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  1. Also, find out what the policy is for exams. At least as of a few years back, some programs allow coursework to be done online, but still want tests done on campus. This is kind of tough when the campus is several states away!
  2. Because one of DD's friends, who was not particularly elderly or high risk (57 with mild hypertension controlled with medication) who caught COVID, almost certainly when she went out for a medical appointment, died a little over a week ago due to COVID complications. She had last seen her grandchildren July 3, outside, family only. She had last seen DD in March. She was being very careful because her husband is older than she is and at higher risk. She still died. The world lost a wonderful woman who was NOT on death's door in any way, shape or form, because other people decided this didn't af
  3. Unfortunately, it really looks like none of the local programs are a great fit for DD, and since she is already transferring in a ton of gen ed credits, she can't even reasonably plan to do a year of gen eds and then transfer elsewhere, which seems to be the plan for most of the graduating seniors locally if campuses aren't back to normal by fall (the CC's numbers are WAY up this fall). We're just plain too urban for animal science or wildlife biology, apparently.
  4. My daughter is in the "applying for colleges" stage. So far, the two schools which have had the most trouble getting her transcripts have been the ones that needed them snail mailed because they didn't have an online way for her cover school to send them without the school subscribing to a specific service. Both are within 2 hours of her cover school office, one has had to be sent twice, and one three times to get it there at all.
  5. Here, right now, it's the opposite. It is far easier to walk in and get a flu test than a COVID test, and if you're positive for the flu, you're not encouraged to go elsewhere to get a COVID test if that particular clinic/office doesn't do them, but to treat/wait out the flu. Hopefully not many people have both!
  6. Evan Moor used to have a subscription service called teacher file box, where you could print pages from pretty much any book they had. It was great for situations like this, where you want small bite sized chunks that a child can be successful at without obvious grade labeling, but then might want to be able to increase difficulty down the road without necessarily needing to finish a book. Themailbox.com is similar, but less comprehensive (it's designed for teachers to use for additional support). I use it a lot for tutoring because it has a lot of cute activities, and particularly if she coul
  7. My DD was a self-taught reader (in that I didn't realize she was actually reading, as opposed to memorizing books, until she started reading words in isolation with no visual cues at 15 months old), and definitely seemed to intuit phonics, but dislike using them unless absolutely necessary (one of my few memories of her sounding anything out by choice was when she was trying to decode e-rec-tile dys-func-tion from TV captions on in a pizza place as a preschooler). I didn't do school formally until I brought her home to homeschool at age 5 after a rather disappointing kinder year in a private s
  8. One thing that always surprised me was how different the rules were for child daycare vs public schools. In child care centers, we spent a lot of time cleaning, and that was with a separate person who cleaned at night. Pretty much all surfaces had to be washed every time they were used, mats that were covered by sheets and used only by one child had to be disinfected once a week with the sheet changed, toys were rotated and got a dunk in bleach water before they came back on rotation, etc. In public schools, not so much. We had custodians who emptied trash and did floors, lunch tables were wip
  9. One of my friends is a playwright, and he has adapted several of his scripts (he mostly writes plays that meet the requirements for state level competitions in states that include theater in ISL) to be done via zoom, and the biggest issue wasn't rewriting the scripts, but getting his publisher to OK them for broadcast so that the kids could actually do a performance for people outside the class. This included his OWN drama classes and clubs at the school he teaches at, let alone a school that just bought the rights to do a high school performance of said play. It took a new contract that allow
  10. That's one reason why we're visiting MU. I figure if DD is OK with the size of the campus, it might be worth it to apply to some of the other schools that have bigger money on the table. Having said that, she's now up to three schools where she will get decent guaranteed merit (pretty much full in-state tuition and a waiver of out of state if she isn't a state resident) and is a good candidate for their full ride scholarships, and she likes the two of the three that she's visited (and the third is likely comparable as far as campus size and composition, so I suspect she would be happy there as
  11. MTSU has been a frequent host of events DD has done through the years, so I think the fact that she knows the campus pretty well and the people well (and where various things off campus are) is helps a lot. Especially this year, when everything seems so uncertain.
  12. We did a personal tour/campus visit to CBU here in Memphis. DD added CBU to her common app mostly because of the idea that "well, if it turns out that I don't want to live on campus, it might be nice to have some local options", so she has applied to all four local 4 yr+ schools. CBU is a sweet little college with a strong focus on engineering. It's a pretty campus in the old Midtown area of Memphis (it is literally on the SE side of the big park with the zoo. Rhodes is on the North Central side of the same park/zoo). CBU has less than 2000 students, and only about 30% live on cam
  13. Schools have been open here for over a month, and it hasn’t been a disaster. We got a small spike after Labor Day, but in general, numbers are declining. There have been a few cases in high schools, and a couple have walked back sports (and one district closed one schoolfor 2 weeks), but in general, the elementary schools seem to be doing well with masking and distancing. Most of the grumbles I am hearing are from high school parents who feel their child’s life is being totally ruined by not being allowed to have dances and big football games. I think it helped that a pretty good nu
  14. I’m on several music teacher forums. Those who have gone back with masks and the other typical protocol stuff (washing hands before lessons, using hand sanitizer, easy makeups or moving online if either party is even slightly symptomatic for anything, using a second keyboard for demonstrations most of the time) are reporting lower rates of flu, colds, and other typical seasonal stuff. Given the number of times I’ve had kids cough or sneeze all over the piano-or me, I can well believe that this year might be one that it is easier to avoid the flu-last year, I didn’t have a week from about mid J
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