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ISO a supplemental k-1 math picture book that can be done verbally. Need something just like MEP's reception book


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Hey all! I haven't been here for awhile but I always come back here when I need to find a resource because you all are the most knowledgeable people on the topic of homeschooling anywhere that I've seen on the internet. đź’–

I have a very delayed 9yo boy and a very energetic 5yo girl that I would like to find a book to look at with that has some math question prompts. MEP's reception book is basically what I'm looking for but I need more than that. Any ideas?

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Check Anno's Math Games. It's a collection of lovely pictures and prompts like encourage different ways of looking at things.  I know there are at least 3, going up in level, as well as a few others of his like the Mysterious Multiplying Jar.  We have enjoyed them quite a bit.

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I’m not familiar with MEP, so maybe I’m off in my recommendations……

Bedtime Math

Math Start Series (not sure if this has questions at the end, we haven’t used them in awhile)

Anno’s Math Series

Richard Scarry’s Best Counting Book Ever (OOP) *no questions 

Mr. Base 10 Invents Mathematics 


Life of Fred? 


Possibly Math By Hand or another Waldorf ish style math. Not sure how you feel about the art component most Waldorf maths have. 

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