life so far.I'm so praying my 40's are kinder than my 30's have been. :001_smile: I can see exactly the same common theme in my life as what you've described in your own. Thank you for offering hope and encouragement. I really needed it! :grouphug:
  18. :bigear: The 'senior moment' thread got me so tickled that I had to know the upside to turning 40!! I am less than six months from the BIG 40. I will say that turning 40 does bother me. :glare: I hate to admit that but it does. I fear all the health factors and aging ailments that will certainly start to rear their ugly heads. :001_huh: So, what are the wonderful aspects to 40?! I know there are some!!! :bigear::bigear:
  19. I absolutely love my Dyson DC 14! :001_smile: I will only buy another dyson. I will say that they are heavier and bigger than other vacuums. If you can go to a store and try one out, I would recommend it. The only real maintenance that I have to do is every month or so I need to clean the brush bar underneath as anything long will get wrapped around it. it's not a big deal at all, but it does help the performance. And, yes, the suction is amazing! Not kidding! :D
  20. My son is fourteen and I'm trying to decide if this would be a good fit? Or should I wait until he is in the ninth grade? He just turned fourteen in June. Thoughts? Thanks!
  21. Could someone tell me if my son would be capable of doing this at his age? He has read some heavy books: To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Hobbit, The Old Man and the Sea.... Any opinions on this, or would I be better off waiting for 9th grade? He just turned 14 this month. Thanks in advance!
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