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  1. I know several women who drive for Uber Eats/Door Dash, Grocery delivery, etc, feeling it is safer than doing Uber or Lyft. I can’t imagine they would be thrilled to open the door and find a naked person, male or female.
  2. Hard to believe DD graduates at the end of next year. She will be age eligible to do DE at a wider range of schools next Spring, and we won’t know for sure what DE classes will be offered at her current school for fall until later this semester. She'll be entering full time college with about 70 DE credits. I suspect she'll add to this for any classes that are particularly interesting to her. Science-Herpetology upper division/graduate field course (summer), probably some interesting DE class (one of the colleges has a good Invertebrate zoology class, another has a seismology that looks interesting) Math-finish the calculus sequence for bio majors (DE) English-some interesting lit class (DE) Spanish-Continue with HSA to keep conversational Skills up (has college credits completed) Social Studies/History-we’ll see what is offered. She has a huge number of credits, so doesn’t need anything, but there are several possible classes of interest Possibly an Educstion class or two since she is considering adding a teaching license to her degrees and likes teaching. Piano/Theory Teach Herpetology and a new class at Athena’s, run local homeschool science club. Teen music ensemble Driver's Ed/practice (eligible for license in November, so I want her to get as much practice as she can before going away the following fall) And, of course, college applications, etc.
  3. It sounds like she has a good plan. I’m glad she’s figuring things out.
  4. Another thought-we went back when my DD decided to graduate a year early and turned her 8th grade year into 9th, since everything in that grade level had been high school or college level anyway. That has made getting credits in easy (she’ll have a LOT of extras due to DE). It seems likely that is the case for your DD as well.
  5. If you go to Hershey, the Milton Hershey Museum is really nice, and we did a chocolate making class there as well. In many ways, it was more memorable than the park. The Park is a coaster park-pretty much, if you like roller coasters, it's for you. If you don't, there is much less to do, especially if the water park isn't open. I will say that Hershey is the only park we've ever been at that gave a next day pass to return because they had to shut rides due to rain.
  6. I also kind of think that the gradual transition can be beneficial-going from high school to DE while living at home, then living on campus with a meal plan, getting less support from parents and using community resources, and then maybe an off campus apartment and cooking for yourself with some limited dining dollars, (and less community support), before getting a job and living on your own. It's not adulthood from the moment you turn 18, but a soft start.
  7. There was a older woman who had been widowed who was in my freshman dorm, and one reason was that she wanted the meal plan, little to care for, etc, as she transitioned from being a stay at home mom/housewife for decades to being on her own. Plus she had never gotten to go to college, and had always wanted to. It still seems like a genius idea to me. (And having a grandma and mom in a dorm of teen girls was not a bad thing, either). I have discovered that the only way I can do summer intensive (2/3 week long graduate classes) is to either live on campus, or do them at a college where I can stay with my parents. This was even true before DD was born.
  8. I had none of the APS antibodies, or any of the known or suspected causes when tested after my severe HELLP pregnancy. In my 2nd pregnancy, I was part of a study and was on low dose aspirin, vitamin D, B6, and C, plus folate, with a carefully monitored diet. I ended up on Phenobarbital for seizure activity, and Vitamin K from about 30 weeks because my clotting was slowed from the phenobarbital and there were concerns since I had to have a C-section. I made it to 34 weeks, but still have no clue what worked (and ended up being unable to carry past about 8-10 weeks). At the time, the top researcher on HELLP was local to me, and as soon as my pregnancy was diagnosed, I was enrolled in the study, which also let me be followed closer than my insurance really wanted to pay for. (I have a full baby book just of high level ultrasounds). I was later DX'd with Hashimoto's and LADA, and my endocrinologist, who specializes in women of reproductive age and reproductive endocrinology says my medical records are full of red flags for autoimmune issues, and is frustrated that I was apparently not tested for such. She believes that I almost certainly had thyroid involvement and unstable blood sugar in both pregnancies, and that if I had been properly tested and diagnosed, at minimum, after the HELLP pregnancy, and been supported and monitored, my second pregnancy might have been a lot less harrowing-and I might have been able to have a 3rd. I also have a long-time history of migraines, including basilar arterial migraine, and blood pressure swings related to migraines. DD says she is never going to have biological children, and I know a lot of it is fear. And, honestly, I can't blame her, because I am scared of the idea of pregnancy for her, too. There is just too much uncertainty, and I don't want her to go through what I did.
  9. The Arbor books are pre-algebra/Algebra 1. One of DD's friends used it, and then moved into the last half of AoPS intro Algebra without issue.
  10. The landscaping was a Ron Carrier thing. He took over right when JMU was becoming JMU, vs being a small college mostly known for nursing and teaching, and one thing he pushed for was "we have a beautiful campus, let's use it". Which is why buildings on the quad are bluestone, even though by the 1980's, it was hard to get matching stone, why there are so many flowers, etc. The fraternities were largely chased farther off campus or into dorms, so you didn't have the houses in various states of repair right across from the quad, And I think it worked-along with the expansion of programs, it helped make the campus a place people wanted to go. Although it did cause conflict at times the the facility Senate, who felt that replacing annuals multiple times a year was perhaps not the best place to spend large sums of money. But, overall, Carrier was proven right-a focus on marketing the college allowed the school to grow and to attract more students and excellent faculty, and a big part of that was capitalizing on the fact that it is a beautiful area, and the original campus was, like most VA colleges, just plain attractive. I find it humorous when visiting schools with DD to see the number that are obviously trying to imitate the old VA schools in structure-withiut thinking about the fact that the big limestone and granite buildings came about because it's an area with lots of rocks, the green quad is easy when it rains quite a bit, etc. It's a lot harder to get that look in Nevada!
  11. There is a bus service from Conway to Little Rock, and possibly closer to home for you-they do have destinations in TX. Most AR small college towns have some way to get to either St. Louis, Memphis, or Little Rock regularly for college students to head home. And I suspect there will be plenty of students to share rides with from Hendrix to get to Little Rock, at minimum, at which point Southwest and Greyhound would both likely be options.
  12. An animal KinderJoy range finally made it here 🙂 (and I'm sure DD can be talked into helping me collect some more animals 🙂 )
  13. Just talk to the instructor. DD has had to miss classes due to conferences-and once due to an orthodontist appointment- in the past.
  14. A long-time homeschooler, who had actually founded the unschooling group in my area, once told me that she considered what I was doing unschooling, because I was following my child's interests and desires and letting her learn at her own speed. It was simply that at the time, this included doing multiple languages, high school level math, and sitting in on college classes in science, for a kid who was legally registered in 3rd grade. The only thing she wasn't driving was that I was insistent that she actually develop legible handwriting and the ability to type. That helped immensely with the "I'm doing it wrong" feeling-because I was feeling so beleaguered by the "better late than early" folks and the "let them be kids" that I felt like I couldn't win. Folks here have held my hand through multiple "I'm doing it wrong" crisis, too. And I have definitely gotten more support from the special needs side than from the "academic" side.
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