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  1. I’ve already searched for past threads: My DD currently attends a CC where she is the minority, but there is a lot of diversity (about 60% Black on her campus). She’s done well there, and is quite comfortable. She’s been in cheer since she was 4, and until 2 years ago, was in a rec league that mostly competes at HBCUs, and has had a lot of experiences with the college cheer and dance team and sorority girls helping the younger girls with hair, makeup, and just making them welcome, so she’s pretty comfortable on those campuses. The public HBCU in our state has a good research program in herpetology, where she knows several grad students (and has helped raise funds for one of them to do his research for his doctorate). When an HBCU fair was advertised, she decided to go. Overall, it was a great experience, very validating (I have a separate thread on the topic) And she may well have found a school that might be an excellent fit. Tuskegee has an amazing animal science program, and is one of the only schools we’ve looked at that specifically has animal science focused on experimental biology, for kids who want to eventually work on the research side. DD wants to eventually go into ethology (animal behavior). While herps are her favorite species, she’s not tied to that, but she doesn’t want to train dogs or horses, either, and when she’s mentioned animal behavior, most schools have started talking about pre-vet or equine science. Tuskegee also has an excellent bioethics program, and requires more bioethics coursework for majors in biology and related fields than any other school we’ve seen. The program really sounds like a good fit for her. And she currently qualifies, based on grades and test scores, for excellent merit aid. The big thing that is keeping me from being all in is that I’m not sure that it’s fair for DD to take a space in a historically Black space (and it’s hard to find a more historically Black space than Tuskegee) from a deserving student, and while she is truly appreciative of the culture (at least the part of it that she’s been around) , there’s a fine line between appreciation and appropriation. She may be the minority on her CC campus, or on her cheer team, or in a World Dance class, or even in large parts of our city, bit she’s still about as WASP as you can get, and there is a lot of privilege that comes with it. I went to a predominantly Latino/NA school as an undergrad where I was in the minority (and on a scholarship to diversity campus) and worked in Head Start and public schools where I was often one of the only white faces in the building, but those weren’t historical spaces so much as just ones due to location. Does anyone have any experience with a white kid at an HBCU for a specific program, and, especially, are there any HBCU alums or parents who have an opinion?
  2. dmmetler

    If you allow sleepovers...

    I’ve been using DD’s two male friends as an excuse to get out of slumber parties for years :). Really, it was that I didn’t want a slumber party, not the co-ed part. They may be able to stay up all night, but I can’t!
  3. dmmetler


    One of the schools DD talked to recently suggested setting up a Cappex profile, and I’m a little confused by their likelihood of acceptance-specically, the one school that she’s not at the “high” end of likelihood with her current GPA/ACT is one that, as far as I can tell, she qualified for AUTOMATIC admission for (and their top automatic merit aid) as an in-state resident with her scores, and she is easily in the top 25% of. It’s a safety school for her, as far as we can tell, that has some good niche programs that make them interesting. Meanwhile, she’s rated as a high chance of acceptance at schools that turn down more kids than they accept, and where her stats put her in the top half (she’s generally looking for schools where she qualifies for their honors college and will be competitive for scholarships), but it’s not necessarily a slam dunk. It really makes me wonder how accurate this is-and how much is them telling kids they have a high chance of acceptance to schools that pay more money to the service, so more will apply. Does anyone have any experience with this site?
  4. dmmetler

    Do you bring your own Bible to church?

    Yes, but it’s now my kindle app on my iPad. I love that I can take notes and highlight, yet have them vanish visibly to read later.
  5. dmmetler

    HBCU fair today

    Dd and I went to an HBCU fair today. She’d noticed it advertised on her campus. And I have to say, I came put thinking that more kids might want to check out the HBCU options. First, the obvious question-DD is about as WASP as you can get-she’s mostly descended by farmers who came to settle the central USA from Europe in the late 19th/early 20th century. And honestly, it didn’t matter. Everyone seemed very interested in what DD wanted and needed in a school, took her interests seriously, and, if they weren’t necessarily the best fit, suggested who she should talk to. Most schools looked at transcripts and test scores on site, were able to tell students if they were a good candidate for acceptance (and some were able to accept on site for juniors and seniors), and give an estimate of scholarships on site. Again, if a student might not qualify for merit aid at school A, they’d often suggest that the student also talk to school B that might be able to offer a larger package. Many recruiters suggested third party scholarships as well. And basically, no matter what you want in a college, there is probably a school that is a good fit, from small LAC’s and religious colleges to large universities, from schools founded as trade schools that still require every student to work while attending and have near 100% placement in jobs immediately following graduation to schools founded to provide classical education that send most of their graduates to graduate and professional school, to schools that are extremely high rated in almost any field you could name. But I didn’t get any feeling like the student had to prove that they were good enough for the school. Rather, it felt like each school truly wanted the best for each student, whether or not that was them. And the response to DD’s non-standard educational program was very, very positive. It was nice-and a great antidote to feeling like you have to be perfect to get into a good college or else you’re doomed (which DD has verbalized).
  6. dmmetler

    College Visit Reports Thread

    We went to an HBCU fair today (and if your child needs an antidote to college stress, I really encourage doing so. DD came out feeling very wanted and affirmed-and there is some awesome automatic merit aid available)and DD really likes the sound of Tuskegee for animal science /experimental biology. Anyone know anything?
  7. dmmetler

    Horse math resources?

    Has anyone seen the book above? I really need good practice for word problems involving fractions and fractional operations-the “pre-prealgebra” stuff that is so crucial to get down solidly.
  8. dmmetler

    Horse math resources?

    I have a tutoring student who loves horses. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can find math resources related to horses for older elementary? I’m used to having to pull in Star Wars or Harry Potter....
  9. dmmetler

    Non-gendered kids

    I was offered a whopping $8.25/hr with a graduate degree, at a very, very well regarded, pricey program. Having a higher degree was not a help over having a CDA, except that it also lets me teach in the public school and university systems. In teaching college ECED classes, I tried to assign some project every year that would force students to look at the job market and what they were likely to actually make, very early in the process, and give them the opportunity to talk to those in the field-so they realized that they were getting a bachelor’s Degree in a field which often paid as well and was given about as much respect as saying “Do you want fries with that?”-and had poorer benefits than being a Starbucks barista.
  10. dmmetler

    Did you show ID to vote today?

    Social security numbers are in a database. So are birth certificates. That’s what states with motor voter laws are using to register people anyway, so why not ppvode that information at registration? Most people can be looked up. I do not believe for a second that the federal government cannot figure out which registrations are valid, and that they don’t have more resources to figure out that a 70 yr old who was born at home is a US citizen than that 70 yr old may be able to put their hands on.
  11. dmmetler

    Did you show ID to vote today?

    The ID’s required in my state are not ones only a citizen can get. You do not have to be a US citizen, or even a legal resident in some states to get a driver’s license. If non-citizens are voting in my state, it’s because they have been registered to vote and that registration was not caught. Requiring a driver’s license isn’t going to prevent someone from voting because they are not a US citizen. It will prevent them from voting because they do not drive.
  12. dmmetler

    "I Voted!" stickers by state

    I got the plain "flag plus I voted" one as opposed to the cute TN shaped one. I heard a lot of sites ran out, so maybe mine was using old ones? My iPad case is wearing it now.
  13. dmmetler

    Did you show ID to vote today?

    I wonder if part of the problem is figuring out what the ID means. A passport (for example) carries with it a verification of citizenship. A driver's license carries a verification of state residency, but not of citizenship (my friend who has a green card can't vote and is not a US citizen, but has a state issued driver's license-and has, at least twice in the past, had DMV clerks in states try to register her to vote without thinking, even when she used her green card and passport as proof of ID. So far, the computer has always caught it.). A student ID verifies that a person with that face/name is a student at that school, etc. It seems to me that the verification of "Is X an eligible voter" needs to be done at the voter registration level, and an ID is verification that the person is who they say they are. I don't see why a school ID for high school or college students, or a library card with a photo on it, or a tribal ID, or whatever wouldn't serve the same purpose as a driver's license. If anything, I have to provide more verification that I live where I say I do for my library card than for my driver's license. And it seems like the ID to say that "someone with this face is claiming this name/birthdate/ID number and taking responsibility for what this name/birthdate/ID number" could be done relatively easily and quickly-and then mapped to voter ID rolls. It seems like voter fraud, to whatever such extent it exists, needs to be handled at the registration level, as opposed to assuming that a driver's license is somehow a better ID than a student ID or a library card or an ID issued by social services, or by a tribal government, with or without a street address. If voter fraud is important to prevent, let the government go to the effort of tracking down a birth certificate for a 70 yr old or someone who is homeless and lost all their paperwork last year when it blew away in a tornado.
  14. dmmetler

    Did you show ID to vote today?

    Yes, and they check it against the rolls. There is a list of acceptable ID's. I have a voter registration card as well, but they don't check that unless you're not listed in that precinct. It's always been that way here that I can remember.
  15. DD13 wants a fitness tracker that she can use during cheer practice that syncs to Apple Health (because with the new updates, Apple Health data can be used in pokemon Go to hatch eggs, etc). It has to have a clip option because she can't use a wrist or ankle strap during practice. I'm thinking it probably needs to be fairly inexpensive, too, since the chance of getting accidentally washed if it's clipped to her practice clothes seems high :). Any suggestions?
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