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  1. I thought the Hoop De Doo looks fun but it would take two of our dining credits to go. Trying to stay with in our credits. :) Liberty Tree Tavern looks good! This is most likely going to be our one and only trip to Disney with our kids so I was thinking of doing all the character stuff just to say we did it. Now looking at all the suggestions I am might change my mind! :)
  2. I thought my boys would like Sci Fi Cafe. I think they will think eating in cars would be awesome. I'm not thrilled with having burgers and fries for dinner on vacation! :) I also read it was really loud.
  3. Thanks! I am wondering how we will handle meals that first day. I am hoping to do Quick Service for lunch at the hotel and then do the latest dinner at Chef Mickey's and then crash for the night. No extra magic hours that night. I wasn't wowed by the menu for Garden Grill but think the kids might like seeing Chip n' Dale but we were also thinking of going to Chip n' Dale's campfire movie night one night also. So, they could see them then. The night we are going to Future World is Extra Magic Hours so I figured it would be easier to eat at the park. Any other suggestions for restaurants at Future World? Sunday Animal Kingdom closes at 6 (according to the website) and we won't have a car. So, we were thinking Date Night. :) Kids can do quick service at the hotel and then maybe watch the outside movie and then dh and I could go wonder around with out the kiddos. Kids LOVE Lilo and Stitch. I know they would get a kick out of seeing them at breakfast. DH is very much a free spirit and it really bugs him we have to schedule so far in advance. He said "What if we don't feel like eating there that night?!" :)
  4. We keep our distance. We probably see each other once a year or every other year.
  5. We get to make our Disney dinner reservations on Thursday and I would love some opinions. We are going with our dd16 and dss 12 and 10. We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside. Our trip is late September. My daughter has told me she does not want any meals with the princesses but any of the other Disney characters would be cool. We bought the Disney Plus Dining Plan. So, we get a table service meal each day. How do these choices sound? What would you change and why? This is our first trip! Tuesday we fly in around 11 and then we will probably head to Magic Kindom after we get settled at the resort Dinner at Chef Mickey Wednesday Epcot Future world Dinner at Garden Grill Thursday Epcot World Showcase Dinner at Tokyo Dining. Dh loves sushi He would also like Beirgarten but sounds like Tokyo dining has a great view of the fireworks.... Friday Magic Kingdom. We are hoping this will be one of the scheduled days for Mickey's Halloween party Late lunch at Crystal palace Saturday Hollywood Studios Dinner at Sci Fi Cafe Sunday Animal Kingdom Dinner at the hotel for the kids and Dh and I will wonder around Downtown Disney or the Boardwalk and find something to eat/drink Monday Fly home Breakfast at O'Hana's and then wonder around the park of kids' choice until we have to leave for the airport I would love to hear your opinions. I think I am most excited about all the food than anything else on this trip!! :)
  6. It is going to be so hard for me to keep it a secret!!! We are planning on surprising them by waking them up for our early flight by telling them to put on "I'm going to Disney World" Tshirts. :) I can already picture the confused/sleepy faces! :) Loved the video Jennifer!
  7. She might surprise me and jump into photos and ask for autographs! :) She really enjoys hanging out with her little brothers. She will probably love just seeing them having a great time. I am probably just over thinking it. I just want her to have as much fun as I know our boys are going to have. She will be glad just to go somewhere. We never go anywhere! :)
  8. Thanks so much! I didn't know they had tea parties for adults. I will look into that. She would LOVE Cirque de Soleil. She has been once before in Dallas. That might be a great Dad and daughter night out. She does love animals. So the Animal Kingdom might be a hit with her. Thanks for the ideas guys! I knew this would be the place to ask! :)
  9. We are surprising our kids with a trip to Disney World in September and this will also be their first time to fly on an airplane. They won't know anything about it until the day we leave...that is if I can keep it a secret. I'm not the best at that!! :) My question is what things at Disney have your teenage daughters enjoyed. Our daughter will be 16 when we go. She has never really been into the princesses or other Disney characters. I tried my hardest to get this girl into princesses and dress up! Never went over well! :) She did go through a huge Toy Story phase when Toy Story 2 came out in theaters but that is about it when it comes to Disney stuff. Our boys, 12 and 10, are going to be doing all the pirate stuff and Star Wars things. We are booking some character meals with Mickey and some of their other favorites. I don't want her to feel like this trip is all about the boys. She will enjoy most of the rides and food. But I was wondering what others have done to make a Disney trip a little more magical for a teenage girl. This is most likely going to be our one and only trip to Disney. I really want to make it a memorable experience for all. I was in the 2nd grade the last time I went to Disney World and there was only the Magic Kingdom there then. DH hasn't been since he was 14 and he said Epcot was still really new then. We have no idea what we are doing! I ordered some travel guides but they haven't been delivered yet. I have googled but only come up with stuff for little girls. :) Would love your advice!
  10. When we asked this we were told if they went after people that called in a false report then less people would be likely to call in when they suspected something was wrong because they would be afraid they would end up being charged. I don't believe this and didn't like this answer but let it drop and moved on. Our crazy neighbors move out about a year later and it has been wonderful around here ever since!:)
  11. The crazy people that use to live behind us called CPS on us about 10 years ago. They didn't like the way we kept our backyard. They use to come over all the time whining about how we need to stain our fence or we shouldn't have a garden and other stupid things. We ignored their suggestions. So they called CPS. Said our dd that was 5 at the time was always out front by herself, that we had animal feces all over our house, mice, and our house smelled horrible. They had never even been in our home!! The CPS worker that came said that over half of their cases are from neighbors that get mad at each other and one ends up calling CPS. The worker told us she was not worried about the charges but had to check things out just in case. Scared me to death! I was actually at the hospital having our third child when the worker left her card on our door! So, I was already tired and emotional from giving birth and then having to deal with CPS!! We got a letter from CPS that said we were cleared of all charges a month or so later.
  12. I was a carhop at Sonic in highschool. I made minimum wage. Not very many people tipped. It was nice when someone did but we didn't expect tips. I usually only tip now when I have cash which is never but I would tip if there was a way to add a tip to my card.
  13. We will be there on Friday. There are only a couple workshops I want to go to. It is fun. We are mostly using it as an excuse to take a day off and go to the big city! :) Most of the workshops are sales pitches. The ones in the main rooms are usually not to bad. The people giving them do have products to sell but their talks are not usually centered around their products. We heard Jim Weiss last year. :) They are suppose to have a dinosaur exhibit this year. I have already banned my husband from going over there. He would not be able to keep his opinion to himself. :tongue_smilie:
  14. I am looking for an elementary level Spanish program for my soon to be 4th and 6th grade sons. They LOVED K12's elementary Spanish while we were part of our state's virtual school but we are no longer enrolled. I am not willing to fork out the cash to buy it individually. :) Does anyone know of a fun Spanish program for these ages? We have Rosetta Stone but they are not thrilled with it. Thanks, Lori
  15. We have got some comic books at our library called Phonics Comics. http://www.innovativekids.com/content/view/235/613/ My son enjoys these. :)
  16. This must be new. I enrolled all three of my kids in Texas's K12 this year and they never went to ps. I can say in Texas at least it is a pain for the VA. I have been happy over all but it has got to where I am just checking off the boxes to keep on pace with their expectations but going at our own pace. In Tx you are required to log 6-8 hours a day. But each class is assigned a certain amount of time. Like spanish takes my 8 and 10 year old 15 minutes to do a lesson but each lesson they get to log 60 minutes. I LOVE their literature, science, history, and art courses for elementary. Highschool so far for my 9th grader has been a complete waste of time. She is required to go to the online class for almost all of her classes which is a waste of time. They move way to fast and are hard to understand. Plus, what makes me kind of giggle, is the teachers are always stopping to get on to kids for chatting off topic or coming into the class late!:) If we could just do high school without the online classes I would like the highschool level a lot better. I want a teacher there to help us when we get stuck but my dd could get done with her school day a lot quicker if it wasn't for the online class part. Plus, she has to take some fluff classes that are required that are pointless. Plus, her 15 hours of dance classes a week doesn't qualify for PE. She still has to sit through a online class for PE! Another draw back is the state testing. We are going to be having to drive an hour one way in busy Dallas rush hour traffic for testing. Each of my kids have to go two to three days in a row over the next 3 month. :glare: I really don't care if my kids take these tests but I wasn't told I was going to have to drive so far and that they all wouldn't be testing on the same day. One mom said she has to drive over 92 miles one way, spend over $200 in gas money and get a hotel room for two nights just so her kid can take these tests. Over all I do like the elementary level a lot. Highschool :tongue_smilie: .
  17. Thanks for the replies! I am sure I will have a list of question when we get closer to making a decision. I will search for the Peoria Homeschool yahoo group! Thanks!!
  18. Anyone live there or been there? My husband is currently interviewing for a job there. We are native Texasians. :) I have never been farther north than Oklahoma City. This will be a huge change for us. Does anyone live there or have been there? Is it a family friendly area. Any advice on what is a good area to look for a home? Any area's to avoid? From what I can tell the cost of living is about the same as here. Homeschooling laws seem to be the same as Texas. I would love any advice. Thanks, Lori
  19. I have three kiddos in the Texas K12 program, 3rd, 5th, 9th. We just started last November. So, far we are really enjoying it. The only thing I would change of course is the standardized testing but I see this as only a small headache. My kids are getting a great education. It is less stress on me mentally and financially. In Texas, we don't have the option of doing charter and half homeschooling. It is all or nothing. I love the history, science, literature, and the art is amazing! I could do with out their math program and health classes. Their language arts is okay. I just supplement for math with LOF and Rightstart games. The math program just moves way to fast for my kids but they do enjoy the animations and games. We did not qualify to get computers. We were lucky and my parents helped up buy laptops for our kids last Christmas. There is no way we could do school with three kids with out them having their own computers. Most of the younger kids' work is offline but they have to log onto their daily plan to see what is next on their list and to print out things for each assignment. Switching back and forth between kids' plans was a pain,especially if we were in an online class or doing a lesson online. The online classes, if you are required to go, for 3rd and 5th grade are all scheduled at the same times. Plus, highschool is ALL on the computer. Another benefit for us is that we do have a teacher to help us. My youngest is behind in reading. So, she tutors him once a week and has set us up with a recovery reading program on his level. My oldest struggles in math. So, she has an Algebra tutor and is part of their National Math Lab program to fill in the gaps. So, they are getting the help they need that I couldn't provide for them. I am NOT a math person! :)
  20. Awesome! I signed up for my first half. Cowtown in Fort Worth in Feb. I am an extremely slow runner but I am excited!! :) So far my longest run is only 10 miles.
  21. I have never uploaded anything before on here. Hopefully I didn't it right. Here is the pic of our kiddos that we sent out this year.
  22. Just posted our report for the week. I also did a post this week on how we are doing art this year.
  23. Here is ours. I finally had some time to post it!:)
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