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  1. I would agree with trying to find a snake that needs rehoming. Both of DD's snakes came from teens heading off to college. Snakes can be very long-lived-Pinkie Py(thon) is 28, and DD's mentor has several BPs that SHE got as an early teen :).
  2. In general, any invertebrate only snake will be hard to handle and more difficult to keep, and none are common in the pet trade. Furthermore, garden prey risks exposing your pet to diseases and pesticides, so isn’t a good idea-keeping insectivores means keeping insects. The easiest snakes to keep are rodent eaters who are already established on frozen/thawed prey-DD has a corn snake and a ball python. BTW-DD will be offering her Introduction to Herpetology junior instructor class at Athena’s Academy again in the fall, in case your snake lover wants other kids to talk snakes with :).
  3. DD got into her 2nd choice program, so will be spending 3 weeks taking Cultural anthropology and European history for college credit on a university campus with a group of other teenagers. We have the meeting for "school" (really, a homeschool team that competes in the private schools league) cheer Tues. I also want her to spend some time preparing for the PSAT over the summer.
  4. dmmetler


    How about getting a pool noodle,wiring into a circle, and then covering with bright ribbon? That would be inexpensive.
  5. My DD’s ENT prescribed nasonex years ago for her. Apparently, it has been shown to improve Eustachian tube functioning, and is an off label use for the spray. It might be worth asking about.
  6. It usually would be more like $150 semester on top of tuition-even at the private college here, it’s $490/semester on top of $1,990 tuition (for a one credit hour lesson)-and the additional fee is waived if you have a music scholarship.
  7. It would be the same cost for a major at many state U’s. It simply costs more for the department to offer private lessons, and every hour a professor spends teaching 1-1, she cannot teach a class. Some schools will let you take lessons on your major instrument for regular tuition if you are a major, but add fees for secondary instruments. Having said that, one of my suggestions for advanced high school students is that it is often cheaper to take college private lessons for credit, even paying full tuition and extra fees, than to take private lessons independently with an instructor of similar caliber.
  8. Pretty much any school with a music department will. Typically, non-credit lessons will be arranged through the community or prep program, and will be a per-hour fee. Lessons for credit will be charged as a regular class (usually with an additional fee-at the U I taught at, it was the same as for a science lab), and will usually be with faculty. If if you want to take lessons or do ensembles, the student will need to audition. It depends on the school as to how that is managed, espeically for non-majors.
  9. The Teach Piano Today blog has a lot of great printables and games for theory (they also have a piano games club where you can subscribe for $8 a month and get four printable games at different topics). The piano book of the month from that site for March is a composition resource for primer book/1 level that is super cute.
  10. If she likes mythology, the Goddess Girls series is fun (mythological characters as high school students-so, for example, the Trojan war was a class project that went rather sideways). It’s a lot lighter than Percy Jackson, and avoids some of the situations that come up later in that series.
  11. The Diaries of a Middle School Princess (companion series to Princess Diaries) is good, and avoids the sex content of the main series. Anything by Dana Burkey is clean and light. (She has a series about all star cheer, and I’m one of her test readers for it-her books tend to stop at kissing and holding hands). I also like the Gallagher Girls series, but it does get more mature as the characters age (similar to Harry Potter).
  12. So she’ll get to spend 3 weeks on one of her favorite college campuses, studying anthropology and history (she’s done or is not as interested in the math/sci choices) and earning 6 college credit hours. Hoping some of her friends from prior programs are there 🙂!
  13. Target and Bed Bath and Beyond also do exchanges here. When we first got mine, only Williams-Sonoma carried them, but they've since become far more common.
  14. I’ve washed DD’s cheer shoes in a washer with oxyclean, and that usually helps. This season, her gym went with Black ones, which helps a lot-it was a lot harder to keep the white ones clean. Having said that, she does competitive cheer, so I don’t have to deal with the red track or grass stains.
  15. They had a great run today (the best score they’ve had all season) and made the top 5-as the only D2 (small) gym in a division dominated by really big gyms. A good run for DD’s first IASC :).
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