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  1. We often travel over Christmas (I struggle with seasonal depression, and by going somewhere that does Christmas, my family doesn't miss out, but I can limit it to what I can handle), and pretty much every resort does Christmas pretty big. Ones in snowy areas or where they can make snow will have a lot of sledding, etc, but even super sunny areas will do Christmas. Gaylord resorts tend to really do it big, starting in early November through Jan My SIL lives in FL, and most years they head north as soon as Christmas is over far enough to find snow :). Some years, it's natural snow, some years, somewhere like Ober Gatlinburg, which makes it.
  2. Japanese is usually fairly safe, and there are some Thai and Italian I trust-at least in Americanized versions. Indian, Vietnamese and lot of traditional American holiday dishes (almost nothing for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner except the turkey and dinner rolls. Ham often is not) are usually completely out.
  3. It's more knowing how confident a kitchen can be that it isn't too using something hat contains it.
  4. Do you have Heinz? I know their catsup recipe contains unlisted cinnamon in the US. Baked goods, like anything with ginger, oatmeal, or apples invariably has it, so if it's listed on some but not the others, it's a good bet that it is included under "Spice" or "natural flavor" as opposed to the others being safe.
  5. Also, if you were an '80's kid, the She-Ra Reboot on Netflix is very good :). The characters have a lot more, well, character than they did in the '80's series.
  6. For pictures, I'd be inclined to get her a digital camera. Smart watch cameras really aren't very good even on high end smart watches, and ones designed for kids probably are even worse.
  7. I avoid Indian food unless the person who cooked it blends their own spices, so basically about 2 of DH's co-workers. I don't trust restaurant Indian food, ever, because too many of the spice blends have cinnamon, and I have had too many people tell me "Oh, there isn't any in it" only to realize at the first bite that they used a blend that did contain it, or was contaminated with it. In general, there are a lot of dishes I avoid categorically because at least some recipes in that category will contain cinnamon.
  8. The Fitbit versa stores up to 300 songs. I thought it was too big for me, but I'm about 8" shorter than your DD. It does not require a phone to be connected for most features except for things like phone notifications and texts, so not being allowed to have her phone at school shouldn't matter.
  9. I noticed that Hulu started getting Christmas themed ads Nov 1. It was kind of jarring.
  10. What features does she want? The Fitbit Ace and Vivofit Jr both have some of the smart watch features, such as alarms, notifications, etc and have a kid-safe app that can be used on a parents' phone. They are useful for things like reminders, especially for kids who struggle a bit with executive function, but they aren't a full smart watch, and can't do calling, take pictures, etc. The FitBit Inspire is the same physical device as the ACE, and fits the ACE replacement bands, but uses the regular app, not the kids' one. If she's not using the app herself, it wouldn't matter since you would likely have to set reminders, etc on your phone anyway.
  11. Sigh...I was afraid of that. I can cook in Sydney, where we have a flat and a more flexible schedule, but not so easily in Auckland, where we're in a hotel, or in Dunedin where DD and I will be at the conference most of the time. I'll check with my allergist to find out how long it is reasonable to go on the more aggressive protocol-it works for the occasional situation where accidental exposure is more likely (like having to go into any mall or airport at this time of year in the USA), but I don't know that it would be a good idea for several weeks.
  12. And meanwhile, we still need to bring in our giant spider climbing up the side of the house. Or maybe just put a Santa hat on her. I am honestly questioning whether we should even do indoor decorations this year. Due to DD's conference, we will be out of the country from Dec 22 to mid Jan. I think having a tree up that long after Christmas would make us stand out, and I don't expect BK to undecorate (realistically, I suspect she will stop by long enough to feed pets and water plants, but spend most of her time with boyfriend, since BK's coaching jobs all take a break when the schools do, and her BF is taking vacation then as well). And I have about five million things on my to do list in the next 6 weeks or so. I started seasonal music/activities with all my piano students last week. I don't do just Christmas for our end of term recital because I end the term in early December, but I do want them to each have a few pieces that they can show off to visiting family if they so desire (and there are sometimes extra performance opportunities for Christmas as well). I kind of hope they finish taking down the Halloween decorations this weekend. Jingle bells in a haunted house is a little strange...
  13. Not all that different as far as DD's homeschooling, but household help and offering low cost music classes for homeschoolers with a dedicated, dream studio is on my wishlist.
  14. I started work on ornaments for my music students yesterday. I got them painted, and just glued them. The end of term recital is Dec 7.
  15. The tweens and teens in my community tend to use the community center and recreation center, plus extracurriculars, and take themselves there. For example, the fitness center that has a pool, gym, fitness classes, etc,is right next door to the middle school, so a lot of kids have memberships there and do a class or two, or hang out in the lounge area, buy a snack, etc. They are not in an official program, but the facility is there if they need it. Many of my older kids who take classes at the community center bring themselves there. I also used to tutor at my DD's cheer gym, and many of the kids who had practice that night would come on their own or be dropped off by carpools after school, do their homework, and then do a tumbling class and cheer practice. If a parent felt their child needed help, they would hire me or one of the other parents who were on the list who have teaching backgrounds, and we would provide tutoring, or, more often, homework help, which really meant "kid, do your homework instead of watching you tube videos on your phone". The formal child care programs all end at about 5th/6th grade.
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