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Best cheese grater?


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As I’m grating several blocks of cheddar cheese, I’m again wondering if there is something better than my metal pyramid type one -you know the handheld type that has different size grate homes on each side and you hold it at the top?  It works well and is easy, except tiring with large amounts.  Anything better?

eta- I don’t have a food processor or stand mixer

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Yup. Food processor. I have the attachment for my Bosch. Best.purchase.ever. I can grate a boatload of cheese in no time. When I really have my act together, I grade a whole 5# of cheese (we use Tilamook medium cheddar); spread it out (so there are no lumps) on a baking sheet covered in wax paper; put it in the freezer until I remember it's there, then pour it all in a large ziploc bag. Then I can take out just what I need for a meal.

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