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What kind of furniture do I want for this room?


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I’m sitting here in a hotel just waiting to close on my new house so I’m doing some online shopping (though I’m not buying until I’m in the space for sure).

We have a large spare bedroom upstairs in our new house. It will be used as a rec room. There will be a TV in there and some bookshelves with books and we will store board games in there but it is just going to be a flexible space. Would mostly be used for teens/young adults to hang out and watch tV/play video games/ sleepover/whatever. I don’t anticipate it being used by dh or myself or our friends. Definitely young people. 

I don’t know what kind of furniture I want in there. I think I want it very comfy (it’s a hang out space!) and I think I want it flexible enough to move around for whatever the room is being used for. It doesn’t need to be used for sleeping but comfy enough to crash on is a bonus as is easy to push around and put up air mattresses. It is going upstairs so not so heavy and big as to be a monster to move upstairs would be a plus. 

I don’t necessarily want a futon or something designed to double as a sleeping space because those seem to compromise comfort for the double function. But if you have some seating/sleep combo solution that is actually comfortable that is a great too. We will put our young adults up in this room when they visit but they like our nice air mattresses and we have another spare bed. 

We had a giant beanbag in the past that was well loved and used for a decade and my dd wants one of those. 

Any suggestions? General suggestions and specific brand recommendations welcome! 


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12 minutes ago, rebcoola said:

Ww have a similar room and have a fully modular sofa similar to a  lovesac and its great the teens just move it around to support whats going on. Including the occasional crasher.  For games we cut a piece of mdf to fit over the large ottoman to serve as the table it stores easy.

That’s a great idea with the ottoman! I am thinking the modular sofa is what we want. Now to choose one…

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