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  1. I’ve listed DD’s advanced high school, but not DE classes as things like “Advanced Biology-“topic”. The software our cover school uses tends to force that-it’s either going to be something in their categories, or “Other Science”-and in a college catelog, a similar class would have a BIOL prefix. Someone scanning her transcript is going to be able to see that she’s done a lot of science-but those keywords will be there (although she’ll likely have some classes that are definitely “Other” because the cover school doesn’t have a category for classes normally taken only by agriculture or pre-vet majors) Our cover school did allow her middle school science classes to be transcripted, although that isn’t typical (usually only math and language can, and only in 8th). I suspect one reason was because the science class transcripted for 9th was biochem-and it’s kind of hard to walk into biochem and take a solid class in it without having had general chem and general bio first!
  2. My only concern is that while at 9 he may enjoy the publicity, he may not appreciate being quite so well known when he’s older. And as as a parent, you do what you can do. DD lucked into amazing mentoring and support that let her pursue her interests, so she didn’t need to accelerate quite as globally-and when she started college classes, did so for social reasons. But had she not had that, I could easily have seen us taking this path simply that was what was available, with the idea that “it works for now, we’ll worry about the future later”
  3. dmmetler

    Picking a trade school? (Cosmetology)

    There’s a new TCAT campus being built pretty near my house, which might work well.
  4. dmmetler

    National Mythology Exam 2019

    I found the packet worth it, but I had a group to prepare. The packet repeats the same content in a variety of ways, so if you actually did it all, it would be very redundant. But I think I ended up using every activity with some kid over the 4 years I offered the exam. And in some respects, the kids who read everything they can find about mythology are actually at a slight disadvantage because in some cases, they have information that conflicts between versions-and the test is VERY specific to the exact book, version, and even pages. Kids who mostly know Percy Jackson definitely benefit from targeted study.
  5. dmmetler

    Picking a trade school? (Cosmetology)

    That's what worries me. She's had a tough year, where she's seen all her plans kind of fall apart. She had planned, as of last Spring, to go to the State U and train as a PE teacher or coach if she got on the cheer team, or to stay at the Community college and get her EMT license. Then, she collapsed on campus, in what was termed a stroke-like event, and they discovered that she had already had one dissected blood vessel and brain bleed-although it probably didn't trigger this event. No diving, so no lifeguarding, nothing that puts her at risk of head trauma, so no cheer team, and not a good idea to be an EMT or school PE teacher. So, she's grabbing this as another skill she has. If she can do it without having to go into debt, like through a CC that takes the state scholarship, I could see it as a good option for now, just to get her doing SOMETHING and working on skills and building up her confidence. DD14 is a completely different set of concerns. The two girls are at completely different extremes.
  6. dmmetler

    Picking a trade school? (Cosmetology)

    BK graduated last year through a cover program, and is 20. She has global LD issues and needed extra time. She’s done one semester of community college classes. I know her diploma is accepted for state licensure. Unfortunately, the CC doesn’t have a cosmetology program. I wish it did, since our state has free CC tuition. I don’t know if any of the other schools in state do-it might be cheaper to pay for her to go to a CC program and live there over private tuition.
  7. dmmetler

    What could this be a ssymptom of?

    Sounds normal. And usually the item being looked for ends up in some super logical, normal place.
  8. dmmetler

    Type 2 diabetes

    Did your endocrinologist do antibody testing? There are at least two other forms of diabetes-MODY and LADA. Both can look like type 2, but need a different treatment path. I’m LADA, and the goal is to reduce stress on the pancreas as much as possible, as well as control the underlying autoimmune disorder so that the pancreas isn’t under attack, so testing and seeing how carbs affect you is important (for me, anything from wheat or white rice makes a big difference, but sugar plus protein doesn’t. So a roll affects me more than a reese’s cup!)
  9. dmmetler

    What weight loss tips can you share?

    Start out with a good physical. For me, it was impossible to lose weight until I was DX’d with Hashimoto’s. After we got my levels good and stable, counting calories and keeping a few hundred calorie deficit led to sustained weight loss. Not fast, but consistent and maintained over time. Before then, it didn’t seem to matter what I did-the scale just crept up.
  10. They definitely have some classes that are focused on older kids-DD has a friend who has found the workload and level of AP English comparable to her college on-campus classes. There are are classes that will have more younger kids, but there are getting to be more sequenced, higher level classes that have significant prerequisites. And many of the new people coming in and teaching are teaching classes they previously taught at the college level, with some pretty impressive content. Athena’s is a LOT bigger than it was when DD started there 7 years ago-or even what is was when she moved to college classes 3 years ago. If some of the classes had existed, she might have waited a little longer to make that leap.
  11. Specifically, Cosmetology school. BK is considering that route now that her medical issues have made the path she was considering (EMT, which she could do at the local CC tuition free) not a good option. She is very artistic, loves playing with makeup and hair, and is the kind of person who can talk to anyone and is extremely social, so I could see it being a good choice for her. Given the tuition at cosmetology school, I want to make sure she lands somewhere good!
  12. FWIW, Deborah now has a sequence through AP English at Athena’s, and there’s a pretty good range of classes. I rather wish she’d started it about a year earlier, before DD jumped to college English and writing :).
  13. Online G3 might work-I think they have one using Campbell and Reese.
  14. dmmetler

    Homeschoolers who work too slowly

    My DD had to adjust to working on a time limit and that things won’t always be perfect. She was very used to having a lot of time to refine and revise, and sometimes, that just didn’t happen. In her case, online classes provided a transition, so she wasn’t facing this for the first time in college, but this semester, she had several times when she had to turn in work that she did not consider really complete because she simply didn’t have the time to get it to the level she felt was “done” (and was surprised at how well stuff she considered “incomplete” still did-which was annoying to her).
  15. dmmetler

    TA experiences? (updated in OP)

    I worked in the college of business help desk my junior year and got hired as a TA to teach the fundamentals class my senior year, and had a research assistanceship/TA ship (basically, I was assigned to one senior professor to help with his research and also did his grading and help sessions) as a grad student at a different school. In both cases, it wasn’t my work in my major that was helpful, but my other skills-that I was used to breaking things down and teaching them step by step (I had a lot of experience teaching and working with kids, so could break things down into small steps and had a lot of patience) and that I had excellent computer skills (this was at a time when a decent number of students got to college never having used a computer that you didn’t have to feed quarters to. I suspect such classes no longer even need to be taught!). In both cases, it was tuition/fees plus stipend, so the first year when I had a full scholarship, it ended up being just the stipend, although per hour it still paid better than workstudy. As a grad student, it was included in my financial package. The definition of TA varies widely. At some schools, you are actually teaching classes, running sessions, grading, etc (but not picking textbooks, and usually there are departmental exams). At others, you are literally assisting a faculty member, and doing grading, breakout sessions, and in some cases getting coffee and making copies. The latter is more common for masters students, the former is not unknown, though. Some departments will use a lot more TA’s than others-I wouldn’t have been able to get a TAship in mine as a masters level student were it not for those other skills, because they just plain didn’t need them-they had enough doctoral and post docs who needed funding to cover the classes. In DH’s department, pretty much every masters student had a TA or RA ship unless they had an outside fellowship that covered the full cost of education.
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