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While planning their day, remember PLAY

Ali in OR

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One of the great benefits of home schooling is that much of the day is freed up for the important pursuit of play. Our piano teacher directed us to an NPR broadcast this morning on this topic. I found it on-line and enjoyed listening to it. I've always thought that plenty of free time for my kids to play is important, but this piece actually explains why! The piece explains that kids learn self-regulation through imaginative play, and that this ability to self regulate is more important than IQ in school success. I'll try to link it, but if I fail, I googled NPR, clicked on morning edition, and there it was.



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How could I forget? Every time my back is turned, they've run off to battle Rebel Scum (yes, they like to play the Empire).


If play will make them more successful in school, we've got it made. That also explains a great deal, when you look at the number of hours kids spend in institutional schools, the reduced recess, the guided/structured playground play, etc.

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