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  1. I suspect requiring it on the physical form lets the school check the box for “we test athletes for drugs” and pushes the expense off to parents/insurance companies. And since the screens are listed on the bloodwork profile (along with checking blood sugar, iron, etc), even if kids cheat on the urine, it seems more likely drug use will be detected.
  2. DD’s pediatrician does drug testing routinely starting at about age 11. It’s required for sports physicals for school teams for middle and high school, and that way she can sign off on that form if needed. It doesn’t seem to bother DD-it was just one more thing that “oh, ypu’re X age, so we start doing Y”.
  3. I’ve lost almost 40 lbs since going on meds for thyroid disease and working to control my blood sugar. I was feeling really good going into my endocrinologist appointment, especially when I was below 140 lbs on their scales. And, of course, practically the first thing the endocrinologist suggested was that I lose more weight.
  4. I started getting mailings from Medicare supplement insurance and AARP when I went on blood pressure meds for migraines. I couldn’t legally drink, but I had an AARP membership card with my name on it.
  5. dmmetler

    How big around is an 8” guinea pig?

    First attempt...haven’t tried it on the actual animal yet. DD plans to make a tube for Pinkie Py(thon) to match.
  6. dmmetler

    How big around is an 8” guinea pig?

    When B (DD’s little) showed DD pictures of the guinea pig, her comment was “your snakes might want to eat him”. DD’s response was “no, he’s too big for Pinkie or Wadjet, but a boa would be interested...” They actually both really like animals in general, and unusual ones. I suspect B would have happily gotten a snake if her mom wasn’t scared of them :). The gym seems to do a good job of pairing kids so that they have some common interests and personalities mesh well.
  7. DD wants to make a cheer outfit for her cheer Little sister’s guinea pig. (like This, only the team logo instead of a pumpkin) . The guinea pig is on the larger end of the spectrum-about 9” long. We’ll use a pretty wide fastener so it’s adjustable, but can anyone give me an idea as to how big around the creature is?
  8. You can get a separate clip on or lavalier microphone, including some wireless ones.
  9. dmmetler

    Decently healthy meat/protein snacks

    If you have a Latin American grocery, there is a brand of these that tends to be pretty good price-wise. And possibly other snacks as well.
  10. dmmetler

    Why are pools in Florida indoors?

    My DN train at Orlando Metro gymnastics, and they have an indoor pool. DD loved the idea of being able to swim as part of conditioning until she went there once and discovered how humid and sticky the pool makes the entire gym.
  11. dmmetler

    Decently healthy meat/protein snacks

    Crispy tofu with various seasonings is one of my go to’s. If you’re trying to be really low carb, you can use a different flour for coating. Crispy tofu I’ve found beef jerky to be a better choice than sticks.
  12. I think that the key is for the kid to be able to see progress along with getting the message. That is, if DD is working a skill and busting every single time, all the lectures on “if you believe it, you can do it” will go over her head. If the coach points out “ok, this time, you made it most of the way over, because you’re using more strength in your legs, so let’s build on that”, plus the positive thinking when she starts getting down on herself, it’s a lot more likely to sink in. One thing I realized with DD, who is super asynchronous, so often has things where she’s years behind her peers, and others where she’s years ahead is that mindset isn’t person-specific, but situation specific. It’s a lot easier for her to have a positive mindset about a hard math concept because she has years of success in math than in a motor skill where she has years of failure.
  13. dmmetler

    Lukeion vs. MCT

    Haven’t taken the class, but the Barrs were at a conference last summer, and the book looks like it would be a lot of fun. They’re very responsive, so I’d definitely ask them. It’s definitely English grammar taught more the way Latin is taught. I think it will depend on how much the child likes Grammar. If he enjoys really diving in and analyzing and grammar as a puzzle, there would probably be enough depth to keep him interested, but if he is just doing it to get by, there would probably be enough repetition to be boring.
  14. If he wants to do camps, he needs to do it earlier rather than later. You need test scores by about January for most. I suggest a date that allows test release-it’s well worth it to be able to see what they missed. The May date usually isn’t an official talent search date, so there probably won’t be other younger kids taking it that date. There is also a cutoff for awards. Ypu can also get a paper registration form and do the test on your own, and then send the scores to any of the talent searches if your son wants to do a program or camp.
  15. dmmetler

    I think my son’s gekko is blind

    How is the humidity in the tank? Retained sheds are usually a result of low humidity. At this point, he may need vet assistance, but usually just giving the animal a moist hide or a soak in warm water can help sheds come off. Once the spectacles are removed, he’ll be able to see again, if that’s the problem.
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