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I need an online piano teacher. Who do you use?

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I hope I'm posting correctly since it's been a while. I'm looking for online piano lessons with a real person and not software. We've been taking lessons with the Alfred lesson books.

Any suggestions from those that have used online piano lessons with a real person? Thank you!

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If you ask local friends who they use, those teachers are probably doing lessons online right now. Our piano teacher has been using Zoom. I've seen Facebook posts from music instructors who are planning to continue offering online lessons even after things are back to normal, because they have experience doing that now.

My guess is that using a local instructor would also give your kid(s) the opportunity to participate in recitals, though of course you'd want to check with the particular teacher about that.

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I would agree with checking locally. I am planning to continue to offer online lessons as well as live ones (for some of my families, online actually works better, especially homeschoolers with multiple kids, where they can work with other kids while one is doing their lesson with me without having to haul large amounts of stuff to the studio) but if your child wants to do something like Piano Guild, RCM, or local festivals/competitions, that will require a local teacher, even if lessons are online (I am doing my first online recital tomorrow, and I may keep at least some online recitals in the future, because it definitely increases access for distant family and friends).  Also, this is actually really a good time to jump ahead on waiting lists for teachers, because many have positions open due to students not going online, and are giving priority for students taking lessons online for slots for fall. 

And, as always, you want someone who is a good match for your child. I specialize in young musicians and in children with learning disabilities, and I’m great with those populations, but I really am not well positioned for students beyond the intermediate level who might want to audition for competitive programs, camps, prepare for RCM or similar exams, etc. There are multiple teachers here who refer to each other frequently for that reason-they don’t want the 3 yr old or the kid who can’t sit still, and I am a lot more happy applauding “Hot Cross Buns” than I am working out the nuances of Chopin. 

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