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  1. This book is over 700 pages. How in the world am I supposed to schedule this in our daily routine? Overwhelming! I need examples of how you assign pages etc. (700 + pages!) Yes, I've read the pages in front, but it doesn't give a lesson plan. Thanks!
  2. I have the Apologia Chemistry 2nd edition textbook. I want to use Apologia's Student Notebook, but it is only available in 3rd edition. Will my textbook match the student notebook questions and experiments? Thank you!
  3. I hope I'm posting correctly since it's been a while. I'm looking for online piano lessons with a real person and not software. We've been taking lessons with the Alfred lesson books. Any suggestions from those that have used online piano lessons with a real person? Thank you!
  4. Bumping this so that others may find math curriculum.
  5. UPDATE FROM ORIGINAL POSTER: I'm so glad that we found Math Relief Algebra I. Even more so, my daughter is happy that we found it! This has been a game changer for my daughter. Mr. Leonard Firebaugh teaches in baby steps and it's done step by step in shorter video lessons. No more 45 minute to 1 hour lessons like we had in the Chalk Dust dvds. She's doing great with her grades and is understanding algebra now! We are forever grateful to the moms that suggested Math Relief. Thank you!
  6. You've probably researched and found reviews, but I wanted to show you these. I hope links are allowed on WTM. Fasicnating Chemistry review: https://myhomeschoolreviews.blogspot.com/2017/07/review-of-fascinating-educations.html Friendly Chemistry review: https://www.joyinourjourney.com/whats-new-blog/friendly-chemistry-for-homeschooled-high-schoolers-review-and-giveaway
  7. 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻Thank you for your advice. I just pulled up past discussions on WTM board. It looks like, as you said, we need to do Alg 1 And Alg 2 back to back. At least, that's how parents are using Math Relief. One of the replies wasn't that hip on Math Relief Geometry, though.
  8. Lovemybeautifulgift, I feel like you understand where my post is coming from and we chatted over a cup of coffee. 😉This weekend we pulled things from our past curriculum, took the MUS test that a WTM mom suggested (child did good on it), ditched the Chalk Dust after talking to someone that confirmed it's too advanced, and realized my child is a right brain math learner. Of course! It makes sense to me why these 3 months of Chalk Dust algebra 1 have been a challenge! If you dig in, take a step back and take a deep breath, the clearer picture comes into view. I want parents that are in our shoes
  9. My child just finished the test and did good on the Math U See. My child missed only a few topics that Chalk Dust hasn't covered yet. We talked to a former tester and he confirmed what we already knew. Chalk Dust is advanced and is fast paced. My child is a right brained thinker and math is a matter of finding the fit. The ones we've tried in the past are not for that type of learner. We talked again to my child and it looks like taking word problems/math vocabulary and creating the solution is confusing. We are going through the hint words for what means what. I think this confirms that we a
  10. Bumping to help others find this resource from members mjbucks and Still Waters and member quark formats.
  11. Kendall, thank you. It makes sense and I can see how this would help. I know we will find the right fit since we are determined to research and find what we need. Reading reviews and seeing what worked for others is helpful in decision making. I truly appreciate the detail in your reply. Thanks to all replies form others as well.
  12. In case anyone is following this post, here is the link for the answers.https://www.mathusee.com/secure/teacher-resources/placement-test-solutions/prealgebra-answers.pdf I guess what is hardest to watch is that my husband walks her through her math, even dvd instruction. He watches it with her, goes over examples with her on paper, assigns work, checks it and redoes the missed problems. He shows a variety of ways if needed. Chalk Dust dvd videos...she says they are too long and too much information. With Chalk Dust, she gets about 90% of the WORD prombems wrong and about 60% of the regul
  13. kfeusse, thanks and I'll peek at that one. Thank you. Prairie, (hope ok to shorten name) I will do that for sure! I'll have her do that this weekend and post back here. Please look back at this post because I promise I will be back with that info. Thank you,too. If we can figure this out, I'll do whatever we can. She didn't understand CLE either, but we made it through to pass it somehow.
  14. My husband pretty much hand holds her in Chalk Dust. He says it's deer in the headlights with word problems. CLE topics moved too fast. My husband teaches math and tutors her daily. He didn't like Math U See when we attempted it with 1st child (in college now) because the tricks and shortcuts were confusing. We are in Chapter 3 Chalk Dust Algebra 1 2nd edition. It's an advanced program and moves quickly, but we used it because I already owned it. My mistake. We need to slow down and regroup.
  15. I've been out of the loop for a while since I've just been using what my 1st child used for math. My 2nd child isn't understanding algebra 1 at all. She doesn't have dyscalulia, but just simply is in over her head. We've used grades K-6 grades CLE Sunrise math (did ok, but wanted more detail), 7th & part of 8th grade Teaching Textbooks (didn't like online), and remainder of 8th - now part of 9th grade Chalk Dust math with no luck 3 months into algebra 1. Every year we are just not getting it 100%. We repeated pre-algebra. We are now in Chalk Dust Algebra 1 and getting nowhere. There are n
  16. We consider it to be of great value in our homeschool. Ds will attend college and his major will be computer science. Even if our ds wasn't interested, we still would have included it in our high school; I plan for my dd to take it in high school. (The computer age sets the stage for future employment.) Some cover schools require a computer course in high school. We use TeenCoder at homeschool programming . com (leave out spaces)
  17. My ds is in 5th grade and we have slacked on writing over the years. Our curriculum, LLATL, doesn't have alot of writing instruction. I need to get her into a good writing curriculum and it looks like Treasured Conversations may be the best choice (vs Writing Tales). We use Easy Grammar. Would that be overdoing the grammar along with TC? Is TC an open and go curriculum? I realize it is parent intensive, which is fine. Also, does TC assume that the parent already knows how to teach writing? Thanks!
  18. I am new to the "classical writing" style and I don't know which one would be the best for us (5th grade--not much exposure to writing). I want step-by-step instruction and something that doesn't assume that I know how to teach a reluctant non-writer. After viewing the samples of the two curricula, I still am not getting a feel for the differences between them. Can someone shed some light on this? (I've read most of the 10 pg thread on TC.) Thanks!
  19. We've used various writing programs over the last 11 years of homeschooling, trying to find the perfect fit. Right now we are using Essentials in Writing. It is laid out step by step. The dvd's are short lessons that you watch before the student moves on to the worksheets. I like the fact that the worksheets are laid out so that the student can get their thoughts in order before moving on with a rough draft. You still need a grammar program, even though there is review in the early grades. For high school, we use Daily Grams. For the elementary level, we use Easy Grammar. (2014 EDIT:
  20. I'm sure that some one has found a way to incorporate geography with Notgrass world history. I would love to see their plan!
  21. Hi, Can you PM me so that I can get a copy? Thanks for your generosity.
  22. I want to combine a simple look at world geography as we study world history with maps so that we know "where we are at" in our study. Any suggestions for maps/books from someone that has done this before? Thanks!
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